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Celtic Diary Wednesday August 31: How Can A Club Stand Such Times Again ?

Well, ignoring the name of the referee in order to fully assess his performance on match day didn’t last long.


Nick Walsh has been handed the whistle for Saturday’s Glasgow derby, which will be the first match after the closure of the transfer window, and probably around the same time that the more enlightened Rangers fan realises that despite guaranteeing UCL money, and already banking, well, if they have found a bank that will have them, millions more from the sales of Patterson, Bassey and Aribo, that investment in the team will take second place to paying back a few soft loans that kept them alive over the last few years.


Which will put him under the spotlight.




His record in games featuring the plucky new club is interesting….






In fourteen games where he has been in the middle, “rangers ” have never lost. Which coincidentally, even at this early stage of the season, is something they really cannot afford to do on Saturday.


And then there’s his day job…


Image      Image



Conflict of interest ?


Would a decision he makes on the pitch affect his earnings off it ?


Just the fact that the question is asked means there is a perception of bias, a perception that makes it impossible for him to be seen as impartial.



With Bobby Madden away learning the ropes in England ahead of his appointment as head of VAR in Scotland, the SFA are struggling to find a referee who will be able to cope with the hullaballoo of a Glasgow derby,


Willie Collum is capable, but doesn’t toe the party line enough to give the appearance of impartiality, and he keeps sending off Ibrox players every time they deserve it, which simply won;t do.


And it would also be unacceptable for them to appoint a referee who is open to suggestions that would lead him to favour oone team over another,,,,so they needed one who won’t need that suggestion.



Celtic won;t say anything publicly about referees until after the game. Like when Iain Bankier expressed “deep concern ” about Walsh who booked Cameron Carter vickers when he was punched by Chris Kane of St Johnstone, who escaped  punishment.



“That is a source of deep concern. But we don’t run the SFA.

“We are a member club of which there are others and we get our shout, we get our say.

“You can’t expect us with a flick of the wrist tell the SFA what to do and what not to do. 



It would be nice if he could repeat those concerns ahead of Saturday’s game.



It would also be nice if we weren’t concerned about the performance of the referee.



Scotland is unique in world football, as the governing bodies are not concerned about any link, either professionally or emotionally, between referees and football clubs.


That alone is enough to introduce a perception of bias, which puts the man in the middle under considerable and unwanted pressure.


Will he go with his heart and award decisons in favour to his favourites, or will he subconsciously try a little bit harder to be seen to be fair, and award them in favour of the opposition ?



Either is unacceptable, and it’s not fair on the referee, and there is an argument that it prevents him from doing the job to the best of his ability, which admittedly , in the case of Scottish referees, isn’t exactly first class,


Or is it ?



The Celtic by Numbers article, highlighted in the diary, suggests that they do get most things right, although that also could be used to support the argument that they only get the ones right that they want to.



You can rest assured that Celtic will get several early bookings at the weekend, which will be evened out later in the game with yellows to “rangers 2 players.


You can also bank on plenty of moves from the hoops being broken up for minor infringements, and if you can find a bookmaker who will accept a bet along the lines of “penalty to Rangers anytime ” then you may also have found that rarest of species….a skint bookie.



And yet Celtic will say nothing, the other clubs in the league, who are equally affected by these somewhat imaginative decisions will say nothing.



And the media will put it all down to our own paranoia, whilst, of course, ignoring the issues that made us not quite paranoid enough in the first place.




What really worries everyone else is the simple fact that Celtic are now settling into their stride, the 9-0 win over Dundee United showed a ruthless streak that was not there before, and it’s even led to some saying that it wasn’t necessary, that Celtic should have eased off and so on.


But leagues can be won and lost on goal difference, and therefore the Never Stop mantra is important,


Whilst Dundee United and others are not competing for trophies, and don;t have two capable players for each position, Celtic do,


In darts, in England, amateur players at Super League level have their performances recorded, regardless of who they are playing, and their average is what gets them selected at international level.



It’s similar at Celtic.


You perform when you are asked to, and you play to the best of your ability until the game is over.



That’s what frightens the media, the governing bodies, and , of course, the opposition….



If Brendan Rodgers can be credited for changing the attitudes off the pitch at Celtic, for which there is a solid argument, then Ange Postecoglou can be said to have cjanged them on it….



And he’s not done yet,.



There is talk of an approach from EPL clubs, given the sacking of Bournemouth manager Scott Parker, and it might well be unrealistic to expect him to resist allcomers as his career at Celtic goes from strength to strength.



But, there is an old Australian saying…..”fuck em, i’m happy where i am ” that probably applies right now.





Tonight Celtic face Ross County in the League Cup, or whatever it’s called this season.



County have a more than reasonable record against the hoops in knockout matches, and the manager will be keen to impress the importance of ignoring the 3-1 win up there earlier this season.



However, given the relentless style of the team just now, that probably won’t be top of his team talk.



The players know what they have to do, and they’ll go out and do it.



Which brings me back to the bit about frightening everyone else.


These are better days, and despite the effort of those who seek to put a stop to them, they’ll keep getting better.



And I, for one, am relishing every single minute of it.




Yesterday, we had this….







Bognor Bhoy 


 Harold Wilson shows how Labour politicians can join a picket line  









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5 months ago

Rangers 0-1 Hamilton: Hosts miss chance to narrow gap on Celtic – BBC Sport

Walsh refereed the above game

Not sure the source of the data used, but it is inaccurate

Retired Internet Bampot
5 months ago

Angel: ” I said “stop cutting about , ya prick”

5 months ago

and Mr Johnston your punishment for signing for the huns will now be served.

James Mills
5 months ago

”I’ll have two slices of that and a pound of mince , please !”

5 months ago

“Can I have a slice of your kris boyd there please

5 months ago

Ouch,that’s gonna sting a bit!

5 months ago

Ange should try instal in the players not to get into tackles that makes it easy for these cowards referees to issue yellow or red cards ,and if Celtic feel there is complaints regarding some decisions against our players ,make them public ,just like the cheats do down Ibrox way ,play them at there own game.

5 months ago

Now that’s what I call an offensive weapon ya wrinkly auld bassa.

5 months ago

Yes Billy I know they are called crabs but cost of living crisis or not, I’m not fecking eating them.

5 months ago


Oh ya bastard..

5 months ago

One of the factors you haven’t mentioned, but confirmed in a couple of recent interviews, is that Ange prefers his players to get on with it on the pitch and pretty much ignore fouls or getting annoyed with refs decisions. The Rangers take exactly the opposite approach: They’re constantly in the ref’s face in numbers, pleading and/or complaining. I can’t help thinking that in these derby games, where the play is often broken up anyway, it might pay if Calmac & others publicly gave the officials an earful, instead of shrugging it off?

5 months ago

That’s prepuceterous!

Mr Mah Jest Stick
5 months ago

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But it’s just another excuse for more bloodshed.

5 months ago

If it costs you your piece, it’s too expensive.

5 months ago

Caption: At last, Gringo is placed in hand

John E Mitchell
5 months ago

“No Mr Edgar, not circumcision! Cut the bastard right off! The Big Chap says you’ve been exhibiting it online, again!”

5 months ago

Knob of the Week!

Luke Warmwater
5 months ago

Hey Gandalf, any transfer rumours?
No, I was hoping for an anonymous tip off.

5 months ago

Look, are you absolutely sure the game is called cock, paper, knife…..?

5 months ago

Caption ..
the Angel is saying
Eeny, meeny, miny, moe , which Johnson has to go

James T. Watt
5 months ago


May your cast be straited.

Lewis Maclean
5 months ago

In the future I can see lads just sending a picture of their dick, rather than cutting it off and posting it.

Grant Sloan
5 months ago

The Sevco rugby team will go all out to injure Celtic players on Saturday because they know we have Real the following Wednesday. Possibly players being seriously injured and out for months. Of course Walsh & his fellow ‘brotherhood’ will give it as usual “honest mistake”.

Luke Warmwater
5 months ago

Kris Boyd misunderstanding the lodge application rules that all members must be circumspect

Caption: “gonnae no dae that”

Frank McGaaaarvey
5 months ago

Hallelujah! Hail Mary! Albian Ajeti is away! Best transfer window ever? Must be the smoothest and least complicated one ever, especially compared to the shambles we were at 12 months ago.

5 months ago

Archangel Gabriel “ that’s right Moses, you’ve got the hang of it.
So the next time the Big Yin tells you to write down some new Commandments your stylus will no Kno B blunt.
You made a right mess with that ‘Thou shall not covet your neighbours arse’ guff.”

Paul Cochrane
5 months ago

“No! I said I like unusual circumstances!”

5 months ago

Saed is already better than Abada. From 10 minutes squad is frightening

Woof Charlie
5 months ago

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5 months ago

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Kevin James
5 months ago

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5 months ago

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