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Celtic Diary Tuesday November 23: That Was The Weekend That Was

You haven’t stopped laughing yet , have you ?


No wonder.


After the year or so we’ve had we’re entitled to little bit of relief.



For a while now I’ve been saying that League Cup semi final weelend could be the pivotal point of the season, and it certainly looks like I was right.


Well, there’s always a first time.


Celtic overcame an enthusiastic and rumbustious St Johnstone with a late goal from substitute James forrest, who under the guidance of the new sports science team is easing himself back into the side for a glorious indian summer.


In days gone by he’d have been given two paracetomol, a can of red bull and been told that the pain was all in his mind. These days, players aren;t rushed back any more, and we’ll see the benefits of that in other players as well.


Chris Jullien, for instance, is now going longer between new injuries than at any time in his career.



On sunday, we got the Bertie Auld final we wanted when “rangers ” collapsed as spectacularly on the field as their predecessors did off it, falling three goals behind before their support had time to put elastoplasts on their knuckles.


After that, there was no way back for them as hibernian saw the game out fairly comfortably, largely because the Ibrox side had given up.


Indeed, their captain questioned their hunger and commitment afterwards in an interview, whilst ignoring the fact that he won’t sign a new contract…



Their new manager, Giovanni van Bronckhurst, watched the game from the sidelines, and afterwards discussed his options on the boardroom


Fuck This Im Out Window Jump GIF - Fuck This Im Out Window Jump Bye -  Discover & Share GIFs



It was all going so well …



Not one of their players looked interested, and they took the beating that has been coming for a while. Van Bronckhurst now faces the unenviable task of raising enough money from these duds to build his own team, even though anything raised will be ring fenced to keep the lights on.



The fans , as usual, stuck with their team until the bitter end….





Such a shame, as they had appealed for a show of orange to show support for the Dutchman….at least, that’s what I think they meant….





And they want to close our schools ?



Why they feel the need to keep the lights at Ibrox on escapes me, they’re all condemned to eternal darkness anyway.



Mind you, they still provide us with a bit of entertainment as they howl their derision at events of late.




Judging by the screams, someone has poured holy water into their coffee…









Bit harsh on Morelos. The chubster can;t go very far befire he has to sit down.




Such a collapse after the report from Football Scotland about their highly valued squad will mystify van Bronckhurst, and when Steven Gerrard’s board at Aston villa question his desire to sign some of their “stars “, things could get a bit wobbly after christmas….especially if they lose to Celtic in January.



Nil By Mouth, the anti sectarianism organisation who contribute nil to the problem have been at it again.



Nil By Mouth
Utterly disgraceful scenes in the City Centre yesterday. In broad daylight as families and children going about their business on a Saturday afternoon. No excuses or justifications can be offered for these criminal actions. Hopefully arrests can be made.



They’re not finally getting round to condemning an orange walk, but instead are referring to some hooded fans throwing a couple of chairs at a pub.




As the Record reported…


Footage has emerged of a violent fight between Celtic fans and punters outside a Rangers bar in Glasgow.

The rammy took place outside of Oswald’s Bar in the city centre just before 3pm this afternoon.


A crowd of thugs, dressed in black hoodies baring the slogan ‘Bhoys’ were filmed grabbing chairs from outside the boozer and throwing them at punters.


A group who are off camera, believed to be customers at the bar, can be seen throwing chairs and other objects towards the crowd.

One woman is forced to take cover inside a telephone box as the carnage unfolds in the street between the two groups. 


Police were called to the scene on Oswald Street around 2.55pm.

It is unclear how much damage was caused during the incident.  


I think it’s safe to say a couple of chairs got knocked over.



The orginal report, now edited, described the scene as carnage, whilst retaining the bit highlighted in bold.



One senses an agenda again, and with Nil By Mouth commenting, one thinks one might be right.



Mind you, they will no doubt come down on this incident as well…



Shocking moment 'football fans' brawl on M74 before Rangers v Hibs semi- final



This happened on the M74, so at least no one had to hide in a phone box.



A final against Hibernian ensures, as the song says, that Hampden will be covered in shamrocks and green, and with the connection between the clubs around Bertie auld, a more fitting script couldn’t have been written.



Apart from anything else, it should be a peaceable affair, with the hordes from over the river confined to quarters out of the way.


You have to feel for them in a sense, this is the second club they’ve followed that is making an arse of things, and they’d all been looking forward to wearing their new suits on cup final day…



PHOTOS: Flyers vs. Rangers Nov. 25




One thing worth mentioning, and maybe talking about in the run up , is the possibility of both clubs wearing their traditional strips, to give the final a sense of occasion and perhaps remind us that there are some icons worth preserving and promoting, and the two unique strips are just that….


Celtic v Hibs final next month. Can we start a campaign for both teams to wear traditional strips ? If Hibs wear green socks there is no colour clash. Let’s have old fashioned battle of the greens. RT if you agree







Looking ahead, there’s a game against Leverkusen.


One point would suffice if we are to retain interest in the group, and already the game looks intriguing…will ange opt for pragmatism and play for the draw ?


Or do we go with the usual flamboyant up and at em style ?





It’s not going to be dull, is it ?












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Salad queen
7 months ago

Great read again Ralph but unfortunately I believe the head of the sports science team is heading to Germany for a new appointment.

7 months ago
Reply to  Salad queen

what will happen within the next 48 hours if Germany goes into lockdown do we not get allowed to play our game .

7 months ago
Reply to  john mc guire

The game is going ahead no problem.

The Leipzig game is going to be behind closed doors but outs goes ahead under 2G (Vax or neg test proof).

7 months ago
Reply to  Salad queen

That was 2 months ago and already replaced (remove space):

67hailhail .com/news/celtic-boss-finally-bags-new-head-of-sports-science-as-anton-mcelhone-signs-up

7 months ago

Looks like Giofanny has his work cut out.

7 months ago

I’ve said on here and elsewhere for last few weeks, huns are there for the taking. Major cracks appearing, we must take advantage

7 months ago

There you go again with your obsession with Sevco,This Blog was really good with the rumour mill etc ,but it’s like you are only interested in what Sevco are up to rather than our own club,bring back the rumour mill with all its truths and not so truths ,anything is better with what you have written over the last couple of years.

Gerard Reilly
7 months ago

100 % wearing of hoops at the al green concert at hampden, and credit to the cop 26 appeal the good lord has answered our prayers GLASGOW is 200 % Green on cup final day and no sign of the one hit steeevie wonders, too busy making megabucks for the cessnock tattoo removers using their recycled cardboard cut outs as part payment, and maybe finally get the face painter PAID

7 months ago

See, I think this is one of our problems. I laughed as well but we have to concentrate on ourselves. We’ve dragged it back to where we are now and it’s absolutely crucial to focus on the league again. A chance, given the fixtures, to turn the screw and get in front. No deflection, no own goals from the “board” Fight.

7 months ago
Reply to  SteveNaive

Yes, they’re still 4 points ahead not us.

The optics look similar to a year ago but we had a chance to arrest our slide and didn’t take it and, to be fair, they never took their foot off the accelerator.

We need to keep winning and hope the increased pressure causes them to crash (again) so that we’re ready to pounce on 2nd January.

We’ve also got issues ourselves to address eg playing against, ahem, stuffy teams like Saints and Livi and also the great worry if either McGregor or Kyogo get injured.

We’ve got good momentum but still a long way to go and still can get derailed.

7 months ago

The SFA will never agree to the home strips in the final, had it been the huns and the cousins,perhaps and just how devastating the loss to Hibs by the Huns if Gerrard had any designs on taking a few of them south, that would be the icing on the cake if true.

Woof Charlie
7 months ago

Oh the life of a Sevco fan one minute your fighting, next minute your crying on the hard shoulder.

7 months ago

Schadenfreude makes a comeback.

7 months ago
Reply to  Auldheid

Naw he is not a mystery player we signed under cover from Germany or German for Jullien.

7 months ago

You’re actually defending the half wits that attacked a pub?

The Green Machine
7 months ago
Reply to  Beesh

They were Chelsea fans …

7 months ago
Reply to  Beesh

He’s actually pointing out the hypocrisy of the likes of NbM and MSM who have a far from impartial view when deciding what to criticise and what not to.

The following day the best they could muster was “football fans” when describing some serious bear on bear action.

I’m not sure that defending the anti-Celtic prejudices of those groups is a great position but fill your boots.

7 months ago

Brilliant letter from loads of Celtic Fan orgs, media & online and supporters clubs to Michael Nicholson (the new CE in case his near invisibility confuses you as to who he is) regarding the rumoured (wretched) appointment of Higgins:

twitter .com/TheCelticTrust/status/1463146188488724482 (remove space)

Ralph/Desi – I would strongly urge you to add Etims name to this.

7 months ago
Reply to  The Cha

I notice that Etims has been added to the update, great stuff:

twitter .com/TheCelticTrust/status/1463240697251782673 (remove space)

Woof Charlie
7 months ago

Correct me if I’m wrong, I was once in the 90’s, but Girofanny Von Bratwurst was appointed on Thursday and had a work permit in place by Sunday afternoon. Post Brexit. Nae bother. Check the Ange coverage and it’s all about his coaching license. I assume BCG has his badges but you’re a non-uk brain surgeon working in China, you drop a few lobes and get punted, go home to Holland and get a gig in the Queen Elizabeth Suffering General – your not getting your work permit stamped in 1.5 working days. Compare and contrast with the ‘will Ange get UEFA clearance?’ No story here?

The Green Machine
7 months ago

Some great Hun trolling by the Xmas vid crew but if the board see it they’ll have niptions 😀

https :// 1463498764472225795

The Green Machine
7 months ago

Great to see the support unite so quickly and unanimously against the Higgins fiasco.

I did write last week that if the GB get the word out quick on this issue we could see a mass gathering of the clan and so it has proved, though I’m not sure if the GB can claim all the credit given how many diverse branches of the Family are involved.

Still quite stunning to see such numbers stack up so quickly, proving that the support CAN be united when the right problem comes along.

Now how can we make them aware of the 5WA and the multiple other underlying issues at the club?

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