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Agendas Mk II

So after last week and the MSM and their separate Celtic and Sevco agendas, I thought it might be useful to give an update on the positions!

After a magnificent result in Sweden through the week, on the face of it the reporting would SEEM to be fair and balanced. Then you look at two separate days in the Daily Record Hotline, and it would again on the face of it look like Celtic fans were at each others throat regarding the performance in Helsingborg.

I say on the face of it, as, the DR have as usual on day 1 after the game focused on negative callers, instead of as I called in as a test to praise the result!
Day 2 the positive callers are aired as if to rebuke the dissenters and neerdowells and thus divisions are created.
Celtic on the verge of Champions league football and all the supporters do is argue amongst themselves. You get my drift.

On the subject of Satan’s foot soldiers, nothing but positive news. They aim to sign 9 players before the transfer window shuts. Etc etc etc.

I am not gonna give HK anymore airtime than this sentence, but the propoganda out there would put the Kremlin to shame.

Onto my main point this evening/morning/afternoon, wherever you are in the world, Celtic have been welcoming of people, of any creed, colour, gender, or nationality, from our inception 125 years ago. But this has also resulted in our inclusivity being tinged with an inherent Irishness. From our early days, we have been the club of choice for the Irish community in Scotland. But this inclusivity has not, and I suspect will never be matched by the Establishment in Scotland accepting the Irish Community in Scotland.

Let me make a point clear, I am a Decendant of an Irish immigrant from Donegal. After leaving this part of the world (Scotland)I was brought up in Luton from an early age. A town, which despite its recent bad publicity, embraced the Irish diaspora and encouraged its well being and growth.

After deciding that my future again lay north of Hadrians wall. I returned to a country rent with division, and sectarian tribalism. Where one part of the community was seen as somehow inferior and steeped in some sort of heathen mysticism, or so the Orange Order would have you believe. Where we were seen to trust our children to the care of child molesters wearing a roman collar. Where we were all seen as supporting the murder of British civilians in the name of religious war.

Of course we know the truth is markedly different from this, the sectarianism came from a majority on the establishment side of things, albeit in conjunction with a minority of the mindless on our side. This heathen mysticism they claim is practised by 1 billion other people worldwide. The murder they claim was a reaction to a sectarian program to eradicate the Irish Nationalist from the occupied six counties of Ulster. I know there will be some that disagree with me, that is what democracy is all about. I love an honest to goodness debate. But where a communities views are misrepresented and ignored, there fester the seeds of dissent. From dissent comes argument and from argument comes rebellion.
I have ever been rebellious!

I was fortunate enough to follow Celtic as well as be this Irish Rebel, so can I say to Celtic Fans, stop singing RA songs at games. People from the Six Counties cringe at it, so do I! If you want to be a republican there are plenty of outlets to do this. By the same token, people who attend commemorations in Celtic tops, give it a bye, you only fit in to the stereotype the media wish to portray. I welcome the addition of modern songs to Celtic Park. Toytown and Discoland are to the Young generation, what YNWA was to my fathers generation. It’s called progress. Now if we could all just get behind the team and sing our stories and our songs!

Til next week, take care of Celtic and each other! HH


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