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Celtic Diary Monday September 25: Back In Our Arms Again?

A 3-0 win with ten men against the twelve of Livingston ?


Despite the best intentions of on loan influential midfielder John Beaton ?


Brendan Rodgers got it right, even planning for the sending off, although he probably didn;t think it would be Joe Hart.


Hart was red carded, presumably for reckless play.






Hart is the one in green. Not the one with his studs up.



At the other end, Reo Hatate was felled as he was about to take a shot on goal, but apparently that wasn’t a goal scoring opportunity, so the Livingston defender stayed on the pitch.



Beaton did all he could to help his parent club.


He failed, but there has never been a better opportunity to at least question his competence, if not his somewhat dubious sense of loyalty.


I’m sure our board are drafting a statement even as we speak.



Stan Laurel Laughing GIFs | Tenor



The game was actually a kind of pivotal moment for manager Brendan Rodgers. In a couple of ways.



Such as this moment, for instance.



A young fan ran onto the pitch to meet the players. Whilst we can’t condone such actions, we’re not yet too miserable not to smile at it.


Whilst the stewards could have been said to have overreacted, Rodgers rescued the lad and showed that he is a decent chap after all. in doing so he took a huge step forward in his quest for rehabilitation in the eyes of some Celtic fans, though for others until he’s cured cancer, stopped hunger and won the European cup he’s still not getting a christmas card.



That incident maybe overlooked the pragmatism with which the manager has approached the last couple of games.


Celtic played for an hour or so with ten men yesterday. And you wouldn’t have noticed.



Even of one of them was Scott Bain,


The switch to two up front, which was Kyogo and Maeda meant that one was wide and the other central. Not just two target men,


It worked.


A lot of that may be down to the almost telepathic understanding between the two, but when you factor in the improvement in Mat O’Riley there has to be a link to the coaching.



Rodgers is a proven coach, and he’s beginning to prove it again.


As he said after the game, we’ve still a long way to go but the players are starting to adapt.



that’s the fundamental difference between previous manager Ange Postecoglou and the current boss.



That bit of pragmatism and flexibility.



And that means we can face the next five UCL games if not with confidence, but certainly with optimism,




Over the river,  however, they’re still out for Bealeblood.


Despite a run of two wins this week in difficult games, they want him gone.



Mind you, he’s not helping himself….


“From the first minute onwards I was unhappy with the team.”  



He picked them, and then promptly flung them under the nearest bus.



If they could afford to sack him, they would have done. Instead, they’re going down the constructive dismissal route.



Hence the media narrative questioning his ability, which has spread to social media.


If you’re not worried about your eyes bleeding or the police checking your search history, try


It’s hilarious.



For Beale, I believe the phrase is Dead Man Walking



David Martindale, the Livingston manager , could have been ib the frame to replace him, but losing to Celtic on Saturday, even with Beaton on loan, has plunged him down the list, which wasn’t exactly lengthy in the first place.



It’ll be Alec McLeish and Kenny Miller, whose first task will be to find a new goalkeeper……



Their second task will be to try and construct a coherent sentence.



Something else caught the eye yesterday as well.



Social media can be a bit nasty at times, and at least one commentator has called it a day after receiving abuse.



Presumably when she writes a book about it, fans will burn copies on the car park.



If you don’t agree with someone, and I’ve seen that film often enough, then your counter argument should be a little more developed than “pish ” , or “you’re a hun ”



As you know, my counter argument, honed to precision over the years, is “fuck off “.



These are strange days among a section of the support.



If you counter the populist view, you get demonised, although in fairness this site seems to have a few more mature readers than most. Arguments are constructed and debate is provoked, in the main, though whoever is putting doggy doo in my letter box should know I’ve had a doorbell camera fitted.



Although all it has shown so far is pictures of my wife giggling and saying something that lipreaders might claim includes the words “fat bastard “.



Last time out, we had this…. Detective Inspector George Johnstone being attacked by a youth with an open razor in Renfield Street, Glasgow 1971



Andrew Coyle
 5 days ago

Comment.The slashmark my father wore  







May be an image of speaker


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8 months ago

Caption: Scenes from the VAR “bunker” after full time at the Tony Macaroni on Saturday.

8 months ago

The abuse over the person’s Maeda take was out of order tbf, but it is an absolutely shocking opinion to take after watching the guy run his heart out, score a cracker and being a major component in a great team performance. Either they have little to no clue or have an agenda. Previous form in going for Starfelt, a laptop loyal favourite tells me all I need to know.

8 months ago

Maeda and O’ Reilly were immense at Livi, Scales continues to develop and Greg Taylor is back. Hart made a poor decision for a guy with his experience. Bain looked rusty at times, big day for him and us at Motherwell. We have had dodgy days at the Tony Macaroni stadium with 11 men, team deserves credit for their performance. Personally total confidence in Beale I’d keep him but I suppose it’s not up to me.

8 months ago

Caption – I don’t blame Hart, the wall just collapsed!

the real Anton Rogan
8 months ago

pish ya hun

8 months ago

Lowered screen time

Pat Higney
8 months ago

Caption: ‘ New from The Rangers Superstore…The new self destruct TV…When the teams playing pish, save yourself the effort of ripping the telly off the wall, this one does all the work for you. Prices start at £1690 for the basic model, £1872 for our original product and £2012 for the new, updated model’

8 months ago

Caption …
Turner prize winner
(a mural of murrela )

Dziekanowski's nightclub child
8 months ago

Caption: Joe Hart’s second attempt at a strong wall didn’t go as planned.

Woof Charlie
8 months ago

Caption: “Haw’l fud! That’s that dodgy Firestick you got in the pub gone and crashed again.”

Neil DaPrato
8 months ago

I understand from commentary,Hart went for denying scoring opportunity.
I agree the Livvy defender clearly should have walked.

8 months ago
Reply to  Neil DaPrato

If the Livi player is properly booked/red carded (thanks for that pic Ralph) then it’s before Joe’s ‘challenge’ and Joe stays on. NEVER A RED, nor a yellow. Stopping a goal-scoring opportunity is only valid if it’s a foul. Big Joe DID NOT foul him. Beaton was cheatin’, AGAIN. But, as Ralph rightly pointed out, the “on-loan” Beaton ‘worked very hard but didn’t get the result he craved’.
Imagine being allowed to ref Celtic games when he’s got an original hun/new hun supporter’s bus named after him? Only in Scotland……

8 months ago

As I understand it…
A few years ago the “double jeopardy” rule stopped the red card for fouls inside the box. It was argued that a penalty and a red card was a double punishment. So, when Hatate was brought down the defender was correctly given a yellow card. Ironically, if Joe Hart had done the Livi bloke inside the box, there would’ve been a penalty but only a yellow card…

8 months ago
Reply to  JJ11

…and probably no clean sheet (swings and roundabouts).

Its still an RC if there’s no attempt to play the ball or, at least I thought there was, but given Lager Bhoy’s 2nd yellow (not straight RC) for clothes-lining the Feyenoord player, then who knows.

Bob Smith
8 months ago

Caption: Chelsea fans riot in Manchester as big screen fails

8 months ago

Everyone has an opinion, I don’t think that was her downfall, was it not more for her written piece on Marco Nergi? Which didn’t mention the reason for the fallout with the club was around the bigotry, or the mention of the rumours that his black eye was due to a fight with a fellow player, rather than a squash ball. He was a class striker and we were lucky that he did have a fall out.

John E Mitchell
8 months ago

Caption – Wall mounted Hun TVs are predicted to be far more secure, now that Morelos is gone…

George Lazenbhoy
8 months ago

Caption from followfollow: Even mah TV has had enough of Bealeball.

8 months ago

Ikea’s latest in its range of dual purpose furniture.
Need a break while doing the Housekeeping, no problem.
Just pull on the TV set and you’ve got nice comfy chair.
( Woke Alert )
Might even give the Man in your life an incentive to help.

8 months ago

Excuse my ignorance but what’s the social media abuse story all about?

Tim Buffy
8 months ago
Reply to  Old_Curmudgeon

Haven’t a clue either.

8 months ago
Reply to  Tim Buffy

That’ll be 3 of us.

Clearly, we’re not proper Tims if we don’t know the latest news from FF and the MSM etc.

Woof Charlie
8 months ago
Reply to  Old_Curmudgeon

Lassy quitting ACSOM blog over abuse I think. I only go on Twitter when I’m so happy I need an antidote.

Michael Annis
8 months ago

Caption: Flat screen tv lives up to its name

8 months ago

Caption – ‘Those fenian bastards are always scoring in the 90th minute’

8 months ago

Caption – Brigton Derry’s Walls left unguarded rather than support the latest post-match interview with the Govan Gobshite.

8 months ago

I liked the old test card . . .

8 months ago

Caption: TV hears: “Alexa, play Rangers TV” and tries to escape.

Kevin James
8 months ago

The inspiration for the onion bears last tifo

8 months ago

Sunday 24th Sept:- Atletico Madrid 3 Real Madrid 1
My butterflies have got butterflies in their stomachs.

8 months ago


Doughball’s Missus jus’ done caught him at dat PornHub again.

8 months ago


Doughball’s primal reaction on hearing the lead in A Fistful Of Dollars is called Gringo.

He he he …

8 months ago

Doughball’s wife finally pits an end to his childish logging in and out every few minutes to spew his putrid hate towards a guy he’s never known, met nor could, nor will ever understand in his life..

I’nt that right, Doughball?

Nae luck, Doughball.

Mind and let us know how you’re getting on wit yer studies there now in your favoured subject of English (C)lit.

Mind now.


8 months ago
Reply to  Gringo

Excellent, young Doughball!

You’ve now managed to log in and out 20 times to show your hatred for me and still somehow believe that everyone on the site doesn’t know it’s you.

Now why don’t you go for the record and log in and out another 20 times so the entire readership of this fine site can see what a petty hate filled spiteful little man you are.

As though they’re haven’t already.

’Owen Goal’ right enough 😀

Nae luck, Doughball!

Caught again.

8 months ago

Happy scenes after the Macaroni demolishing, cause anger at Greyskull.

8 months ago

Ok …

8 months ago
Reply to  Gringo


8 months ago

Back to the fitba and I have to say if Kyogo reminds me of Larsson then Maeda is our modern day Buzzbomb, the legend that is the truly great Bobby Lennox.

Click Like to Agree and Hate to Disagree.

Which should be a bit of a quandary for our immature student, given the complexities of the question.


8 months ago

Back to the fitba and I have to say if Kyogo reminds me of Larsson then Maeda is our modern day Buzz Bomb, the legend that is the truly great Bobby Lennox.

Click Like to Agree and Hate to Disagree.

Which should be a bit of a quandary for our immature student, given the complexities of the question.


Last edited 8 months ago by Gringo
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