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Celtic Diary Monday October 8

The official website says that full back Adam Matthews will see a specialist today , in the wake of the assault by Keith Lasley early in the 2-0 win over Motherwell. The player may yet face surgery, and could be out for a couple of months.

Celtic's Matthews is treated at pitchside

You would think that someone would make some sort of complaint, so that Lasley could be punished for what was quite obviously a reckless , two footed lunge. but its not worth holding your breath. Neil Lennon has stated that he doesn’t blame Lasley, but might change his mind if he looked at it again. Lasley is not noted for his skill, and has been used as a hatchet man by his manager Stuart McCall for a while now, and its about time something was done about it.

McCall defended his player, calling it a late challenge;

” I told him to do him last season ”

Kris Commons is obviously missing his buddy Gary Hooper. With no-one to talk to, the forward is speaking to the press at every conceivable opportunity, and has mentioned that he wants the team to wrap up the title early;

“We are going to try and go unbeaten throughout the league season. We want to pick up as many points as mathematically possible and hopefully get the league wrapped up sooner rather than later so we can rest players for bigger cup games because we still want to do the double.

“It will be very difficult because obviously there are teams in the league who always want to beat you. There are a lot of places that are very hard to go and play your football.”

All of which is fairly sensible, but as usual, the MSM will see it as disrespectful, and will now use it as a stick to beat him with if it all goes a bit pear shaped. The prediction, that is, not Commons, who isn’t pear shaped at all.

Manager Neil Lennon has played down this sort of talk;

“People were asking me about the treble a couple of weeks ago. So, it (talk of an unbeaten campaign) is all very premature.

“But I’m delighted with the start to the season we have made in the league, and with the football we are playing.

“We’ve set the players targets in the league, and they are achieving them so far.”

Lennon admitted climbing to the top of the table for the first time this season was one target already achieved.

And the manner in which they overtook long-time leaders, Inverness, made it all the sweeter.

“It means a lot, even at this stage, psychologically,” said Lennon of claiming first place.

“All round, it was a great day for us on Saturday, with us beating Motherwell, Inverness losing to St Johnstone and Aberdeen losing to Ross County.

“It gives us a gap at the top and a cushion with the game we have in hand, as well.

“Our goal difference has also improved, so it was a very satisfying day.”

Well, it would. It was Celtics first clean sheet in seven games, which surprised the gaffer a bit.

“I didn’t know that,” he admitted. “We started off the season well in terms of clean sheets, so it was important to get back to that on Saturday.

“There is no doubt that, with the onset of the Champions League and the demands those games bring, there is a fatigue that sets in around 10-15 minutes before the end of matches.

“But, with the extra day of recovery we had from playing on the Tuesday rather than the Wednesday, there was a better freshness about us overall.”

Commons , possibly annoyed his manager was getting all the attention, then said he would consider a return to the Scotland set up, solved the mystery of perpetual motion and was working on a cure for cancer.

Well, the latter two maybe, but returning to play for the national team ? He’s just being silly.

Lennon comments spark Samaras Celtic departure rumours

From HITC Sport, and these are the comments;

“Georgios is also very important to us and his performance against Barcelona was magnificent,” he told the news provider.

“He is quite unique in the way he plays so obviously we’d like to get him tied down for a considerable period of time.”

The reporter is a chap called Jack Beresford, and such early promise could lead to an early move to one of the MSMs big guns.

Speaking of which, its time for another interview from Hugh Keevins with his hero Ally Mccoist;

”    ALLY McCOIST looks at Celtic in the Champions League and knows Rangers will need massive investment in new players to keep up with them on the home front.

The Ibrox manager is putting it on the record now that he will need to make gradual additions to his squad rather than try to alter the side in one go when Rangers return to the top flight

Former owner Charles Green once promised McCoist a £10million war chest during his turbulent reign at Ibrox.

The manager didn’t hold his breath waiting for that promise to reach fruition.

But Ibrox chief executive Craig Mather should know now that McCoist will need reinforcements if Old Firm rivalry is to be renewed on a level playing field.

McCoist said: “Celtic have looked after their business very well when you take into account the money they’ve made from the Champions league over the last couple of seasons.

“And with every passing year they play in that competition their improving finances make it harder for Rangers to keep up.

“We must be aware of the need to freshen up our squad in readiness for the day when we have to compete against our oldest rivals once again.
“It’s a fact of life that our fans have expected Rangers to win every game we’ve played for the last 140 years – and nothing’s changed in that respect.

“When we return to the top flight it must be with a team capable of challenging Celtic for the title and nobody who supports us is going to stop to ask if that’s a realistic proposition or not.”

McCoist has his own profit and loss columns to contend with in the dressing-room while executives upstairs look after boardroom matters.

He said: “I lost players who would have fetched £40m in transfers when Rangers went into liquidation.

“I had to start from scratch with free transfers.
“But further down the line, there has to be massive reinvestment in the team. And it has to happen before we re-enter the top league because any manager would prefer to do his business gradually.

“When Graeme Souness was manager he brought in Graham Roberts from Spurs and the effect on the dressing-room was immediate and uplifting.

“You can never underestimate the benefits from freshening up your squad periodically.”

Ally knows he’s already done his bit towards straightening out Rangers finances – and he’s not talking about the well-publicised cut in wages the manager has volunteered to take.

He said: “Last weekend we had one of our best performances when we beat Stenhousemuir 8-0.

“Then the club’s accounts were published and it has been non-stop for me since then.

“But all I’ve done is what every one of our supporters would have done under the same circumstances. I signed my contract when I thought the club’s financial affairs were in hand and now the climate has changed.
“But our football wage costs on the balance sheet have gone down dramatically. And they’ll be down even further in the next balance sheet.”

The manager’s done his best to react responsibly to the club’s need for good housekeeping.

But in return he wants assistance to put out a team on the park one day that can challenge Celtic for the Champions League place.

Meantime, the challenge uppermost in his mind is today’s match against Ayr United at Somerset Park.

And being back beside the seaside will evoke nostalgic memories for McCoist.

He said: “I remember playing there as an 18-year-old and sticking two goals past keeper Hugh Sproat.

“Years later I met Bobby Lennox at Celtic Park and he told me he’d been at the game and remembered my goals.

“I had to ask him if he was there to watch me on Celtic’s behalf. Quick as a flash he says, ‘Nah, I was watching Stevie Nicol playing for Ayr’.

“That was me well and truly done by the wee man – and not for the first time.”

Ally’s good nature came to the fore again when he told that story against himself.

McCoist also said he wants a new contract and to be able to finish his career at Ibrox. I guess one of his wishes will come true.


Words by Hugh Keevins, pictures by Ralph Malph.


Meanwhile, a Celtic fan has shown how we can shut Mccoist up.

Happily, its not a 3D telly, so the pie remained safe.

This humorous picture shows the difference between the two sets of supporters, when contrasted with the knife at the throat offering from an as yet un named Second Rangers fan, although you wouldn’t know he supported the new club, as it has yet to be mentioned in the MSM…

The third round of the Scottish Cup will be drawn today, with Nacho Novo and Campbell Ogilvie hosting the ceremony. Contrary to fears, there is no chance Celtic will come out of the hat against Second Rangers. The big teams don’t enter until Round 4, although I wouldn’t put anything past the SFA. In fact, I wouldn’t put anything anywhere near them. You’d never see it again.


Fifty four minutes, fifty nine seconds-thats how long it took Neil Lennon to complete a charity 10,000m run yesterday.  It would have been sooner, but he’s not used to running forward, and kept going sidieways.

But well done to him, anyway. Its nice to see him out and about without being abused,  mugged, or shot at.


Bertie Auld, Bobby Lennox, Charlie Mulgrew and Charlie Nicholas all left Celtic and returned to the club later . ( Lennox went to the US, and then returned later )

What could these guys chat about if they ever met up ?



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9 years ago

Winning the big Cup?
Having the letter L in their surname
How the Swede Henrik speaks the bestest English out of the 3?

9 years ago

a: They could all talk about their Champions League/European Cup Final winners medals.

b: Their favourite flavour of crisp? (Mine’s Salt N Vagina btw).

9 years ago
Reply to  CarlJungleBhoy

Salt n Vinegar?, ah, but what kind? McCoys are the best S&V, and Square are no bad.
I still cant quite accept the Walkers Green packaging maself, thats for Cheese n Onion in my book, and Discos were the best C&O, unlike Lawwell the CEO!!

Bring back the Curry Sauce crisps of retro days…they were mighty fine.

9 years ago
Reply to  Desimond

On the Sellic/Snack quiz theme.- Anyobody remember an interview with Danny McGrain when he was asked “what his role at Celtic?” and he answered “corned beef”?

9 years ago
Reply to  CarlJungleBhoy

frisps salt n vinegar frisps !

Run Sammy Run
9 years ago
Reply to  Desimond

Ohhh Discos!! Top tottie crisp! Do they still make them??

9 years ago

Winning the big cup.

9 years ago

european cup victories

9 years ago

Winning the big cup with a club other than the hoops

9 years ago

Wee bit of Googling has given me the answer….


LARS(son) was the first name of the hurdy Gurdy Chef
(Lam)BERT…Ernies bromance
(Dag)LIS(h)..the 3rd chicken from the right in the Chorus Line during the Intro.

Keep trying Ralph!

9 years ago
Reply to  Desimond

…. and BTW. Combining Lambert Dalglish Larsson gives you A Smallish, Bold Strangler (anag)

9 years ago

bbq spare ribs from the ice cream van outside the school,
not sure how they managed to get around that law of selling fags to underage kids for years,,, gie uz a sigle mister.
they all left celtic to join teams that would win the european cup.

9 years ago
Reply to  mattgallscot

Didn´t Lambert COME to Celtic AFTER he had won the big cup with Dortmund ???

Iain McAllister
9 years ago

They all lost the games in their hoops debut?

Brian Fearon
9 years ago

I think Adam Matteaw’s fell awkwardly, I do not think there is a lot of mileage blaming an oppponent every time we get tackled.Frankly I woudl love to see someone in our set up who could go in hard for the ball. What ruined my Saturday a bit was being told Sylla brought a mate of his, Didier Drogba for a trial,to Celtic Park in “the Bleessed One’s ” era and he was not rated, can that be true or another urban myth?
The comments by Peter Grant about Scott Bown are not helpful and I suspect relate to some history between them

Frank McGaaaaarvey
9 years ago
Reply to  Brian Fearon

Brian, Momo recommended his mate Drogba who he knew from his time in France and was at a bit of a loose end and would have been willing to come over to try and prove himself. It never happened for reasons unknown. Maybe to be filed alongside the Shay Given book of “letting good ‘uns go”.

9 years ago
Reply to  Brian Fearon

After watching drogba fall about in england for a few years would we really want him? Why not neymar or ronaldo. If your going to sign a cheat don’t sign some kenneth williams type, sign some proper cheats like the refs or the SFA. it nearly worked out for one former club

Frank McGaaaaarvey
9 years ago
Reply to  Doc

When did DD shit in your shoes?

9 years ago
Reply to  Doc

Kenneth Williams type? – Drogba? Chortle. However, Celtic were once linked to Frank Spencer & Norman Wisdom, and, when MON was at Villa, he apparently wanted to offload Mr Blobby (aka Emile Ivanhoe Heskey) as part of an offer for McGeady

9 years ago

They all won the European cup before joining or after leaving Celtic.

See “super” is still trying to kid on ra peepil ” I never even looked at my contract, I just signed it coz i wanted to” yeah right, you are either a class A fool (very possible) and genuinely could have signed a contract for £0 p.a. or are being disingenious and had your lawyer/ agent/ accountant / pie man dissect it clause by clause before getting you to put your hand in ink to “sign”. Either way the man is showing himself up to be the mangaer fans want in charge. Celtic fans that is. I wonder who decided to publish his salary in the accounts and why!?

I wish some one would tell Kris Commons to keep shtum, these commetns can only be motivational to other teams and its so early in the season to be making claims like he did. keep the head down

Frank McGaaaaarvey
9 years ago

Great performance on Saturday and well entertaining. Only downside was we didn’t score a few more and the injury to Matthews. Here’s hoping he isn’t going to be out for long. I sincerely hope he is not becoming another Thomas Rogne – playing a run of games and looking the real deal then getting another injury and on the table again for longer than Lena Zavaroni’s dinner plate.
The CH pairing of Ambrose and Van Dijk is looking better by the game as well. If Virgil continues at this rate we will be lucky to see more than one season of him in the Hoops as Lawell starts salivating at the thought of those juicy pound/euro signs. Slurp!

9 years ago

I’m speaking from my shamrock-shaped heart here,through green-tinted spex, but, with both on 4 year contracts,it’s possible the Efe-Virgil partnership has a few years to go yet: 1 of the reasons Virgil signed for Celtic (to much derision in Holland!) was that he’s smart enough to see that he’s good enough to command a 1st team place in a club virtually gauranteed CL football.In recent years,many young Dutch stars (Affeley? Van der Weil?) have signed big money deals to big clubs(too soon?),only to find themselves languishing on the bench. Virgil’s young enough to put in a decent shift with Celtic first before the skarks come calling.

Frank McGaaaaarvey
9 years ago
Reply to  CarlJungleBhoy


Maybe I’ve become too cynical with Celtic’s dealings of late but I sincerely hope u are right and we see at least 3/4 years of Virgil and Efe together. We had to suffer Caldwell/McManus for about that length of time so we deserve that at least for these 2. If a good offer comes in though it will be hard to turn down, unless they both do a Henke and really want to stay. Time will tell.

9 years ago

I can see Virgil heading south in January transfer window – with maybe Forster & Matthews going as well – we’re always going to be a selling club, but as long as they keep bringing in other stars, I have no real problem with this.

9 years ago

Is it about how much they hate Scot Brown?

Brian Fearon
9 years ago

Frank seems a fair point, as for cheats I think that sometimes comes with a culture within a club. Now which club was involved in cheating allegations this weekend, to the extent the opposing manager, an homest man if ever there was one, went on to the pitch to make this poiint!

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