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Celtic Diary Thursday December 17: Later Than Advertised

A few days late, to be fair. But thats work for you, as thousands rush to shop online, despite the efforts of governments to keep the high street open.


Seriously, shop local, and give me a break.


It’s christmas, and the unmistakable sound of sleigh bells ringing, children singing and that fucking Stop the Cavalry song fill the air, and this year, like any other recent year, they have been joined by the sounds of bottles crashing over on the other side of the river.


True to form, although as we have seen, form is only temporary, the Gerrard Juggernaut has collided with Santa’s seigh and come to a shuddering halt.


It nearly happened last weekend when matchwinner Steven McLean failed to send off Alfredo Morelos for a forearm smash, which would have left his team a man down for around eighty minutes, but McLean deemed the offence worthy only of a yellow card, and anyway, the manager said of you look closely Morelos didn’t elbow anyone, a day or two before he accepted a retrospective two match ban for the player, presumably because he saw him do something else.


They won that game, but St Mirren were a different proposition last night, having spotted that if you force the two Ibrox wingbacks inside, the team then is forced to look to the bench for a plan B, and even if they had one, the fact its taken nearly three years to get a plan A means they are unlikely to adopt a different style any time soon.


There was also a major injury to a key performer during the warm up which almost certainly had a bearing on the result…


Gerrard, interviewed  after the game –

“You could see from early on we were missing him”

Reporter – “Alfredo Morelos?”

Gerrard – “Andrew Dallas  


Dallas, the orange who didn’t fall far from the tree, was ruled out, and with Madden, Beaton and McLean also unavailable, it was always going to be a struggle for the team in blue-incidentally, a new blue strip was worn last night, one with no Castore insignia, no shirt sponsor and a bizarre claim that it was a retro kit specifically introduced for cup games.


I only heard the result around ten oclock, and was surprised to learn St Mirren were awarded a penalty, as i hadn’t heard anything on the news about a murder in Paisley. It became clear when it was explained that Dallas hadn’t made the game.


One reason for the lack of shirt sponsor given by some was that the cup sponsors, a betting firm, refuse to allow other betting firms on shirts, but that cannot be the case, as this picture of Ryan Christie after the Ross County debacle shows…


Celtic 0-2 Ross County: Dingwall side inflict shock Scottish League Cup on  Lennon's men - BBC Sport



The retro kit, though quite which period of their near decade existence is from is unclear, in fact, it bears no resemblance to any kit the old club used either.




Maybe there’s a clue in the recent announcement they were being investigated under competition law breaches, and maybe there is something coming down the line that the media, as ever, are reluctant to divulge.


The UK competition watchdog has launched an investigation into Rangers FC and sportswear retailers over the price of replica football kits.

On Wednesday, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) confirmed it has opened an initial inquiry into potential “anti-competitive behaviour”.

It said it is probing Rangers and Hummel, which used to manufacture the club’s kit, as well as retailers Greaves Sports and JD Sports.

The investigation process, which is expected to take six months, will look into suspected breaches of competition law, it said.

The regulator said: “At this stage the CMA believes that it has reasonable grounds to suspect one or more breaches of competition law.

“The CMA has not reached a view as to whether there is sufficient evidence of an infringement of competition law for it to issue a statement of objections or, ultimately, an infringement decision, to any party under investigation.”

It stressed that not all investigations lead to objections or an infringement decision by the CMA.

A spokesman for JD Sports said: “We are cooperating fully with the investigation and are unable to comment further at this time.”

It is the latest investigation into JD Sports by the CMA, coming just weeks after the watchdog’s decision to block the company’s £90m acquisition of rival Footasylum was reversed by the Competition Appeal Tribunal.


Maybe that explains why Dave King sold his shares , or is trying to sell his shares, to the gullibilly pressure group Club 1872.


Before they become worthless. Well, even more worthless, to be completely accurate.



With Celtic and Aberdeen both out of the tournament, “rangers ” were favourites to lift their first ever trophy, and in fact some were even hinting at an invincible season….


‘There’s now a real belief amongst pundits, Rangers fans and maybe even fearful Celtic fans that this Rangers side are the real deal. I believe they could emulate the Brendan Rodgers invincible team in the league’ – Neil McCann 



That was a really brave thing for McCann to say, stupid, but brave.



But for all the merriment about last nights result, and the crisis of confidence it will bring to an Ibrox side whose captain once said, only recently…




..nine of it matters if we don;t get our shit together.


A second consecutive win, the first time it;s happened since October, against Kilmarnock may still only be part of an exercise in papering over the cracks, and there is still a bit of work to be done , most notably in the managers eyes after he said post match that the players who had reached the final deserved a chance to try and win it.


Why we love big, blood-curdling screams



Perhaps he was only bluffing, as even he couldn’t be that disconnected to think bringing back the side that did so badly for a couple of months will suddenly find their form again.


To break up a winning side is poor management. To do it ahead of a cup final is downright stupid.



Earlier this week, speaking of a sense of disconnection, the board held their AGM and assured us that they were, in fact, the good guys, and only had our interests at heart.


When we picked our collective jaw from the floor, we absorbed a statement they put out that will probably be remembered as the longest suicide note in history.



Effectively, they told us to put up and shut up.


Like they do, except the bit about putting anything up, when it comes to asking questins about collusion and cheating at the SFA.


Their silence on their decison not to pursue Resolution 12 continues, not in itself a revelation, but perhaps a sign that they are compromised by what they knew about the scandal and when they knew it.


If you throw in the fairly obvious desire they have to continue the Old Firm brand and reluctance to challenge what appears to be a repeat of the circumstances surrounding the first Ibrox financial meltdown, then we are looking at a board who are now openly disregarding the wishes of shareholders and supporters alike, which will only end one way.


But for it to do that, we must start to organise the revolt.


They had their chance, and they have blown it. blown it in a way that shows that they have no interest in the spirit and ethos behind the club we support.



It’s time to remove them.


And we must do whatever it takes to get there.





Away from all that, and to lighten the tone a little, it’s our turn to ask for your money.


Etims has been invited onto a 24 hour podcast by A Celtic State of Mind, and we’ve been given a one hour slot to fill the airwaves with our own brand of rambling pish, and it’s all for charity.

We’ll be on at a time to be confirmed on either this Saturday or Sunday this weekend, and hope you can show your support one way or another.


We did have a few sponsors lined up to ask, such as Superscoreboard and the Daily Record but for some reason they keep hanging up on us, so if you happen to have a spare coin or two, let us know in the replies and we’ll get back to you with a brown envelope to put it in.



In the meantime, its back to the caption competition…




Pilsbury Dough Bhoy 


 Caption: New Timetable still ” bedding in “, announces Scotrail  








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3 years ago

The Club 18-72 Xmas Party Treasurer was watching out for Dave

3 years ago

Since 2013, the only growth part of Hun Co’s business, is debt. This years figures show a loss of £15.9 million up to June 2020. King has offered his £13.00 million pounds of shares to Club Gullible over 3years, if they wait a couple of years, they could pay the same as Craig Whyte. It was said that they need to raise some £23.00 million by the end of next year. Park and Bennett have issued loans to cover the shortfall in the meantime and they are looking for player sales to cover the £23.00 million. ‘What we have is real value in the playing squad’, Robertson said. Perhaps Kent can be sold to a marine salvage company, Morelos as a Latino Lover and McGregor as a TV. personality, after all his version of ‘Tango Man’ is really entertaining, Roofe could enter doggy competitions as a Dachshund and Goldson as Mr. Magoo. This seven year old loss making business is failing badly, as they visit the casino and bet it all on 365.

3 years ago
Reply to  Mike

Of course they could try to entice the ex *Rangers administrators David Whitehouse and Paul Clark of Duff and Phelps who won multi millions of pounds against the Lord Advocate and the Chief Constable (but really from us the taxpayer) to donate some of their millions of pounds to reinvest in Hun-co. You really could not make this up. The sheer scale of cheating, from licences awarded illegally, EBTs providing an unfair advantage, the huge loss to the Scottish taxpayers of Hun cos demise. Then the Lord Nimmo Smith’s, SFA guided commission and then to cap it off, the 5Way agreement, Hun-co’s get out of jail free card. Its no wonder supporters want to just ‘walk away’ from Scottish football.

3 years ago

Watch oot that’s that mob frae the soothside looking for a trophy bitch

St Mirren showed last night that Sevco have no bottle, a team celebrated by the pundits, the media and the Hun Loyal in the Billy Boys Club(BBC) also Sky. PLZ, the care home for dribbling/drabbling players of Sevco

3 years ago
Reply to  Cartvale88

To be fair our manager and players have made a good job of making the Huns look like ‘world beaters’.

3 years ago

Caption : ‘Cmon ya f**ckers, try gittin’ oor pensions noo!’

Puggy sixty seven
3 years ago

Caption: Gran your post calling for McGrory to be sacked – that’s it up on ETims!

Anto Owens
3 years ago

Getting ready to launch herself at the bag of your van Ralph?

3 years ago

Went to my local eatery for dinner but it was closed
That’s right… they had Stopped the Carvery.

pilsbury dough bhoy
3 years ago

Caption: World’s oldest conjoined twins make cash withdrawal

sfa unfit for purpose
3 years ago

Don’t you worry Agnes , nobody will be getting your PIN number as i have a hammer in my tea cosy.

sfa unfit for purpose
3 years ago

Is paypal accepted for your charity donations Ralph or do you have something else in mind ?

3 years ago

Can I ask my fellow Celts to remember in their thoughts and prayers a lifelong Celt steeped in the Celtic tradition a native born Glaswegian now living in Lancashire recently diagnosed with cancer

3 years ago

Yep, they really missed Dallas last night. It’s hard tae believe that *rangers didn’t get a penalty but their opponents did! That 4th official must be the token honest guy at the SFA.
If we can just keep winning until we get them at Ibrox. The doubts and nerves will start to affect them. Now on to Sunday bhoys!!

3 years ago

Andrew Dallas, injured his digit by sticking it up Crawford Allan’s erchie, giving him anal relief, oh yes sir he can boogie, he can boogie all night long and up steps Dickinson’s Real Deal. What gives a Tim more pleasure than a Rain Gurrs defeat? not much. The only business growth in Govan is debt. £15.9 million by end of June, they need £23.00 million by the end of next year. King meanwhile offers the Gullubillies his shares for £13.00 million, why don’t they wait a wee while and pay the same as Craig Whyte paid £1.00. Next year Roberson stated that they need to sell players as Park and Bennett cover the most recent losses with loans. Michty Me and help ma Boabb Better betting at the Casino than Bet 365, at least you have a slim chance.

3 years ago

Heaven… I’m in heaven,
And my heart beats so that I can hardly speak.
And I seem to find the happiness I seek,
When we’re out together dancing cheek to cheek.

Fuck the huns

Andrew Coyle
3 years ago

Caption,Ralph and Monti,s bit on the sides get sent to check the E Tims account for any donations

Cole Burns
3 years ago


A hash dispenser? Ah thought it was a cash dispenser. Ring the bell tae ah get aff this bus.

Honest Hoops
3 years ago

Caption; right Mary Doll, its your turn on the slot machine….it would not surprise me in the slightest if the greyskulls were wearing the replica tops to prove to the commission that it is the tops they actually wear in games…

3 years ago

Ralph, found some Coins down the side of my commode -how do I get them to you for the weekend?

3 years ago

Peters Punky Reggae Party, being held in the ‘Concrete Jungle’, ‘you crazy mother funky’, ‘No woman no song’. Learning of Bob Marley’s Celtic Connections, making his son record the Lisbon Lions and met Dixie (score roll over, toothless grin) Deans. Oh Dixie, Dixie. ‘Is this love’? Like the Celtic and ‘Stir it Up’.

3 years ago

Caption: Butch Cassidy and Sundance go transgender.

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