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Maeda the Miracle Man – Etims Podcast

Hector, Monty ( and 2 bottles of vino) and Desi get together to discuss

  • That Mad Semi Final last weekend
  • The Return of Match Tension!
  • Hart the Villian meets Hart the Hero
  • The Return of Jamesie Forrest
  • Brendans Mind Games
  • The Fans Blame Game
  • The Miovski vs Ida Debate
  • The upcoming Dundee fixture and the Officials needing beat too!
  • They end with a salute to Daizen Recovery Man Maeda and a Limerick competition with the @ETimsNet followers on Twitter



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The podcast can be downloaded by clicking here

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2 months ago

celtic will hump the minis the morra and yon horrible zombies will lose on sunday then we get to laugh at uncle fester and his mob next week heh heh aint life grand

2 months ago
Reply to  charlie

ralph wer ur ye ya crackpot

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