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NFL Punted Podcast

The NFL Punted Podcast

Etims regulars, Hector, Ralph, MOnty and Desi are joined by Andy “Boards AOK!” Broadsword to talk about Neil Francis Lennon leaving the club.

The guys discuss how many Knock Knock jokes you can get out the current events at Parkhead and look back at the disaster that was this season.

Monty discusses Holiday plans now that Neil is available again and Hector gets the chance to praise Ryan Christie in a 4-4-2 for a change ( No he didnt – Ed!)

Ralph and Andy join mindway to discuss the low and highlights ( aka Lazio) and we all end by giving our thoughts on the future.

Just who will be leading the club and in what structure come August?

Will it be a big name, a left field appointment or will it be Lennedy ( enough already – Ed!) or someone new taking over and will the board really fear the fans not buying those season tickets?

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2 years ago

Loved the chat guys but you didn’t discuss the massive elephant in the trophy room… Title 55.

Would have like to hear your opinions on this subject.

2 years ago
Reply to  Oztim

I think Monty mentioned fair play to their first trophy

2 years ago

I’m still laughing at chief Lennon apologist Monty Burns bemoaning the sale of experienced players like Scott Sinclair when it was his hero Lennon that wouldn’t give Sinclair a game.

BTW I agree with the comments regarding a payoff. It wasn’t Neil Lennon’s responsibility to resign. It was the CEO and Board who should have made a decision to terminate in October and then honour their contractual obligations to the man.

2 years ago

Can we get some facts correct. Celtic’s first chance at 10 in a row was season 1974/75. We finished third, 11 points behind the Huns and 4 points behind Hibs. Jock Stein’s accident was July 1975 after the end of the season.

2 years ago

I fkn hate Roy Orbison

2 years ago

What did that fkn lunatic Monty mean ” We have only lost one “?

Whaaaaaaaat? 🙂

2 years ago

Hope you are feeling better Desi!

2 years ago
Reply to  Desi Mond

Good good!

2 years ago

Gone through almost every possible emotion this season, from hope to the sinking reality hope was not an option, to shock, disbelief, denial & a depressing acceptance to what was happening.
Ross County last sunday the anger in me surfaced & my tv did well to remain on the wall.
When County scored i looked down at the dogs squeaky toy and kicked it Koeman style out the living room door, the dug went chasing after it thinking i was playing until i said ” fuck off ” as he came in wagging his tail.

Get in yer fkn bed 🙂

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