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The New Recruits

The Transfer window slammed shut and in a surprise countback, Celtic actually brought in more people in than cash rich The Rangers, whodathunkit?

While the Bearsden mob were luring a Hearts player towards obscurity, Celtic were quietly and clinically going about their business, something of which we shouldnt really be surprised at given the last few years at the Club.

There were no big name signings, no reknowned centre Half, no Del Pierro, no Owen ( phew!), not even a Johnny Russell as many had wished but at the end of the day, Lenny, Parks and Lawwell have brought in 4 players to strengthen or back up key areas within the side and on balance their policy has been productive so far, so we  wont complain, yet.

The debate about Speculate to accumulate vs Long term stability can come another day but for now we can be but thankful that some obvious issues have been addressed ( some not sadly – Ed).

We give a big Etims Hail Hail hello there to our new recriits:


Oh Miku you’re so fine,

Youre so fine

You blow my mind

Hey Miku, hey Miku!”

 Miku, or Nicolas Ladislao Fedor Flores to his tax adviser, has arrived on loan (with option) from Getafe, which is hopefully not a  cry he will be hearing from the Celtic fans this season,  with a record of 41 goals in 87 games. A grounding at that fine club Valencia and now with 40 caps for Venezuala (10 goals)  and 12 goals in La Liga last season would suggest we have pulled off a bit of a coup here but only time will tell. While the doubters wonder just how hes’s landed at G40, any guy who can score goals against Real Madrid will do for us. Miku has been given the hallowed number 7 jersey, no pressure there then, gulp!

Lassad Nouioui

Now we know Tunisian strikers werent the first on your list before the window closed but again lets think positive. The man who could give Sammi a run for his money in the Gillette Avoidance Awards has been playing at Deportiva La Coruna where he scored 24 goals in 99 games and has won 3 caps for his country. While we await International clearance and a possible dispute from Levante who claim he had signed for them, this is another forward to back up a depleted line now we have Tony Stokes out for a few months and helps relieve the pressure on Hooper and Watt while also giving them some serious competition to consider.


Efe Ambrose

The big man from Israeli club Ashdod, pronounced AshDUD by that joker Jim White on Sky Sports, arrives to occupy ( Israel-occupy..see what we did there…och!)  the centre of Celtics defence,  an area that has been fragile since the Blessed Martin left. By the looks of him its gonna be more a case of Bobo Balde II and hopefully not Olivier Tebily II. By all accounts Ambrose is a player thats been scouted and tracked for quite a while so due diligence has been done. Lenny remarked “Efe is a very powerful centre-half, a bit in the  Wanyama mould, A little bit taller and maybe a little bit more dynamic but he can play either in centre midfield or centre-half.”  Ambrose is an Olympic silver medallist with Nigeria for whom he is an established regular (14 caps) and should hopefully get a Work Permit without any issues.


Lubos Kamenar

The 4th Internationalist to arrive in the transfer window was a keeper, Lubos Kamenar from French club Nantes. The Slovakian is 25 years old and the loan deal should hopefully at least see Lukasz Zaluskas place on the bench be under threat if not Fraser Forster whom we all know can still have moments of ineptitude. Kamenar has 2 caps for Slovakia and fits within Lennys remit for ‘hungry players’ and we dont mean hungry in the Johnny Hartson mould.

Good to have you on board lads, best of luck in the Hoops. Hope none of you are scared of Thunder.

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