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Who will help identify the Widows Son?

Tom Minogue got in touch and asked us to give a headsup on his public petition PE01491: “Secret society membership declaration by decision makers”, which is now open for support signatures/comments

It is building and we encourage your interest.

blind-justiceThe petition can be summarised as seeking to have our decision makers (judges, juries, tax tribunal members) declare whether they are members of the Masons or similar fraternal societies which demand that their members treat fellow brethren differently from non-brethren.

Please read the details here:

If you agree with the petition terms, consider supporting it, and passing on to anyone who might think they have, or could be, disadvantaged by rulings of tribunals that are tainted by the old-boy network.     



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9 years ago

Go get them Tom,it’s about time they were brought down!

thomas cochrane
9 years ago


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