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Celtic Diary Sunday January 8: The Real Enemy Within


Celtic extended their lead at the top of the table with a 2-0 win over Kilmarnock yesterday.


And there was much rejoicing.



Another Perfect Day – Box of Vinyl



Well, maybe more relief than rejoicing.



January/February is usually when the serious contenders line up for any title race, and since there is no real challenge it’s all going to be a bit of a formality from now until May.



Manager Ange Postecoglou has a difficult task keeping everyone focused and at the top of their game lest complacency creeps in and things start to fall apart.


The players have been told they can bring board games to work on Fridays, and have been encouraged to wear their own clothes to training on alternate Mondays, which should help alleviate the boredom.



Happily, yesterday also showed that the players are more or less recovered from the virus that swept through the club, leading to one or two players saying they were fit when they weren’t, ahead of last weeks game with “rangers “, which put the manager in a difficult position when it became apparent that he’d perhaps laid too much trust in some self diagnoses.



At least it brought a bit of excitement into the proceedings, giving our junior neighbours a wee bit of hope and ensuring their new manager isn’t hounded out of town before he can truly realise his full potential.



I have a feeling we’re going to enjoy Michael and the Invincibeales.



He seems blissfully unaware that the improvement of one or two of his players is that they are desperate to get out of town.  Kent and Morelos, both running down their contracts, have been a “revelation ” during his short and hilarious tenure, and whilst the media have been quick to credit Beale, instead of stating the obvious.



Beale will have to promote youth, and his team are about to enter a period of transition, a period where they will need as much help as they can to prevent their support from losing interest….because their support loses interest very quickly when things don’t go their way.



He’s already been getting his excuses in…..


“We don’t spend the most money in this country,” 

“Celtic have made three signings and people are asking: ‘Are you [Rangers] going to make three’? No, we will do what we think (is best). But also, they spend a lot more money than us. So Ange is a lucky man because he’s spent a lot of money.

“He’s a good coach – but he’s spent a lot of money. I know who I want here and who is free to go or I’d like to move on. I know the areas I’d like to strengthen. But I think it’s going to take one, two, three windows to get who I want.” 

You’re talking about a 25 percent turnover, which is natural over three windows. We have to get a lot of decisions right and do a lot of quality work.

“There are a lot of players whose situations are that they’re either out of contract or being linked with moves. I don’t want anyone else coming in here that in three or four months I’m being asked: ‘Are they here or not’? The players that come in have to be here.” 



At least, I think that’s what it was.


Aside from the mention of “Lucky ” Postecoglou, and the inference that he’s a chequebook manager, which is a blatant attempt to gain sympathy from the hordes, and pander to their impression that our manager isn;t as good as he seems, Beale still seems to struggle with coherent sentences.


. I don’t want anyone else coming in here that in three or four months I’m being asked: ‘Are they here or not’? The players that come in have to be here.” 



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The League Cup semi finals are next week…. Celtic will face Kilmarnock and the SFA on Saturday at 5.30, whilst the SFA and “rangers” will be facing Aberdeen on Sunday.



This tournament presents an opportunity for Mr. Beale to score a quick win for his club/company. His team in a final is pretty much assured, as Aberdeen tend to fall apart in Glasgow, and these days they are not exactly at the peak of their powers.


Not that it matters, as even if Aberdeen do put in a shift and the game hangs in the balance, the Ibrox side can always call on their twelfth man, and the thirteenth, fourteenth and so on.



The real concern is that they’d rather not play Celtic in the final , because they want to win it.



When Celtic face Kilmarnock next week, there may be one or two contentious decisions.



The article by Schroedingers Cat on this site yesterday, a must read, showed the way forward.



It raises the bar in the debate by a considerable margin, and for those of you who listen to or participate in radio phone ins, or newspaper hotlines, this is the way forward.



As it’s unlikely that anyone in the SMSM is familiar with the studies quoted in the article, perhaps it’s time to enlighten them.


By raising the level of debate along these lines we move into a new argument, one which refutes completely the idea that it’s just fans moaning, one that encourages discussion about conscious or subconscious bias, or even the perception of bias, all of which combine to put added pressure on supposedly impartial referees.


And the studies are there to support that argument…..the full reports are quite astonishing.





After listening to Kenny Clarke dismiss the concerns of supporters regarding VAR, which he did on Radio Scotland’s Sportsound yesterday, it’s clear the SFA have no interest in listening to demands for clarity or transparency.



Clarke repeated the company line that all decisions upset some fans, an astonishing degree of arrogance from a man who has very little to be arrogant about.


The SFA will attempt to ride out yet another storm of criticism about their own level of competence, and until serious journalists take up the mantle, then it’s down to the support.



One of the major difficulties in initially getting widespread support for Resolution 12 was the perception that it was all about Celtic and Rangers, it wasn’t, it was about the SFA.


This particular debate is also about the SFA.


It’s about their inability to ensure a high level of  competence, consistency and above all clarity in the refereeing of matches….and until they do, there will always be suspicion.


After all, surely they would want to have their officials trained to the highest level, and when they are subject to scrutiny, surely it suits everyone concerned that they are able to deal with that in an open and professional manner ?


If not, why not ?


Without it we are moving into the murky world of match fixing, which leads to unusual betting patterns and criminal investigations.


In the wider sense, sponsors and investors steer clear…even players and managers will see their futures elsewhere.



The SFA are dragging our game down, for whatever ends, and have to be challenged.


It seems our own board may be a part of it, as they seem reluctant to take up that challenge.



They need to do their job.



On the weekend of January 21, the Scottish Cup fourth round takes place.



Wouldn’t it be interesting if somehow we could organise a mass walkout after an hour of the game… might even catch on.


Or perhaps all turn up twenty minutes late ?





After all, it’s not like they’re going to let us win their tournament anyway…….






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Tony B
28 days ago

Stop Press: Cockney Wanker talks shite.

Stop Stop Press: Mason defends masonic cabal.

28 days ago

So Ange is lucky that sevco’s previous regime decided to spend £10 against Celtic’s £5, leading to a spending frenzy that left them bankrupt and the newco still in deep.
So Ange is lucky we spend wisely and what we can afford on players Ange has an eye for, (we see spending has been slower since Lawwell has returned, we saw this last week after Lawwell’s return, Cho Gue Sung hits Celtic transfer hurdle as Parkhead offer for South Korean star ‘lower than thought’, so the ‘A bird in the hand rather than two in the bush.’ fellow is at it again.’) While they canna’ spend £5 against our £10 s they have already overspent. Old habits die hard.
So Ange is lucky we have a stronger squad and most of last season at sevco have left or wish to.
Yes, luck comes into it. Napoleon always insisted his Generals were considered lucky. (True, he insisted on it!) Hampden Park crossbar is still shaking after Carter-Vickers shot hit the bar last season, but their’s has run short. But you make your own luck by going for it and things happen with a constant onslaught, eventually something will give. So great points thank-you RM. COYBIG!

28 days ago

I have long supported the idea of arriving late, or walking out en masses, sadly many do not. Supporters are the critical mass, and only by direct action (monetary related) will any influence be brought to bear. For that reason, I don’t go to away games, or any cup games as the SFA or SPFL get a cut of the gate, and will continue along that path until such time as there is wholesale transformation of these corrupt bodies.

Tony B
28 days ago

Cockney Wanker talks shite.

Mason exonerates masonic cabal.


28 days ago

Been saying it for years all the decisions sevco are on the right side off , don’t just cheat us but the very essence of football and society in bonnie Scotland. It is aligned to Real Madrid and the Spanish rule. Does no one else in Scotland see this ? If the rest of Scottish football challenge what is happening in our game we might get somewhere.

28 days ago

GG gone… Japan 6.5 m
2.7 m bid in for Cho

The Cha
28 days ago

“Beale still seems to struggle with coherent sentences”

Surely some mistake.

Tom WestBrit calls him “Eloquent and interesting”

Uncle Tom seems to have a serious mancrush from describing a nervy, VAR-assisted narrow home victory over a poor Hibs as ‘convincing’.

Woof Charlie
28 days ago

Interesting chat on talk sport about an independent football regulator and independent financial directors on clubs’ boards. It’s all based on minor English clubs going bust but with Putin’s right hand man owning one of their biggest clubs and debt funding their biggest for years it’s not easy to spot the elephant in the room. How would that work in Scotland? Ok it’s Tory guff from the big book of we have no policy ideas but from a Scottish perspective a torch shone on club finances would be of interest. Say in a hypothetical scenario one club was being used to launder drug money? Surely something the Scottish government would like to replicate?

28 days ago
Reply to  Woof Charlie

Hypothetically you say?
“Well haud ma wheecht.
Who’d a thunk it?”.

27 days ago

The Phantom Thumbdooner sans le sens de l’humour, strikes again.

26 days ago

Oh my-seems like The Phantom Thumbdooner has found a likeminded little fiend ( oops).
Perhaps it’s little Casper the not so friendly Ghostwriter.

28 days ago

Bugger the banquet in the changing room
sevco FC are having one in the 18yd box
The growing boy Goldson is on his 5th course

sevco hunfalutin FC.

27 days ago

Remember when Ange was first announced as our new manager and Boyd and others
pissed themselves laughing at his name and couldn’t resist mocking with “Where do they get these guys?”
Well, I listened to Beale’s interview the other day and I fot sumfink was funny about the way he spoke…you’d fink they would have latched onto a manager who could at least pronounce his words. This could be a short “era” for their fird manager in free years if Celtic clean up domestically.
Boyd and the other cretins can go thuck themselves.

Stu Ozz
27 days ago
Reply to  Funkyy

That’s what I was finkin lol

An Occasional Contributor
27 days ago

Annual results at both Clubs over the past 5 Financial Years 2017-18 to 2021-22
Profit Loss
Celtic Fc

£15.423 m
£8.738 m
£12.601 m
£5.849 m

Total Profit £17.041m
Net Cash at Bank £30.20 m

The Rangers International Fc
Profit Loss

£14.341 m
£11.277 m
£17.462 m
£24.153 m
£919 k

Total Losses £65.152m

Additional Investment from Internal Loans and Equity Swaps £74m
In 22 separate tranches.

Cash At Bank A signed copy of Hurt by Johnny

Celtic have been operating within our own means to such an extent that despite two years Covid impact we still posted a £17m profit and had £30m Cash in the Bank at the start of the new financial year.
meanwhile over at the Crumbledome it’s been overspending to the tune of £139m in the same time frame.

You couldn’t mark their necks with a Thermal Lance.

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