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Celtic Grandads CSC Podcast: Apply Within

The Celtic Grandad CSC all get together to discuss the Champions League draw which sees Celtic in Group E with trips to Rotterdam Rome and Madrid to look forward too for Feyenoord, Lazio and Atletico Madrid. We all know it could have been a lot scarier!
  • They discuss the draw, the likely outcomes and the dangers and opportunities.
  • They look back on a summer and wonder have the Board been lazy or actually done a job worthy of the Club?
  • They consider the new signings and the new Manager…is it the same old Brendan, yet?
  • They look ahead to Sundays trip to Ibrox and wonder will a draw suffice?
They salute the newest Celtic fan on the Planet and also consider the Celtic Academy in light of recent Rocca Vata news.
The podcast is available at all major hosts – Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Youtube, Google, Acast, Deezer etc
You can download directly by clicking here
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John Fraser
10 months ago

Why is Taylor thrown to the side? Because he doesn’t fit in an overall system. Who’s to say a blanket system is the best. Bill Billicheck, coach of the New England Patriots had his system but it also was one of flexibility. I understand that the two sports are Apple and oranges but flexibility is key. You see Bill always brought LB’s into his club that others thought weren’t good enough. That’s because this clubs looked at the player and said I want you to this and this and this. Bill picked up players and said… I want you to this! What you’re great at. Go out there and win. Taylor is obviously a great talent down the left with the winger in an inverted role so why does a team always have to have the same philosophy across the pitch? Can we not implement a discord that will confuse the opposition? Use the man to his strength to cause discomfort with Palma who seems to be the proper match for that left side tactic. Bill Bellicheck is an Icon because he understood that you don’t force players into your system. You take on players with great attributes and apply them within your system. There is nothing wrong with Taylor. Use his talent with your system that’s called managing. Ask Bill.

John Fraser
10 months ago

Last comment. Why can’t Celtic utilize a wee bit of Angeball down the left side? Let Taylor roll with comfort. It will only show you his best. Squeeze him into something different and you’ve lost out on his talent.

10 months ago

Funny how Rubiales’ surname rhymes with Über Alles …

10 months ago
Reply to  Gringo

“ich vill NOT resign!

Ich vill NOT resign!”

etcetera etcetera …

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