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Oh Oh Oh Hes Magic – The ETims Podcast

Hector, Monty and Desi get together for a belated Happy New Year to everyone, the Club and to the current Transfer Window

We discuss the Celtic comings and goings. They welcome soon to be new striker Oh Hyeon-Gyu and they consider what the team could possibly look like as new players bed in and some present stars look to their futures, possibly away from the Hoops.

The guys look at the clubs current League and Cup standing and results since our last meet and look ahead to games and the League Cup Final. They discuss players hitting top form at just the right time and just how surprising football can be for a watching Celtic support.

They even dare look at the potential issue of Ange moving on, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but one day and just does how he compare to Jurgen Klopp ( ask Monty!)

We finish with a discussion about that Darvel game and why Jim Goodwin has the most inappropriate name currently in Scottish Football.

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1 year ago

Nice Cho Gue-Sung pic to set the podcast scene.

1 year ago

Why the picture of cho gue-sung?

Paul M
1 year ago

With regards to the idea of Ange being poached by an EPL club, I think that’s a non starter. Firstly, the SPFL is at an all time low in terms of respect by English clubs, his achievements in Scotland would not be key. Secondly, EPL clubs arent prepared to take risks (generally), and Ange not having managed in a major league, constitutes a risk for them. Thirdly, it is highly unlikely (Arteta aside), that Ange would be given the time to implement his ideas.

Bobby Joe
1 year ago

You sure you got the right photo there?!?

1 year ago

That’s a picture of Cho on the podcast – not Oh.

1 year ago

Seamยทstress? Oh at Celtic FC?

In come the brick shithouse players and clever.

An Occasional Contributor
1 year ago

Can hardly read the comments section now with the black bars allover the text.
wondering g if any other Apple users are experiencing the same issue?

An Occasional Contributor
1 year ago

Started about 4 diaries ago all previous are clear.

1 year ago

Technical advice needed – the comments section is covered in dark grey coloured bars – is anyone else seeing this ?

1 year ago

Ancelotti wasn’t a failure at Toffees. Then won the league and CL at Madrid.
Successive good managers have had no effect on the revolving door and poor buys there.
Moreover, why would Ange bring players from halfway around the world to Scotland with the promise of good coaching, success, possible CL exposure then leave for EPL ?
No other manager has done this to us…oh wait !

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