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ETims Podcast #13 – 15th February, 2013

With it being Valentine’s week, the ETims podcast team slimmed down to just the two. Hector Bandido and Desi Mond stared lovingly into each other’s eyes as they discussed Juve, a year of the new Rangers, the future (not theirs!) and had a twitter bag thrown in.

This is ETims Podcast #13.

To listen click here:ย ETims Podcast #13 – 15 February

Or alternatively copy this link in to your browser bar:ย

The podcast will be available to download from iTunes later today as well.

This week’s podcast was down in conjunction with Budweiser and Rioja.

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11 years ago

Great pod-cast and analysis of Big Vic. You missed out that he can score ‘heiders, back post volleys and skelp them in from 25yds. Stick him upfront against Juve.

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