Celtic Diary Saturday January 5

This winter break has already gone on far too long as tims wake up with nothing to do today except speculate on the transfer window.

Still, the good news keeps on coming. robbie Keane has signed an extension to his contract with LA Galaxy as he continues his desperate quest to be recognised when he goes shopping, and Israeli defender Rami Gershon should sign a loan deal on Monday after undergoing a medical with the club.

His agent , Dudu Dahan has also reccomended Juwon Oshinawa, a defender who he represents which kind of makes you think he is just going to sit in Lennons office until he’s sold all his players. You wouldn’t want him round to give you a quote on your windows.

As ever, the list of players linked continues to grow, and there may be a surprise or two yet. With Thomas Rogne able to sign a pre contract with another club, presumably one with private medical insurance, Kelvin Wilson banned for a vicious assault on John Baird of Dundee during the famous shame game and Efe Ambrose away to the Africa Cup of Nations, then cover is needed, although poor Marcus Fraser, who did well when thrown in at the deep end alongside Danny Majstorivic a couple of years ago, must be jumping up and down outside lennons window holding a big board that says “pick me”.

With no football, the press will go into overdrive not only linking Celtic with new players, which will unsettle the ones already there, but linking those there with moves away.

The swiftness of the arrival of Gershon suggests that any business has already been planned and it will all be done sooner rather than later, so that Celtic don’t have to pay extra for security on the car park as supporters hang around on the last day hoping for a glimpse of Rivaldo or someone. Go on, admit it, we all stayed up on the laptop or went to the ground that night. Except , obviously, Rivaldo.

Our drunken mole is still recovering from his New Year binge, so we are thin on the ground with our own hints, but he has promised to get in touch as soon as he finds his shoes.

Work commitments-not like me to use that excuse-meant I’ve only just caught up with Sportscenes coverage of the Motherwell game, which was ,although an entertaining match, spoiled by Fraser Forsters gamesmanship after he tried to put the Motherwell player off by pointing out the ball wasn’t on the spot. Well, that was the opinion of the panel of experts.

The turgid production, the irritating music and the piss poor presentation of this show still failed to make it the Beebs worst effort of the period. Whilst Mrs Brown and her boys were showing that the Comedy Unit can actually make you laugh, seventeen writers , working for twelve months on a half hour show , managed to come up with this years Only an Excuse and have audiences nationwide scratching their heads and staring blankly at the screen wondering why they had bothered.

The up to date satirical soccer show started with a sketch featuring Frank macAvennie, who hasn’t played football for around twenty years , and contained jokes which were even older.

Seventeen writers, thirty minutes. Thats less than two minutes each. I put on eastenders to cheer me up.

The wealth of material from an historic year in Scottish football could have seen a classic production, but Jonathan Watson decided just to try on a few different wigs and mumble inanely as the rest of us watched his career disappear down the pan, hopefully for good.

We are going away for next New Year. We hear Jonathan Watson is going to dance naked on the roof down at Farm Foods when the bells ring out, as it will be less embarrassing for him.

Still, Watson isn’t the most embarrassing figure around these days, the dynamic duo of the internet, David Leggat and Bill McMurdo take that crown, by a country mile.

With Sevco about to be fully removed from any pretence of being Rangers, when Hector starts asking questions about the claims they have been making, and the money they intend to make by claiming they are the one and the same, this pair of bloggers have started the campaign to keep the titles.

Keep the titles in the sense that they are actually sevcos, because they bought them, or whatever it is charlie green thinks his hordes will believe.

McMurdo reckons the investigation should be dropped, because opening “Pandoras box” is not something Scottish football needs, now that its on its “knees”

Thats because all those teams who are not from Scotland who played Rangers and their illegally registered players might seek compensation, and blame the SFA, and then all the Rangers players stripped of medals might sue the SFA, and if armageddon didn’t happen last year, then it will this year.

What he really means is leave us alone, or, when Sevco come back stronger, they will refuse to be a part of the SPL.

Like they are now, when everyone is enjoyiing a competitive league, with hardly any corrupt refs. Except those who had a brother at the old club.

Kevin Prince Boateng, a black fellow who plays at Milan, this week walked off the pitch-and was joined by his team mates, when he was subjected to racial abuse. The player bravely decided he had had enough and his actions have drawn attention to the problem in a way that no amount of red cards held up could have. The racist support has been widely condemned, and it makes you thankful that abuse based on a players colour, religion or nationality could not happen in Scotland. And if it did, we can feel quite sure it would be in all the papers.

Just think, in years gone by, this sort of action by Aiden McGeady and Neil lennon would have ensured we’d all have been back in the pub by ten past three.

Thirty five games have been played competitively by Celtic so far this season, and there are more to come. Next up, in a friendly are….

Fill in the space.

Incidentally, Etims have been asked to provide an opponent for ally Mccoist in a one hundred metre sprint. For us, it will be a race against the cock.




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8 years ago

I ve said for a good few years now that Only An Excuse had become an irrelevance, the by numbers “humor” (ie – NL is ginger, Watty had a cardie, Craig Broon is auld and other such cutting satirical comment) was getting beyond no funny and started to get embarrassing for all. Although this was a better effort this year, the sooner “Still Game” makes a new year comeback the better

On the fitba front sorry to see Ibrahim leave without ever getting much of a chance, and we could do wi a player in that position as wee Forrest has inherited Mark Wilsons syndrome.
Paddy – Cheerio
Rogne – Aye let him go, just tell anyone interested he was broken when we got him

Niall Mcginn – No. Good luck but stay where you are.
but agree a CB or 2 would be useful and the talk about Erimenko is interesting

HH 2013

8 years ago

Incredible, just watched the highlights of the Motherwell game on the BBC website too. After the TV pictures clearly show the ball not on the spot, which I assume the commentator can see, certainly after the highlights are put together anyway, the commentator makes his “gamesmanship” comment.


8 years ago

Using the old strips
Old badge
Old website
140 year history celebrations?
Hector will be interested surely?

However I must admit I am surprised that teams knocked out of Europe by the orcs aren’t making claims against the SFA / UEFA

Especially vlads Kaunas

8 years ago

we play steau bucharest next do we not?

and johnathan watson isa hurtin wee hun GIRFUY johnathan!!

8 years ago


Test first to see if I am posted 🙂


8 years ago

See 7th diary. Double comments.


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