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WTF Celtic?..That is the Question!

Timposter writes –


To be or not to be?

To speak out or NOT to speak out…..that is the question…..

Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, Or to take arms against a sea of troubles, And by opposing end them?

Well we’ve come through the adventures in Welsh Wales where we had a glimpse of the way Ange wants the team to play and I must say it looks exhilarating and exhausting.

This is what you get from a proper forward looking coach.

However before we all get over excited we witnessed our first game back at Celtic Park, with fans present, against PNE  ( Least it was nice to wave hello and a fond farewell to Scott Sinclair – Ed)and we all came crashing back down to earth.

There was practically zero evidence of the style of play we had witnessed in Wales.

The team regressed to the debilitating type of football we witnessed last season : Awful.

Anyone who thought there was going to be an immediate turnaround in fortunes had a rude awakening watching what was on offer against PNE. Alas, poor Yorick.

We’ve all seen the interview where Ange is, let’s say reticent on the incomings and outgoings at the club, his frustration was oozing, leaving us all with a chill. Even if hadn’t been interviewed his body language told us everything.

I have no inside info on what Ange is thinking. No one has as he keeps his cards close to his chest. A wise move on his part. Keep everyone guessing, including players, staff, as to just what he’s thinking. Keep them on their toes.

I’d venture that himself and McKay are tight. It’s the usual subjects on the Board who are slippery. Nothing has changed.


However we all know to our cost the lateness and limited and poor choices the PLC have made in previous years and it appears they are still in the same mindset.

By airing this in public it has a double edged sword:

  1. Enhance his position by putting public pressure on the Board
  2. Undermine him at a delicate stage in the usual long winded transfer saga that is Celtic PLC in negotiating possible deals.

Quite a Quandary.

However ours is not to be supplicant to this out of touch compromised PLC Board. It is our duty to speak out.

We have to hold them to account.

It’s them who have got us into this position. Their treachery deserves nothing less than our warranted distrust.

Something is rotten in the State of…..Celtic PLC.

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1 year ago

Celtic quite simply are in a complete mess, utterly shocking mismanagement.
There will be no CL or title this season Bhoys & Ghirls.

Utter joke!

Francis Lester
1 year ago
Reply to  Monti

So on the point you make of the boards ineptitude I agree wholeheartedly, however I will give Ange the time to show me that the football side is changing back to playing the Celtic way and I won’t throw the towel in till I see HIS signings play

1 year ago
Reply to  Francis Lester

I don’t blame Ange for tbe car crash that is heading, we have a new CEO spouting the same world class drivel that Lawwell did, yet there isn’t a world class team on the park is there?

Why does our club always fail to get prepared, player wise for the start of each season?
We ARE a shambles & it’s the boards doing, i’ve just about had enough of all of it.

It’s amateur hour!

1 year ago

The total lack of courage and complete inaction by the board since our elimination from the CL qualifiers by Cluj is certainly fitting of a Shakespeare’s finest, just not sure if it is best served as a comedy or tragedy! No matter which, the shout from the stalls is resign now!

1 year ago

Having watched the game on Saturday, (and the Bristol City game) we looked the same, very very ordinary, toothless, laboured side we were last season. We STILL can’t defend set plays and have no penetration up front.

Preston, who are 3 WEEKS AWAY from their season start, looked fitter, sharper, more powerful and more imaginative than us, we are a million miles off it.

I really fear for us this season, I suspect Aberdeen will fancy their chances of finishing runners up to Sevco (who will of course walk straight into the 22/23 Champs Lge and earn £30-£40m) when they win the league this season.

1 year ago

Something is undoubtedly rotten at Celtic, but its not the Board that scouts/signs players etc.

Charlie Green
1 year ago

There is definitely something wrong at Celtic Park. I have posted something similar but just a quick revisit. When Delia took over from Lennon he was shocked at the poor fitness levels of the squad and his attempt to increase them caused the players to “down tools”. Rodgers took over and failed to see his defence and midfield passed the ball between themselves as everybody strolled around the park. Lennon takes over and the standards drop again. The reason I am saying this is because the two contrasting attitudes in the last two games has made me think it is happening again. Ange’s determination to have them work will be met with resistance and the last match showed that.
It seems to me that Kennedy could suck the energy out of any situation with his facial expression alone, however, joking aside the manger, whom I believe will come good albeit too late and through no fault of his own, needs his own men who will look at the situation afresh and pinpoint the slackers.

1 year ago

Couple of things: first a technical point – and you’ll hate me for this, but Celtic were in Newport which is ‘English’ Wales. ‘Welsh’ Wales is the North and West – where most native Welsh speakers live.
Secondly – no credit given for the under-the-radar’ signing of Furuhashi?
If Mckay is building something – and backing Ange to do he same, then I’m prepared to wait for more signing like this.
If you’re not resigned to the likelihood of not being in the CL this year are you prepared to give them the time to rebuild properly, rather than just to retaliate with an instant ‘handbags’ riposte to Gerrard’s Ranger’s SINGLE trophy.
That’s where the 10IAR football backwater nonsense got us. No-one outside Glasgow a gives hoot about 9IAR/10IAR but fans all over the world know Celtic were a European powerhouse and one of THE great clubs.
Getting back to that matters to me much more than Midjtyland.
It will take time. Give them time.

1 year ago
Reply to  e.ralph

Give them time.
Time was surely last September when things should have started to get new management.
I’m not blaming, I’m blaming the board entirely.

Sean McGinley
1 year ago

I have said it for years. Year on year, this club as a football club has no interest in “football”. They have offered the mugs, token signings who are weaker each year, whilst they continue to plough their hard earned money into merchandise and ..yes “football” (that’s not even happening too often these days) in the form of season tickets and matchday goodies, windfall draws etc.. The main problem is a man who makes money year in and year out for his shareholders whilst sticking it to this club and especially the supporters. No need for champions league if your business is making money buying an Asian player this year to sell more jerseys and a player from the zionist occupied territories to annoy the supporters, whilst you gain making your annual 40million before a ball is kicked. The west brit is a great man for making money, although I believe accumulation disorder is in the same category as hoarding and other disorders, but he couldn’t give a shit about Celtic or our support. That’s why all positions are like any company and anyone can apply. The football team Manager is only that with no say in his staff – Sorry the companies staff ! God help football if they all follow suit.

1 year ago

We have gone from being simply underprepared each season to being a complete shambles, from top to bottom.
It is quite something to see, embarrassing to not have a team on the park that reflects the size of the club.
We have no defence to speak of, no right back, no central defenders & a left back from Kilmarnock to replace Tierney.
Our best players are in the process of leaving the club, it is an utter joke of a situation.

1 year ago
Reply to  Monti

Howe should have been given a deadline to sign up so no buck passing perrrrrrrrrrrrleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease. Howes dithering affecting celtic IS the fault of management who *are* on the celtic fc payrol. Not one single head rolled for that joke of a season and if the Preston game is anything to go by we are in for a lot more of the same. why tf is Kennedy and the strapon brothers still at celtic park.

1 year ago

The Celtic malaise is a long story, a bit like long Covoid. After the bunnet left the suits appeared, MON was backed at the start but he was perceived to be too costly. From then it has been cost cutting accountancy, with the odd wad of cash flashed to keep the mugs happy.
They have stolen the identity of the club, for a few dollars more, the current situation is as before, JPK, still there, shamateurish transfer dealings, general disregard for the Celtic family. Roll up, Roll up, see the snake oil salesman offer his wares.
As usual any critics are bad mouthed by a large section of the support in the belief that Celtic are a European force, those days are long gone.

Sean McGinley
1 year ago
Reply to  Cartvale88

Well said. A touch of insight and reality. I cant believe the delusions of a large section of the ” Am a season ticket holder” brigade !!!

1 year ago
Reply to  Sean McGinley

Ask el gringo. He knows the score.

1 year ago

Full credit to Ange, he has left Ajer and Ntcham out of the squad for the CL game as they both display the wrong attitude to properly represent our club. A clear message to all.

1 year ago

I’m no Mick BTW, my Grandfather was called Mick, but not me…. Me2 = 100% disallusioned.
Shakespeare’s Macbeth, a dark, grim play about greed, ambition, treachery and betrayal, sums up this board. Macbeth employ’s treachery to achieve his goals.
The 5Way Agreement, is complete treachery, a betrayal of the Celtic support. They promoted a ‘basket of assets’ to the detriment of their own support. Likewise when they did SFA about the LNS commission and allowed them to keep the trophies and titles without fighting for the club.
The complete betrayal of Resolution 12 and the manner in how they betrayed the resolutioners, by leading them on, knowing that they would do nothing to follow it up. I could go on and on and on.
Ineptitude, ambition, greed even are human traits, but treachery and betrayal, well that has to be worked on before you become skilled in these dark arts.
What we are witnessing in the here and now are the results of the above, the so called rebirth of Hun-co, this clusterfuck, the complete mismanagement of Celtic are the results of a complicit board, I struggle to convince myself that it is by accident and not contrived….

1 year ago
Reply to  Mike

Well said Mike, hope you & the Wolf are well sir!

1 year ago
Reply to  Monti

Getting better mate. I tomb-stoned through the rotten auger room floor and did an Elvis “all shook up”, but once again escaped serious injury, unfortunately this is happening more and more, must be an age thing. Will not be posting much as the work is piling up, but as for the football club? well, better not thinking about it. Hope you and yours are good and enjoying the weather. Khaki shorts and wellies weather, but definately not a white pith helmet, plenty off whispering grass though, cos “it ain’t half hot mum”.

1 year ago
Reply to  Mike

Look after yourself m8 & get posting as often as you can, otherwise we will be left with the inane dribblings of Henke!


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