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Thatchers Football Links!

We have heard a lot of negative stuff about Margaret Thatcher over the last few days.

Okay, okay, we admit that we were generating most of it but sometimes there comes a point where you have to put our hands up and say  “OH WAIT  HOLD IT…MAYBE I’M WRONG!”

We have heard a lot about how Thatcher didn’t care for the working class or their scruffy ugly pastimes. We have read many time on how she didnt care the fans, but what about  Football or Footballers.

Given the evidence, we would now argue that her dislikes were limited.

Look, these pictures prove it:


says it all



And this Group Hug….look at all those familiar faces…smiling away as one!




Thanks to friends who supplied these horrifying images.

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Sean McDonagh
9 years ago

Well, Well, Well… do none of the above photos surprise me ?!?!

Pic 1 is the best, not only does it include Tashy and Thatchy, but check the shy-line on the nearside, even strathclydes finest managed to get in on the shot !!

All the friends together i see….

9 years ago

The Real Muppet Show,Before The Muppet Show.

Frank McGaaaaarvey
9 years ago

Quintessentially Sh*ttish

9 years ago

scumbags one and all ( of them )

9 years ago

When Maggie got the red card from the thousands of fans at the 88 cup final, did this get near the amount of red cards shown to the Pnis over his long and butchering career? Mind that tackle on the Steua Bucharest player? Jesus wept.

9 years ago

Desi (I really am getting better at this :))

They say “the good is oft interred with their bones”. So let it be with Thatcher. The above could be act as a double remembrance photo, one for her and one for the dead team.


jon littledick
9 years ago

1988-89, actually. She was invited by David Murray and made the draw for the Scottish Cup from the 3rd round onward, right through to the semis. How the SFA allowed it I’ll never know. But maybe I shouldn’t be surprised. Even Mojo looks fucking embarrassed!

jon littledick
9 years ago

ps: thankfully the final didn’t go to plan, thanks to Roy Aitken and Joe Miller. A true Celtic moment!!!!!

9 years ago

Maggie Maggie the milk snatcher, wae Souie Souie and the Tax dodgers.Enough said

9 years ago

Is that not Ogilvie standing behind the witch and the gentlemans appendage?

9 years ago

No, wait a minute – don’t divide thus on Celtic / Hun lines – hatred of Thatcher is one thing most ordinary fans of each club (or former club as we case may be).
I know its mainly just a bit if fun but I thought I’d get this message across. Because its important. She affected so many people, of all teams and none.

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