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Celtic Diary Thursday March 17: Yes, We’re The Great Defenders

Now that he’s finally found another job, Neil Lennon has spoken out a little more candidly about his time at Celtic last year, and the months immediately afterwards.


It’s well documented on these pages that when the truth finally does come out, he’ll get a little more sympathy with regard to his attempts to hold things together during the Covid season.


It’s also well documented on here that he did try, and perhaps deserves a little more sympathy than he’s been getting.


So you think he’d try to set the record straight, rather than just repeat the lines he’s been feeding us about how it wasn’t his fault and he’s got nothing to prove.


Indeed, although he’s talking a lot lately, he isn’t actually saying anything.


“For the first three or four months after Celtic, it took me a bit of an adjustment,”

 “I’d gone from a kind of regimented sort of lifestyle to civilian life almost.

Not having to worry about players, media, board, supporters, social media. 


And then he was rendered surplus to requirements, and lost his job.


Oh, wait, maybe he means after he lost his job…it’s hard to work out.



“That took a bit of adjusting to. Then I started thinking, ‘This is alright, you can relax for a bit’ — but then this opportunity came up.

“The way it ended at Celtic was very disappointing. 

Yes, it was. And whilst there were mitigating circumstances, until they are revealed and examined then all we are going to get is a repetition of it’s not my fault.



But I think overall we had a hell of a lot of success. 


We did, and for that the support is grateful, but all things that end invariably end badly, and the least Lennon could do is out together a case for the defence.

“Do I want to prove something? Not to anybody in Scotland. 


That arrogant attitude is driving him further and further away from what should be a rightful place amongst the clubs legends.



“The final season at Celtic might have overshadowed everything else I’d done at the club because it was so recent.

“But hopefully, further down the line, there will be a recognition, it shouldn’t overshadow what was achieved before. Both as a player and as a manager.”  



Well, we can safely say that the ball is in his court….



Lennon is a legend, he has done his bit, but perhaps cutting the cord from one who may have had an unhealthy influence on him would probably allow him to speak a little more freely about last season.



“I speak to Peter. I’ve had the occasional text from Dermot Desmond.

“They have been very good to me. Peter was positive about this chance and I respect his opinion.

“He’s a personal friend too. He has his finger on the pulse when it comes to European club football.”



Then again, that closeness in the relationship between manager, CEO and owner may well explain the collapse last season without the need for any further investigation….




Speaking of building cases for the defence, statistics show that the current Celtic defence, often much maligned, is actually a lot better than we give it credit for.



Whilst constantly under fire , for instance, due to a large percentage of the total goals conceded coming from set pieces, it’s worth noting that if you flip that statement, then teams struggle to score against us in open play, which suggests a greater level of concentration and organisation than we might think.



Ange’s Defence Ange has made Celtic more effective defensively than ever before domestically Which is even more astonishing given how little he had to work with initially. He’s created an entirely new backline that has kept the opposition more limited than ever before 
 (unless you’re German, Spanish or Norwegian , but this is domestic form, so fortunately we will avoid them in the run in. )






We concede less shots than ever, but the most important factor is shot quality. Which again Ange has lowered to it’s lowest levels since

@Wyscout began recording data. Pundits like @stephencraigan can criticise individuals but the system works regardless as it’s a unit.  
 The whole team, substitutes included , works as a team, a single unit that is better than the sum of its parts, so that should really not come as a surprise.
And this has been accomplished without a natural 6 like Brown protecting the backline. So huge credit has to go to McGregor, taking on the leadership role, improving defensively and moving the ball quick & effectively. He had huge boots to fill and has done it with ease  
 As we discussed on last night’s podcast, at this stage of the AngEra, Macgregor is probably the only player where a like for like replacement doesn’t exist in the squad. The eventual replacemant/understudy might already be there, but isn’t ready to become the whole package.
 Whilst statistics can be used to argue any point about anything, in this instance it’s nice to see something that I would usually dismiss backing up what I’ve actually seen, which is the right way to assess this sort of data, as opposed to finding the data and then moulding the environment around it.
 Over on the dark side of town, they’re a little less enthusiastic about facing Celtic three times in the next month or so, and to cheer themselves up, one or two of their staunchier fans have bought a genuine replica ( eh ? ) of the original white shirt worn by the gallant pioneers who formed their original club back in 1872.
So i ordered the anniversay “boxed” founding fathers shirt priced £105 & charged £105 only to receive this….non boxed, non pro founding fathers shirt, hardly the collectors item advertised. What a joke.
The original Castore label is still prominent, which is a lovely touch, from that special day when they first walked the earth back in 1872.
Or 73,
Or whenever it was.
 I can’t figure it out myself.
 In 1972 , their centenary year, if you accept they were formed in 1872, exactly one hundred years later , the now defunct Rangers won the now defunct Cup winners Cup, a coincidence that seemed to slip their mind at the time.
 That was because they thought they were formed in 1873, as this programme for their centenary game, in 1973, shows….
 Then again, numbers were never their strong point.
 Fifty five titles in ten years for the new club shows that this is one tradition they won’t let go.
 Wait till the hordes find out that as a support act they won’t be getting a share of the ticket sales in the upcoming Sydney cup…..
 Like all support acts, they’re just getting appearance money and the bus fare home.
Our last caption competition provided this image…..
 R.St. Parsley 
 Sevco’s ship finally comes in as hell freezes over  
 Today, we have our latest offering….
Dancing in Piccadilly to mark the allies victory in Europe
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1 year ago

Flashing tranny gets a boot in the nuts

1 year ago

The orange lodge ladies can’t decide if Lizzys jubilee should be celebrated by waving the butchers apron or goose stepping so they try both.

1 year ago
Reply to  Cesar


1 year ago

sevco women celebrating the 150th ball kicking anniversary oh! wait a minute….

1 year ago


Shitty Patel uses the same time machine as Sevco, to travel back to a ‘perfect’ time when Engerlund was Engerlund. No Oligarchs and no dark faces.

1 year ago

Caption …
Referee supervisors wife shows how high your tackle must be to get a talking to from Scottish refs…

1 year ago
Reply to  Bognorbhoy

At the N.Ireland Orange Lodge womens annual whisky tasting day, Sandra Paisley says to Lizzie Mills, “Ah’II kick yoo in the fukin BushMills “

Peter L
1 year ago

Can’t agree that Neil Lennon qualifies as a legend…
On a lighter note – caption –

“penalty to rangers”

1 year ago

Ange has even improved the quality of replies to the caption competition.

1 year ago

I’m pretty sure that Lenny will have signed a NDA and cannot comment on all the issues of his final season in charge. It was cluster fcuk from the day wee Boli decided to go and empty his Bollis then went downhill from there with many parties at fault including the players

Woof Charlie
1 year ago

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

I wish Neil would just shut it. But he is very much a Celtic legend.

Caption: You put your left leg in, your left leg out, they watch it on the VAR and then they rule it out, unless a ‘Rangers’ pen that’s getting turned around, that’s what it’s all about oh George Square on the cokey….

1 year ago

Caption – come any closer and I’ll kick ye in da fanny!

1 year ago

Caption..Ladies O.O. invade Russia.

1 year ago

Caption: RuPaul’s Drag Race auditions in Belfast prove very popular with the “ladies” of the orange order. “WTF do you mean they aren’t in drag?”

1 year ago

While dancing to the Benny Hill tune onlookers report that one lady had ” a wardrobe malfunction. ”
A very happy St Pat’s day to one and all.

1 year ago

“Ye’ve goat it aw wrang, Senga. They telt ye tae shove yer TEETH in yer mooth an’ yer FLAG up yer erse!”

1 year ago

Aha, it’s already started in Belgrade…not the match, the aggro. But of course them wee *rangers lambs are totally innocent according to the official Daily Pravda line:- “A group (*rangers supporters) who appear from inside the hotel try to defend themselves with chairs and other objects.
So, knowing there’s a bunch of Red Star hooligans outside their hotel, the *rangers supporters go out to fight with them err I mean”defend themselves”.
You can be sure this will be the Daily Pravda narrative when Red Star knock them out in a few hours and they take it in their usual manner and start smashing the town up. It’ll be “*innocent rangers fans attacked blah blah blah”
They’ll not be facing Police Scotland, they’ll be facing Serbian police so it might be a bad idea to think they can do a Manchester again.
Red Star 2-0 half-time, 4-0 full.time.

1 year ago
Reply to  Funkyy

“Red Star Belgrade” is an anagram of “Couldnae score in a barrel of phannies”.

The Cha
1 year ago

The attempt to rehabilitate Lennon for the catastrophic failures of last season will fail, as there’s no justification for his part and innuendo otherwise is all they’ve got, desperately looking to sucker the gullible that there were excuses, whilst providing no evidence.

His pals in the media, McGowan, McKenna etc have been playing this one for a year and no UK club has fallen for it and see him for what he is, a completely failed manager, who’s successes were almost a decade ago, when football was radically different, since when he’s shown no interest in adapting to modern ways, leading to inevitable failure.

The Cha
1 year ago

We’ve only lost 18 goals in 30 league games and at home is even more impressive, with only 4 goals conceded.

That’s 11 shut-outs in 14 games and only goals lost against United, Aberdeen (penalty) and 2 to, er, bottom placed Dundee.

We’re very good at keeping teams out in open play, even when they get past the defenders Hart is a great shot-stopper.

Having said that, it has to be acknowledged our failings from set-plays, the 2 horrendous ones against Dundee etc and at the higher level in Europe and there’s scope for improvement, which will be required to go further in Europe.

There’s uncertainty whether CCV will be staying, with everyone playing their cards close to their chest, but what would be the plan if he goes?

Will Julien get back to an acceptable level of fitness and performance or do we need to look elsewhere?

Daft suggestion, Shane Duffy was in the EPL team of the first half of the season but seems to have dropped out of the picture at Brighton. Given his aerial ability and we now have a much more professional setup than the shitshow of last season, would it be an option?

The Cha
1 year ago

Caption – the Sevvies and Serbies face off before the game.

Charlie Green
1 year ago

Neil Lennon could break up more Celtic attacks than the opposition with his sideways/backways passing. Someone should investigate the fact that he cost £7million from Martin O’Neil’s old club.
Something is not right there allegedly.
As for being the manager, the job was too big for him and his ego cost Celtic dearly. He should be banished to the hinterlands a la Stalin.

Woof Charlie
1 year ago
Reply to  Charlie Green

Mmm. Ever had your life seriously threatened for being a Celtic man? There’s lurkers all over this site.

1 year ago

Omonia fans celebrate the arrival of Lenny.

Irrespective of whether he is or not a legend he followed the party line of the suits to closely. If he had stood up to DD and Lawell he would surely be a legend as he would have done the ten.
Now he is like a despairing voice in the wilderness, bringing his reputation lower.

1 year ago

Neil Lennon, legend as a player and captain, a very good manager with trophies in both his spells as a manager. We do not know what went wrong for 10 IAR but he AND the players were responsible. We have moved on, delighted with Angie and his footbal,l better than what has gone before for years maybe decades. We never seem to be able to enjoy the ‘ good times,’ they are now , ENJOY.

Woof Charlie
1 year ago
Reply to  BJF

Well said. Anyone who hates NFL has a short memory. A club legend. Very few managerial careers end on a high.

1 year ago

Lennon said it was regimental.

I can still picture him horizontal, lying across three or four seats near the end of his tenure. Or should that be manure?

Even the great Jock Stein lost his touch, and Marinho, so there`s not much chance of him finding it now.

Owen Mullions
1 year ago

Come on, Ralph, give us the facts about Lenny’s time in charge in language we can all understand. Put simply, his tenure at the helm which one might tentatively aver gave rise to intermittent utility and gratification was compromised by his general inability to adapt to the pressures and concomitant responsibilities of a managerial role which led inevitably to his nadir where bifurcation and ultimate termination were the predictable outcomes.

(Oh, an’ he wiz shite at his joab intae the bargain).

1 year ago

One legged transvestite with a huge hardon shows his (her) new tongue tattoo to his (her) SisterMumHusbandWife as the rest of the siblings look on in jealous rage.

1 year ago

Celtic 4 Ross County 0….just listened to the WORST boring commentary from two f*ckwits (Craigen and some wee nameless plonker) who couldnae be any more “supportive” of Ross County. I thought commentators were supposed to show a wee bit of impartiality. The wee plonker couldnae even pronounce half the words he spoke….”Cellic”, “fought” instead of “thought”etc.
And they defended the guy who got sent off…even though Rogic had to leave the pitch a few minutes after the “tackle”. And they said the ref didn’t need to book the County player near the end of the match…that was the player who kicked the Celtic player from behind after he won the ball and was leaving the County player in his wake. These clowns actually get paid to spout this sh1te.
Lets see if the Daily Pravda make a big thing about Celtic’s 6 point lead, the way they did when *rangers had 7 points of a lead earlier in the season.

1 year ago

And the Bhoys at the back said, everyone attack
And it turned into a Celtic blitz.

You have to be yeh high to be a sevconian Manager.

1 year ago

Taps eff at Celtic Park:

When they panned around to Green Brigade, I had to put my sunnies on.

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