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Celtic Diary Monday February 7: Monday Morning Sure Looks Fine

Any doubts or fears we had about falling over any molehills were removed yesterday as Celtic put on a first half performance, the likes of which, have not seen for the best part of a week.


Three up again at half time, Celtic could have, and maybe should have scored more, but we’d take a 4-0 win at Fir Park any day of the week.


There were a few of us worried the game would be a bit of a comedown after the highlights of the win over “rangers “, but as Tom Rogic said, when asked how Celtic would handle being out in front…





… it’s not really somethng we should be worried about.



A trip to Aberdeen is next, and without geting all complacent, I think we can approach that one with a degree of optimism,



Speaking of Rogic, he was a one man wrecking machine yesterday. a performance filled with skill, creativity and, believe it or not, unlimited energy and enthusiasm. Postecoglou has improved some players, but the effect he’s had on Rogic is astounding.



In fact, with a bot more effort he could be up there with Joe Aribo….



Laurel And Hardy Laughing GIFs | Tenor



Speaking of comparisons with the superstars over the river, Ryan Kent is widely touted as a £20m player, though admittedly not by anyone who knows anything about football, and his best season ever returned thirteen goals.



Liel Abada has scored fourteen this season, in five different competitions, with one still to go, and is only twenty, and unlike Kent, he isn’t a knob.



It took nearly half an hour for the hoops to pen their account yesterday, and then about fifteen minutes to kill the game after that.


Abada latched onto Hatates pass to score the first, and although it looked a fairly basic square pass across goal, watch it again.



The Japanese midfielder looked up, assessed the situation, and put in a superbly placed pass…watch the movement on the ball…that meant even if abada hadn;t been looking it would have hit his foot and gone in.



I’ve noticed that about Hatate, he plays passes the way Nakamura took free kicks, and it may be that he , like our original oriental hero , plays the ball with his toe, in the way a snooker player controls the cue ball with his cue.



Tom Rogic then got in on the act, and Daezen Maeda scored possibly the greatest chipped goal of all time, placing the ball at such an angle that it was scooped over a defender , appeared briefly on the radar at Glasgow Airport before dropping horizontally to bounce over the line.



Celtic did have a couple chalked off, as referee John Beaton felt he at least had to make some sort of effort, and although arguably he was right, the first one actually saw a Motherwell defender handle the ball, quite deliberately, before it was put into the net.


A stonewall penalty, shown on BBC sportscene, yet not mentioned by either of the experts or the hairy fellow, which is odd.


Well, not really.


And to be honest, it doesn’t really matter, does it ?



After all, it was 4-0 in the end.



Well, yes it does matter, and it might matter yet.


What if the league comes down to goal difference ? And once more, we lose by one goal ?



More likely, what if Motherwell qualify for a European place, by one goal….



So far this season, we’ve seen more than enough honest mistakes, more than enough to make a difference somewhere down the line, and we’ve seen a media narrative that seems to if not actively promote assaults on our players, then certainly to condone it.


As usual, the club are silent, although some will give them the benefit of the doubt and accept that things are being said behind closed doors.


Frankly, the current board do not deserve the benefit of the doubt, and the time to draw attention to these incidents is now, when we are top of the tree and playing scintillating football.


Postecoglou is clearly getting fed up with the piss poor standard of reportage in this country, and to be honest, with Channel five pulling Neighbours from its schedules, the pressure on him to be the face of Australia in British media is mounting.


His reply to one question, about Japanese players, is telling….





I suppose I have to be careful about putting all the piss poor journalists into one stereotype, but after due care and consideration, I was right.


So was Ange, of course. It really is lazy journalism, and if those idiots were a wee bit sharper, they’d see that, but they’re not, so they don’t.


Ange is  good value for money, but it’s not for him to get tangled up in the murky politics of Scottish football. nor should he have to deal with the muppets in the media, but he does it well, and let’s face it, we’re enjoying it a wee bit more than maybe we should.


And behind all the shennanigans designed to help that plucky cash strapped  new club,  I’m quite sure if anyone told him to ease off on them he would have a short and succinct answer for them.


The same would apply the first time he’s told to protect the Old Firm brand…..


However, it strikes me that thats what the board are hoping for, and that’s wrong.



His job is to run the football team,and to represent the interets of his players on a day to day basis.



Theirs is to run a club, and to protect it’s assets, the most valuable of which are the players.


Surely they can see it’s not in their own interests to have players assaulted, and to prevent that they must ensure a fair and level playing field with officials whose integrity is beyond reproach ?



Yes, it sounds churlish when the Ange Wagon is roll roll rolling along, but there will always be someone waiting to put a stick between the spokes,. and we need to stop them before they do.




Yesterday, we had this….







Johnny Manc 


 Gets rid of even the Naziest stains  









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2 years ago

Caption …
Look at that attention seeking bit….oh wait that’s the queen

John McDermott
2 years ago

Awfully sorry Ma’am but The Prince has already inspected the parade, really well as you can see!

2 years ago

I can see my abusers face in the woman coming along the line.

2 years ago

The ref must stop play

Arsene Parcelie
2 years ago

“Someone else say republic, I dare one”

Frankie pearson
2 years ago

Well said it’s about time our board said enough is enough and starting backing their employees (players) and also a great manager.

Phil McEachen
2 years ago

Penalty to *Rangers

Tony Carlin
2 years ago
Reply to  Phil McEachen

thats the winner!

2 years ago

It’s alright, she’s just been seen by Prince Andrew.

67 European Cup Winners
2 years ago

Apparently Andrew wants to cum

2 years ago

Quality diary, quality captions, much better quality Celts.

Woof Charlie
2 years ago

Caption: Can someone please take the Land Rover keys awf Pheeleep!

2 years ago

Caption: Princess Margaret had a “small” refreshment waiting for Lizzie to inspect her unit.

Thom Thumb
2 years ago

“Someone at the end has collapsed, ma’am”
“Oh, Really?”
“No, O’Riley!”

Woof Charlie
2 years ago

Caption: When she comes round give her a couple of mouthfuls of Andrews.

Michael Annis
2 years ago

Caption: I’ve told you before, Don’t give Philip that shotgun.

2 years ago

Caption: As the phart from the dame in the white hat pole-axes the girl at the end, the big wan next to her thinks, “that lady needs to spend a good bit of time on the ‘throne’!”

2 years ago

Caption – It is just to much for Kent. No not seeing you, it was Rogic’s first goal, real class and he canna take it. HH!

2 years ago

They told me that it was a passing out parade.

2 years ago

Nothing to be seen here move along

Team played with an energy for the full game, Ange rotates his players well, but as for the nasty wee Beathun again gave players no protection, the big Greek constantly fouled but he gave him a yellow. The penalty incident, are you expecting fair coverage from the Billy Boys Club as they again wet themselves over fat boy and Kentie.
What is sad is that after every match the managers give a review, after the Sevco game nothing, really is a farce. If they cannot get feedback do not show highlights, but their favourite colour is orange. As for that crap sports channel Sky they really are showing their colours are blue and Orange
If you contribute in any way to the media, you allow this corruption to continue, in the day of the internet there are other sources.

John E Mitchell
2 years ago

Caption – Clairvoyant WREN is stricken by a horrifying foresight of elizabeth’s children and their habits…

2 years ago

Caption : ‘Seventy fucking years. I’m no having any of that, I’m out of here.

2 years ago

Spot the attention seeking cow.

Patrick O Hara
2 years ago

You young lady. Run as fast as you can and fetch Andrew. He will know what to do.

Lenny Bruce
2 years ago


It’s not a dive. Mrs. Morelos “anticipated contact”.

2 years ago

Caption. Get up Gaza, the Queen is coming.

2 years ago

Wake me up when it’s over. Celtic match starts at 3

2 years ago

“ And the next one of you bitches who asks me ‘am I a German’ will get the same.”
We were immense yesterday even the referee was barely noticed. I watched the new club carefully. Hearts froze in the first half, they wakened up after the break and if they had scored I think the new club would have studied. Last year they were a better team than us with a reasonable defence. This season we are light years ahead of them. Usually going to Pittodrie I would think, ’ could be sticky.’ Now I can’t wait to see Celtic perform.

2 years ago

If there’s one player in Scotland that puts the “C” in class it’s Tom Rogic. For a big guy he moves like it’s an effortless breeze, and his left peg is deadly accurate. He looks like he’s enjoying his football again, unlike last season…enough said about that.
Agree with Ralph about the goal difference. In a tight game the ignored hand balls in the penalty box could be very important at season’s end just as much as the multiple penalties awarded to get the other mob a comfortable result. Personally I want us to win all our remaining games and “them” to lose all theirs so goal difference doesn’t come into it, then the Beatons and Maddens can stick their whistles in another hole.
Right Mr Rogic, time to shear them sheep!!!

2 years ago

Off topic here but my wife and I watched a film called ‘Marvellous’ the other night and I’d highly recommend it. Terrific acting/directing and a true story and it’s even got a Celtic connection. It’s funny and poignant, based on a larger-than-life character from maybe a surprising source. We got it on Amazon Prime (search function) but it may be available from other outlets. I openly admit to shedding tears and laughing out loud too. It’s, er, em really Marvellous! Set in Ralph Malph land!

2 years ago

asked a zombie tonight see iff a team look dangerous in a zombie penalty area is it ok for 2 zombies tae bang intae each other andexpect a zombie referree to stop thegame his reply was the scottish press say it was a pen for said zombies heh heh aint zombies dumb

2 years ago
Reply to  charlie

Great comments ‘charlie’ really good to see you back on here again.
Whether we agree all the time, or not, is immaterial.
For healthy craic we need the ‘old’ eTims back, an eTims that allows and encourages ‘debate’, whatever TF that is. A genuine eTims whereby comment was responded to by comment……not fkn tea-ladies with their anonymous ‘votes’. Good on ye, charlie. Stay safe, stay well and stay here.

2 years ago
Reply to  TicToc

cheers tic toc

2 years ago

we are celtic dont let the chequed hats and the board seperate us so back the green brigade or dont back the green brigade ffs dont let the press devide us when big ange is puttng things right COYBIG

2 years ago

1.5m and a four-and-a-half-year deal.

Matt OReilly ?

Who else watches him while thinking to ones self … ‘Steady’ ?

2 years ago

Hey lady Q, why would you even need ever to worry that the sky will fall down ?

2 years ago

The coin is hitting the back of the Aberdonian doric heids.

Celts 7-0.

rab wallace
2 years ago

Caption” Prince Andrew’s latest conquest takes a nap”.

2 years ago

It is still in an Ange template at Celtic FC. Expect the coercion from the three angles. SFA/SPFL/RIFC.


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