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Celtic Diary Wednesday June 7: All Things Must Pass…Thankfully.

One of the things that happens when you do the diary is readers often get in touch to clarify issues that are raised, which is how we eventually get to the bottom of things.



Yesterday was no exception.



Indeed, whilst the events recorded were correct, the interpretation of them may have been a little, well, off.



Some of them, anyway,. I reckon Lawwell is still at least partly to blame for Covid, Brexit and my new trainers rubbing the back of my heel.



But what he and Desmond cannot be blamed for is the way they handled what was an inevitable parting of the ways with Ange Postecoglou.


The signing of Scott Bain did upset the former manager, not because he didn’t want him, but because it would have drawn attention to the fact that he didn’t want him, and even the explanation that our squad is alarmingly low on home grown players for the upcoming UCL campaign, it would have still raised eyebrows.


As with the Greeks that bore gifts to the Trojans, and then had the audacity to call it a Trojan horse when it was full of Greeks, we should have been alert to our own particular Greek when he was stood behind us telling us it was raining,



But, as our most recent podcast explains , a lot more maturely and thought provokingly than most, we fell for it again.



My own contribution to the pod was limited, although i have had radio producers on the phone asking how i managed to replicate the babbling nonsense of the Diary so accurately in audio form.



Just a knack, I suppose.



In short, everyone knew that the manager was at it, his verbal agreement to sign a new deal was never put to paper , the man citing excuses such as he couldn;t find a pen, he had to pick the kids up from school and so on.



We hear it was down to club captain Calum MacGregor to pull the squad together for the cup final, and it was he, ably supported by that other modern day legend James Forrest, who deserve credit for the treble, and perhaps not so much the manager and his new pal John Kennedy, who it seems wants to go to Tottenham with him.



Kennedy deserves the chance to broaden his horizons, but kind of blotted his copybook, after giving years of service he failed to stand up and be counted when it was needed, and instead has hitched his cart the the Postecoglou pony.




As for the board, what else could they have done ?



Without absolute proof the manager was working his ticket, sacking him would have enraged the support and maybe even lead to an unseemly and costly court case, which given that “rangers ” have more or less block booked the courtrooms for the foreseeable future, could have dragged on forever.



They trod a fine line, and deserve a little bit of credit for keeping the ship steady and with Calum Macgregor standing on the burning deck whilst all around was in chaos, maybe things could have been a lot worse.



As for Postecoglou, it’s just a shame we never got to say goodbye.



So, on behalf of all of us, I’ll do that now.



Fuck off Sign L Fuck off Quote L Fuck off Definition Sign L - Etsy UK




So, as is our want of a summer’s day, we’re discussing who should be the next manager.




The more things change the more they stay the same.



The guys at the ranch are convinced it’s Enzo Marusca, who currently works with Pep Guardiola , who is quite well respected in football circles.



Marusca was interviewed last time round before the board opted for the fat bloke in a jumper, christ…and we thought we’d dodged a bullet with Eddie Howe… as long as he doesn’t sit there with a one of those shit eating grins wearing a t short that says “fucking warned you ” he’ll probably be installed sooner rather than later.



When all is said and done, we’re still here and the rot was ripped out before it did too much damage.




Kyogo Fuhruhashi said last week that most of the players want to stay at Celtic, and we hear they’ve been asked if they fancy following the man who brought them half way round the world before sodding off at the forst opportunity, but I figure the answer might well be in the question.


He’s lost their trust, and if you amplify how we feel about the antipodean arsehole, the you’ll get an idea why although some might leave, it won’t be for Tottenham.




In fact, while we’re giving credit to our board, it’s worth mentioning that they have handled the whole episode with dignity and integrity, overcoming what must have been an almost irresistible urge to pull the man’s arms off and beat him to death with them.



Which is a pity, really.



You can find our podcast on the usual outlets, or on the site.


And it’s the most reasoned and thought provoking thing you’ll hear on the whole debacle.






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1 year ago

He came, he was good, he left, we move on. BTW I suspect Brighton was his first opportunity and Everton his second so more accurate to say he left at the third opportunity. Happy to hear praise for Callum snd James, legends both.

1 year ago

Never buy the hype. The fall becomes bigger, not smaller, with each betrayal. The reason being is that you tell yourself you won’t be fooled again (I’m sure there’s a lyric in there somewhere).
I seriously don’t mind the guy going and getting more money. That’s what your working life is all about. If what you say is true and that he lied to the board all I can say is how many times has the same board lied to us the fans. What goes around comes around.
The board now have to earn their wages and find a replacement which will continue our dominance of the domestic game.

1 year ago
Reply to  Justshatered

I told everyone from day one he be off first job offer and he would been away in if he ever received one believe that! I lived in Sydney and the western suburbs for years and the Aussie seek valadation and rekevance like no other nationality! ( It’s living so far away I reckon)Half know nothing off football but still know the ” eppplll mhate” I told a guy on Celtic blog months ago when he said but he a ” Greek” no no no!! Like my ex and her extended family they are first gen Aussie ) Spanish but Aussie first always they are brainwashed at a young age ” srailya greatest cuntreee in would mhate” the Latin Aussies call themselves ” wogs” weird I know but strangely seek relevance from England and America hence their love of eplllll mhate and the monorchy ” LL its vomit inducing I never wanted any Aussie at our club cause I know how they roll it’s weird and Mr posts was playing at it the whole time I watched him doing interviews on the ” project” the Aussie ” one show” and the mask skipped as it did in all from ” back home” he was a decent manager but ultimately a fraud in many ways he did nothing remarkable and wasn’t in Brendan Rodgers league as he was a provan winner at highest level and sought after!! Posta was a chancer from day one!! And he be home for his Christmas ” Barbie” maybe bump into him as I be in Adelaide then and always fancied a trip to Melbourne!! Bring back Brendan and the Trebles keep coming he felt in bad way but was more to it than this chancer! Hail Hail

1 year ago
Reply to  Stesano

disagree. He told over lennons , beer anyone, f_cking shambles of a set up way too LATE and managed to trump the hunz to the title. Rodgers geeze a brek.

1 year ago
Reply to  Justshatered

Left in a bad way i meant

Bob Smith
1 year ago

Just my tuppence worth, the board got lucky with Ange after the Eddie Howe debacle and after a shaky start he produced a team that beat a decent Rangers team to win the league in his first season. This season was better but I think he knows the limitations of the club, especially when it comes to transfers for competitiveness in Europe and I’m sure that was a factor in his decision to leave.

He’s 57 and has been a successful manager for a long time and despite the lure of the champions league is probably looking at Spurs as his last shot of glory before he retired and he will probably do well there.

Every manager plays to the gallery a bit, especially when successful, that’s fitba and we should be used to it by now, regardless of how much it hurts esp when a good manager is in place as he was. If the next guy starts well Ange will soon be forgotten.

The most important thing is what happens next so the club needs to get the appointment correct. More worrying is the expected turnover of players. There is some utter dross at the club and I’d include many of Ange’s signings in that so many of them should be punted but replacing Kyogo, possibly Hatate and even O’Reilly is now a major challenge for the next man in. One thing they will have is money though. Hope it is spent wisely.

1 year ago
Reply to  Bob Smith

One thing they will have is money though.”

No chance. we are talking about celtic here.

1 year ago

Nicely written Ralph. Full focus now on a new manager and keeping our best players no matter who brought them in. Someone looking to build a good career, manage one of the most famous and well supported clubs in the world, continue domestic success and do well in Europe. The resources are there. We should have lots of good candidates.

1 year ago


A Snake of the highest order

1 year ago

Awesome form Callum and James – we are very lucky to have them

1 year ago

Hmmm Jamesy and Callum joint management team, not sure we are ready for that. But what more does Jamesy need to do for the fans to create a song for him? Probably too late now.

One thing that does get right on my thruppenies is the theory that Ange doing well for Tottingham will reflect well on Celtic and our game. Utter bollix.

I frequently found myself glued to my phone looking to see how Leicester and Brendan were getting on. Aye right. I support the Celtic full stop. Scotland meh. And the premiership? Could not give a monkey’s. When I eventually hear the news that Ange has been mutually consented I’ll allow myself a wry smile, the same as when Brendan left Leicester.

Other than that not even on my radar. COYBIG.

Owen Mullions
1 year ago

As I told you on Twitter, Ralph, those pish-stained sources of yours will be the ‘urination’ of the ‘dairy’! Today’s effort is a much more sober reflection on recent events and all the better for it.

I think deep down we all knew Ange’s ambition was to prove himself in a top European league and – over hyped though it is – the English Prem has a reputation that the SPFL can’t touch. He was always for the off the minute a decent sized club (not feckin Leicester!) came in for him.

What happens now with our ‘Japanese Bhoys’ remains to be seen. Remember how quickly we lost our French contingent after Rodgers left? My biggest worry however would be losing Jota as I think he will appeal to more teams (less of a language barrier at training etc) and I think it will happen this summer.

The Cha
1 year ago
Reply to  Owen Mullions

Dembele went before Rodgers and Eddy was around for another 2 years after he left.

I’m not sure how long Ntcham stayed around but we weren’t sad to see him go.

Julien was signed after Rodgers and I’ve forgotten if there was any more.

Kyogo was the first player that postecoglou (no capital in the petty tradition) wanted and got but now he can buy players worth tens of millions.

Harsh but fair, he also failed in this season’s CL, although I’d hope for a better outcome next, if he’s still around.

If they’re turning Japanese then they’re more likely to be looking at Mitoma (Brighton), Kamada (Frankfurt) and others playing in the “big” leagues.

If Kyogoes then he’d likely to be seen as a makeweight, sop to the manager, squad player etc.

Of the others, the only one I could see interest in is Hatate and again, I would think, for the money they spend they’ll be looking at more proven talent.

Similarly, Jota is a reject from Portugal and the EPL picks the crown jewels from there.

Also, CCV is an EPL reject and (bizarrely?) the only one that seems to have generated EPL interest is Starfelt.

Bottom line – our players are sh1te and of no interest to the EPL, so leave them alone and, hopefully, they can show me up to be a right t1t in next season’s CL. Works for me. 🙂

Last edited 1 year ago by The Cha
Owen Mullions
1 year ago
Reply to  The Cha

I bow before your superior Celtic knowledge sensei. Who needs Ralph anyway!

The Cha
1 year ago
Reply to  Owen Mullions

Will we have nisei and sansei at Celtic now?

We need Ralph to let us know if Mascara’s running.

Yer maw
1 year ago

See if you could spell famous footballers names right more people might pay attention

1 year ago

So silly season is once again upon us.


1 year ago

Sevconians rejoicing while they sign freebies, have a bear trophy cabinet and a bear Boardroom.

We are the Paw Patrol.

1 year ago

He won you the treble and you still moan and tell him to fcuk off, fans of the Glasgow ugly sisters really are the most precious of snowflakes. Why would anyone ever leave us, we have big flags, smoke bombs and are more than a club, blah, blah blah….

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