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Etims Podcast 20 – Stan, Strachan, San Siro, SFA Shambles

Desimond chairs a chat with Ralph Malph ( impersonating Jacques Cousteau but well worth the listen honest!) and Hector Bandido to discuss various topics of the day, including:

  • Stan Petrovs Charity Gameย 
  • Scotland under Strachan…Scottish fitbaw positivity shocker!
  • Hearts affirming attititude to Debt Recovery
  • Approaching the AC Milan Attack
  • Jim Spence the Scapegoat
  • Ian Black and a sentence, or lack of
  • Return of the Murray, shurely not Jamesh
  • Blessed Martin in charge of the blessed Isle
  • A brilliant tune from Gordons Tim mate which covers Ian Black and Rangers Boards!

Available to listen and downloadย here, and also iTunes soon after as well as on Spreaker player below.



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10 years ago

I tell you what I’m glad PL’s in the Club now or Black might have got away scot free!

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