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Perspective & Context

There’s a ton of wisdom out there on the concept of “perspective”. A quick google will pull up tons of quotes, articles and methods via which an individual can gain perspective, alter his or her perspective or indeed simply appreciate the world around them. We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are. If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change etc etc. In context we’ve landed on an exceptional week based on our acceptance of exceptional circumstances as normal. And that’s grinding the pure fcuk out of my gears right now.

We’re in a “difficult moment” to borrow a modern football bullshit-bingo banality. We’ve picked up one point from a possible nine, across two competitions. In a week. Which isn’t great by any stretch but is toxic in the context of Celtic, and more potently toxic in the context of Celtic in the last two decades. On the face of it we have a stuttering engine, no clear system of play, we’re in poor form, our structures are all over the place, we have misfiring forwards, supported by confidence fcked and injured defenders and a midfield that’s neither a clattering bunch of thugs nor a bunch of artistes. In fact folk would have you believe we’re barely functional as a unit. Yet, in context, what are we really?

Win a game in hand and we’re 3 points off the pace. We have myriad positions impacted by players being unavailable. We’ve had COVID societally fcuk us right up. We’ve had Boli the clown followed by the grandstanding of Sturgeon. We haven’t had a settled team since March. We have new signings still getting up to speed. Fitness still eludes many as a result of the mentions of above. Our talisman is out due to COVD and soon to return. Our backup and dependable defenders in Bitton and El Hamed are COVID victims yet soon to return. Forrest is now seen as the vehicle he really is – totally critical to our forward play. Jullien is now seen as the vehicle he is – dominant and while no Van Dijk, a decent ball playing centre-half. I could go on but the point is, context is the only thing that matters.

We’ve won 11 out of the last 11 trophies up for grabs. Comfortably (we nicked one admittedly last year but that’s to be expected). We’ve won 9 titles in a row. We continuously sell our best players yet continue to win titles. We’re running at a loss like the rest of football but we’re OK, have £18M in the bank and another £13M facility if needs be. The board backed the manager this summer through all the madness. And, based on the above, why would they not?

Ya see, what’s grinding my gears even more is the moany snowflake Canada Goose jaiket wearing wee snides among our support. “Lenny get tae fcuk”. “Announce Lennon out now” – podcasts, comments, threads, message boards, twitter replies on social media to our financial statements. What the actual fcuk are we becoming???

Know one thing in context. Neil Francis Lennon has given Celtic the best part of his career and life. He’s been a constant in our success of the last decades. He’s endured more than most of us ever will. All for Celtic. You don’t just throw that out into the skip because things aren’t top notch all of a sudden. There are problems. Yes. But really? And before the pigeon hole attempt comes battering the door down creating pro-Lenny and Lenny-out camps; to fcuk with rear view sentiment too by the way. Neil Lennon is a well-paid man, paid well to do his job. And if he fcuks it he lives with the consequences. But, with no small amount of irony, we’re all ingrained in his “fcuking it” or not. Bizarrely if he fails, we the support have failed too. The interwoven tapestry that is Celtic Football Club over the past decades has allowed us to get fat and lazy and fall asleep at the wheel. To become complacent. To take success – unprecedented success in the history of Scottish football – for granted. To behave like a bunch of entitled charlatans.

We all want success. We crave, demand and are hooked on it, this year of all years.

But what we don’t do is throw one of our own in front of a bus at the first sign of pressure. Fcuk that. And fcuk those who do. And for the moany aul bastard to the spoilt millennial and beyond wanks among us, clambering like the hordes across the city for a man’s sacking, go back and ask yer Da about the 1990’s pre-Fergus. Ask him what Jansen’s season really felt like and what it meant. Ask him about the pressure of it. Ask him about Luigi Macari, Carl Muggleton, Wayne Biggins, Stuart Slater, Tony Cascarino, Liam Brady et al.

Then take a long hard look at yourself and have some perspective.

Hemingway wrote you should never write about a place until you’re away from it, as being away from it gives perspective. I miss Celtic Park. I miss the pre-COVID thing that was enjoying us getting to NIAR. In context, and with perspective though, I’ve never felt more determined to support our club. This level of dominance won’t ever happen again in our game, possibly in our lifetimes. Appreciate what you have. Warts and all.

We are all Neil Lennon. I’m behind the man 100%. I think you should be too, no matter what the next few weeks bring.

No league title was ever handed out in October.

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3 years ago

Glad to read a bit of perspective. Fair play mate. 100% agreed

Matt Kennedy
3 years ago

Excellent balanced article. Lived through the lean 90s and the rest when the club before newco were breaking tax laws. If this was April I could get the sense of panic. It’s October ffs! Never thought I would see the day when so many Celtic “fans” would become so self-entitled. In Lenny we trust!

sfa unfit for purpose
3 years ago
Reply to  Matt Kennedy

This comment being voted against just stinks the place up

Malcolm Content
3 years ago

“But what we don’t do is throw one of our own in front of a bus at the first sign of pressure.”

Hawd oan just a wee minute here. Didn’t Neil Francis Lennon throw his players under the bus after the Ferencvaros debacle in a pathetic and desparate attempt to deflect attention from his bizarre team selection and lack of tactical nous?

At today’s pre-Lille press conference, he claimed there was “no justification for him being sacked at the moment”. No justification??? Does that not therefore imply that he thinks everything he has done this season has been right and he has just been unlucky so far? Well let’s look at his record:-

Two seasons in a row, his team has been papped out of Europe three times by teams which only a fraction of the resources the has at his disposal. Domestically, the team’s performances this season have been dreadful mainly due to his bizarre team selections, lack of any tactical nous and poor man and game management. He learns nothing from his many mistakes and blames others (players after Ferencvaros defeat and Collum last Sunday, etc.etc.) for his short-comings. The one thing he had in his locker was his “get up and get into them” attitude and judging by his sullen appearances in the dug-out of late, that has got up and gone. He is a dead-man walking manager hanging on be “mutually-consented” with a large compensation wedge in his back pocket. His only hope is that the players decide to ignore him and do it for themselves from this point in as they sure as hell are not playing for the manager. At the very least, he should admit there is “some” justification for calls for him to be sacked. That would at least, show he accepts he has made mistakes.

On last night’s BBC Scotland Sportsound, the pundits were lining up to condemn those Celtic fans calling for Neil Lennon to be sacked and all of them wanted him to stay. You can hardly blame them as they are all Celtic haters and from their perspective, think that keeping Neil Lennon in the manager’s job at CP increases the chances that their favourite team will win the league this season.

Other football teams have switched their managers mid-stream and gone on to achieve success. Blindly hoping that Neil Lennon repeating his well documented mistakes will somehow turn things round is just not a strategy for success in my books.

3 years ago

Dammit, Celtic will no have clinched the 10 till April or May? No good enough! Hope we find that rhythm soon. HH!

3 years ago

First we had Hector the bandit and now its the wealthy Montgomery Burns, preaching on about ‘perspective’. Why was it a few months back we were talking about £45.00 million in the bank, which black hole did that go through, now, £18.00 million in the bank and that after the KT. millions arrived in the post, well where it go? Have we been Covidid, just like Lenny and his team got ‘Tangoed’ in our own dear green place, not even in the land of Hunnery. Perhaps Covid 19 is affecting our mental health, or mibbee we are just pure mental at our club that spends millions on players that sometimes don’t even play, like Soro- Perez- Gutman- Shved, or are minging like Bayo and the like that are bought for millions of £ and then sold for a pittance, or appoint a manager in the showers. Why did we let Hayes- Gordon- leave for 0 only to replace them with Diddy’s? Well that’s ‘perspective for you, it comes up behind you and boots you on the bolloks. Little, skinny, devious, mean spirited, rich, Montgomery Burns, the owner of the Springfield Nuclear Plant, I read and watched your program Homer’s right, Doh. The most important person in the football department is the manager and his assistant, get it right then success, get it wrong then….

3 years ago
Reply to  Mike

I was waiting for your take on the Accounts, as I always find them confusing.

As grown-ups, we can laugh at the MSM take “Celtic in financial trouble” etc whilst still questioning them.

celticfc .net/news/18682

The good news is that despite everything, we still made a small profit (£0.1m), as opposed to the Huns (the current one who’ve made substantial losses in non-pandemic years and the Murray one that probably never made one either other than using financial slight of hand).

We turned over £70m, down £10m, but probably understandable given we had 8 less league games and Scottish Cup Semi and Final.

Our expenses were £80m, which was a lot small reduction than income, which is disappointing.

This leaves a deficit of £10m, which was partly filled by player trading (sales £24m and buys £21m) but that would only reduce it to £7m.

Our cash reserves decreased from £28m to £18m, which suggests a profit of £3m, so clearly there are other expenses that swallow up virtually all of this.

Either way this doesn’t cover this season’s new players and with no significant buys and a full season that may be Covid affected and again even shortened and no CL then next year’s are likely to take a more substantial hit.

Hopefully the Huns release theirs on Halloween to give us a good laugh but I expect them to delay and delay, possibly even until next year.

3 years ago
Reply to  Mike

Excellent Mike. Exxxxxcellent…..

We’re 11 games into a 36 game season. Give the man a bit of time to get things settled.

3 years ago

Lennon out. Don’t forget he left Celtic before cause he got offered work in England and is only back at Celtic cause he failed in England and was out of work. Only a fool would’ve turned down the Celtic job in the position he was in and the football has been shite since he took over. Boring as fuck. Lennon is not to blame though. Lawell is for appointing him. Cheap option

3 years ago

Agreed but I will anyway. 😉

There’s very little “Perspective & Context”, simply a continuation of the we should keep the manager because he’s Neil Lennon and nothing to do with what’s he’s doing to get us out of the mess we’re in.
“Win a game in hand and we’re 3 points off the pace.” Last week we were effectively 1 point behind and the week before effectively 2 points ahead. Mm, enjoying the direction of travel? I’m not.

Boli’s time was up before his Covidiocy and El Hamed who became a world class player when he was out last season, well we all saw that against Ferencvaros.

Julian is out until December at the earliest, so we can’t just whinge about his absence if we want to win the league or is it acceptable to lose as long as we have ready made excuses?

“We haven’t had a settled team since March. We have new signings still getting up to speed.” This is nearly November and that’s a gross dereliction of duty and not a cause of bad luck.

Also, Griffiths lockdown lunacy, which means he’s still not capable of 90 mins, virtually 8 months after his last start. This follows on from his RETURN from his understandable MH break, when he took 9 months to make a positive contribution.

This isn’t bad luck, its entirely predictable and being Celtic entirely uncatered for.

As a pensioner, I’m never impressed with those that think age simply confers on them wisdom, it doesn’t.

Give me a passionate youngster who will argue their case, right or wrong, than some old farts who simply think they know better because they’re older, no evidence necessary.

Most dominant entities, states etc far less football club, usually lose their dominance through their own complacency and reacting to danger signs with a shrug “but we always win” and the ones that buck that trend prolong their dominance.

Neil Lennon doesn’t deserve to be Celtic manager because of who he is or what he’s gone through personally, it should be solely based on his capabilities as a manager to get us through this sticky patch. Bemoaning injuries, refereeing decisions, comments by lowly Motherwell coaches etc is deflection and diverting attention and nothing to do with what is required to fix it.

If our current situation would have got Mowbray and Deila the sack then the same fate should befall Lennon. This is what all successful clubs do, a cold, unemotional analysis of the facts, with sentiment nowhere.

3 years ago
Reply to  The Cha

Thanks for the commentary The Cha. Some points back in discussion:

A cold, unemotional analysis of the facts, with sentiment nowhere reveals a similar points total to last season at the same juncture. European football achieved, albeit Europa league and not CL. Significant squad impacts through COVID and injuries and players returning. 11 games in.

A similar cold unemotional analysis of the financial position of the club demonstrates £13.2M reduction in turnover, profit before tax reduction of circa £11M and an increase in debt facility from £2M to £13M.

The whole point of the piece is that you cannot view what’s happening on the field without the context of everything else around it. It isn’t some middle aged or old fart opinion. I take exception to that. I see a bunch of entitled, needy, demanding and petulant folks somehow believing that success is a given for us. It isn’t. It’s far from it. And that behaviour to me is so reminiscent of the previous version of the huns as to be a little bit worrying. Trust me, I’ve spent an hour this afternoon on twitter poking around this and the sentiment from spoilt rotten wee w@nks is something to behold.

We’re 11 games into a 36 game season. It’s hardly time to panic. Given the context, panicking now is the worst thing we as a club could do.

3 years ago
Reply to  Monty Burns

We’re not replaying last season so comparisons with it are specious (“wait we lost but we did the same as last year, so how did that happen?”).

I’m not sure what the economic details are about. We made a profit in the middle of a pandemic and have £20m in the bank. In comparison to our competitors, which essentially should be the determining factor, we are likely to increase our advantage.

The “old farts” was a general comment and as someone who labels those on the other side of the debate “wanks” etc, hmm.

What is stark to me is that whilst rhyme and reason is given for replacing the manager the only defence seems to be who he is and some blind faith that it’ll simply heal itself in the future.

sfa unfit for purpose
3 years ago
Reply to  The Cha

Mowbray and Delia were not sacked for losing 1 game in 11.
So your ‘ facts ‘ are anything but.

Well said Monty

The same character or characters ( multiple names ? ) in here are too fond of personal abuse rather than discussion.
We have all seen popular sites killed off with that kind of childish behaviour.
Hail Hail Neil Lennon.

3 years ago

If that was my point then you’d have one but as it wasn’t then you don’t.

Interesting that another poster makes the same accusation about multiple names. You’re not, are you?

PS What’s Nicola been annoying you about today? 😉

sfa unfit for purpose
3 years ago
Reply to  The Cha

I think you might be losing it

You posted ”If our current situation would have got Mowbray and Deila the sack then the same fate should befall Lennon. This is what all successful clubs do, a cold, unemotional analysis of the facts, with sentiment nowhere.

So your point isn’t that Neil should go ???

3 years ago

Deila had his arse handed to him after a draw against the Huns not serial failure.

3 years ago

The issue here is not the losses to Ferencvaros, Wankers or AC, all teams lose except the Invuncibles.
The draw at Pitodrie should have been a win, the game should have been closed down.
Lenny was an appointment which got Lawell out of a hole, as a Celtic man Lenny was happy, since then he has been dealt with poorly. His back room staff dumped on him, how much control has he got on incoming/outgoing players. He looks drained so the actions of our media are disgraceful but then again their rank hatred of all things Celticdoes not help.
Lenny has to get a grip, tell people, the mole and players that are not on tune, sling their hook, it is his livelihood, his health.
As the media have fallen on Celtics finances trying to denigrate them, this should show so called Celtic fans the true bent of the SMSM, wait till the rest come out with their finances and the comments from the journos.

3 years ago

Geez ohhh shakes head in disbelief.
So if the next few weeks bring, out of Europe ,out of the cup, out of the title race, he should go then. ?
I went through those bad days seen all the players you mentioned home and away. Watched as we lost to Airdrie on penalty kicks, Raith Rovers , Falkirk etc etc.
Knew we were shite because we were. Accepted it and knew things could only get better.
But we have came a long long way from those days.
We should be streets ahead we dominated sevco under Rodgers everyone ran scared, now everyone wants to play us. Why is that.
Lennon has given all he can dont you realise he can’t give any more.
The total surrender at Celtic park against sevco should have seen him walk. The champions league loss in a one off game was fuckin embarrassing. Regardless of covid or injury he decided not to start with a striker ffs.
The men you speak of Macari Brady Mowbray Barnes etc would have been sacked. Gone.
The performances have been terrible, lucky to beat St Johnstone St Mirren Dundee Utd . 3_2 up at Pittodrie couldn’t hold on.
He had his full squad last season against sevco he lost, he wouldn’t have went to ibrokes and won before covid set in even though they had blown it. Gerrard had his measure he knows it. That’s why he didn’t celebrate at Celtic park not because he’s fuckin scared of El Hamed, Bitton etc coming back, but he knows he has Lennons measure.
The players no longer look for his input from the sidelines he doesnt get involved. Sits on his arse and looks like he can’t be arsed.
He has lost the dressing room. He has to fuckin go.
Yes we have a game in hand, before sevco if we won we went top now we are 6 behind probably 9 by the time we play another league game.
Stop with the sentimental shite.
Its time to be tough not weak.
Lennon out.

sfa unfit for purpose
3 years ago
Reply to  Jimmybee

‘ in your opinion ‘ Jimmy

3 years ago

A decent piece spoiled by the awful ‘we are all Neil Lennon’ line (which is almost as bad as the Neil Francis Lennon guff). We’re not talking about a martyr here. He’s a highly compensated football manager who is struggling for a number of reasons including some outwit his control. However he will also be highly compensated if he is ‘asked’ to vacate his position.

Frank McGaaaarvey
3 years ago

Where is this myth coming from that this is all a knee jerk reaction to the Ferencvaros disaster and the farcical showing against the zombies?. Can anyone, even the most stubborn Neil Lennon footsoldiers, put their hand on their heart and honestly say that we have made progress in the 18+ months since he took over from the midnight flitter? I can also see obvious parallels from Lenny’s final season of his first stint in charge when the fare on the park was possibly even more turgid than the present day. There was certainly an air of “I can’t be arsed being here” vibes coming from the dugout then.

Can we afford to ‘just wait and see what happens’? Their is no doubt there is a lot of panty wetting due to what is at stake this season. Mess it up and we will see unrest on a par with the Sack The Board days.

Malcolm Content
3 years ago

If the club fail to win the league this season, I don’t see major unrest like we saw in the years leading to the removal of the Whites and Kelly’s in 1994. Back then, the fans were at least regarded as part of the Celtic family albeit by an inept board who were just downright incompetent in everything they did. This time around, the board regard the supporters as a massive cash cow just waiting to be milked dry every season. I think many supporters, perhaps a majority will act like customers normally do when they are short-changed by any business and withhold their custom next season. Yes there will be some that will agitate for change within the boardroom but most will simply decide not to renew their STs next season and who could blame them?

Frank McGaaaarvey
3 years ago

If ST sales plummet as a result of fecking up 10iar then boardroom change WILL ensue. The cost of not seeing through the 10 will be severe and could knock us back several years allowing the zombies to lap it up as if liquidation never happened.

Make no mistake, failure in the league this season is NOT an option.

Malcolm Content
3 years ago

I agree the impact on the club next season and beyond will be off the scale if they don’t win the league this season. That’s why I can’t understand why Desmond hasn’t stepped in by now and found a Rodgers like replacement for Lennon.

Tim Buffy
3 years ago

And after asking your Celtic Da about Macari, Muggleton, Biggs etc ask your Celtic Granda about the years immediately before Big Jock took over. Then you’ll discover what a double dose of suffering feels like,

3 years ago

Moyes was taking the job then at the last minute turned it down.
After enjoying fine wine and beers at hampden a cup final win and a rush of blood to the head peter decided that Lenny was going to get the job.
Let’s look at whats happened since.
Lustig Hayes Sinclair Gordon Jozo all pushed out the door for whatever reason. Forster back to his parent club.
Duffy leaves.
We go to France play in friendlies and can’t win a game against the same teams the huns beat.
We purchase Barkas when Marshall was available,we purchase Ajeti when Toney was available.
He was offered to us on a plate.
Now whoever has called the shots on transfer dealings then he has to go.
We went out the champions league at our earliest stage in a long time.
We went into a champions league game at Celtic park without a striker. Even though 2 were fit enough to be on the bench.
We lost.
We played sevco and never laid a finger on them the worst display I have seen from a celtic team in a very long time.
Forster saved us at least 9 points last season and in Europe.
We don’t have that now.
More importantly we do not have a fear factor. No one is scared because they know they can score.
The players no longer look for advice as none looks to be coming i might be unfair but every time the camera goes round Lenny is on his arse.
Gerrard was subdued in his celebrations at celtic Park not because as some on here would have you think that he is scared when Forrest Edouard Jullien etc come back but because he knows he has lennon.
So carry on hoping that things turn around I sincerley hope they do for all our sake,but I would rather take action now and get this team of ours back together before it really is too late.

3 years ago

I think the key is ‘balance’ rather than (or as well as) ‘perspective’.
I will admit that I’ve always been a Lenny advocate and was glad when he was given the job – his first spell brought good signings and success in UCL; he then steadied the ship to bring home the title and treble treble after the loss of Rodgers. There has been clear issues though: the UCL exits and Copenhagen loss; the hun losses; and the general tactical/performance issues this season. However, I do feel this is where balance needs to be applied. Covid and international breaks have unquestionably disproportionately affected us this season. In between the first break and the last, we won 100% of games (albeit unconvincingly, but it could be argued they were good ugly wins and a sense of momentum was growing), only to lose 4 key players before a return which featured a run of unenviable fixtures. Even the players that have been available must have been less than 100% to say the least – I am losing patience with Shane Duffy but the guy came into the derby after captioning his country around Europe 3 times in 2 weeks, and apparently with an abscess to boot. Compare our international representation with the huns and you can see who’s key players will have been fresher/available (think Barkas, Duffy, McGregor, Edoard, Elhamed, Bitton, Christie against McGregor, Kent, Arfield, Goldson, Tavernier (though admittedly their MOTM Kamara had been away with Finland)). People also forget the style Lennon brought to Celtic (which has admittedly been missing this season). Some seem to pine for Rodgers but the play had gone stale under him even. Particularly the second half of last season, but even for much of the first, we played with a dynamism that was great to watch and impossible to deal with. And further balance applied to the positive side of Lennon must be applied to last season’s european campaign – yes, it was book-ended by awful results, but the majority of it was the best we’ve played in Europe probably since Lennon’s last spell, and a record-breaking group stage.
So overall, I’m on the fence, which I think is where most people should be. You can’t have it both ways – Lennon is neither a genius nor a failure. Overall, I would say his record gives room for a valid expectation that things will improve, and it is not unfair to see what the outlook is by the end of the calendar year at the very least. After a horrendous November we have a very manageable December, so I will reserve my jumping off the fence until January.

3 years ago

Great article. I have been drawn in this year in criticising NL, PL GS and some of the players for seeming passive this year. I have not nce demanded that they leave PL aside, but I have been critical. My change in perspective was yesterday. NL finally came out swinging. We only have to look at how the whole of the media, including a rank bad Sky Sports team, treat and report on ourselves and Sevco. We all know that this has happened for years and yet this year many of us have been whipped up into a frenzy. This campaign of stop the ten is being fought on many fronts including an improved Sevco.
How often have you had ex Celtic players with no connection to Sevco rolled out to spout rumours behind the Sevco scenes ?

How often have we seen Celtic players hammered for rough play (Brown at the weekend) yet other players out there are supposedly harshly treated?

How many Celtic season ticket holders have refereed Glasgow derbies?

How well scrutinised is Sevco as a club and operation in comparison to our own club?

If we are still in touch come new year, it will be at this point that the squad will click and take off like we did at the beginning of 2020 and when that happens then watch even closer as the campaign to stop the ten goes up a notch.

Dont get sucked in. That’s what they want.

Enjoy the jourey hwg10iar

3 years ago
Reply to  Obz

Yes we all know only too well what the media are in Scotland, even branching out to to a national audience with Sky and the likes of Talksport (bastards). But here’s the rub, why has Celtic allowed this to go on unabated. Lawwell looks like he either doesn’t care, or doesn’t want to rock the boat with the media. Why is that, or does he feel that it’s beneath him? As for the actual football side of things, we are in a very precarious situation as things stand. Financially Europe is a necessity, but in reality this is something we could do without the way things have panned out so far. I fear for them in Lille tomorrow, a doing and the pressure cranks up another notch and the confidence that Lennon says we’re lacking ( players are saying there’s no lack of confidence) will take a hit. I feel that his appointment that was rightly feared by many, bearing the bitter fruits of Lawwell’s folly. Jimmybee hit the nail on the head in an earlier post with regards Forster and I’ll expand on that a bit. After his heroics In the two games v Lazio and subsequently the LC final against them, an afternoon when somebody was looking down on us and one of the most uncomfortable afternoons I’ve spent watching Celtic and no it wasn’t the freezing pishing rain swirling around Hampden, it was watching a dire performance I didn’t think we’d be capable of producing . I just thought it was one of those days and warnings would have been heeded, but no, a few short weeks later the same mistakes were made again. Fortunately they imploded and the rest is history, but again we’re seeing that, whether it’s pigheadedness or just inability to adapt and play to your strengths with what you have available, the manager just seems incapable of making the right decisions and this is now filtering through into every game we play. This mob will not implode again, we’ve gone backwards and I think that was the fear an awful lot of us had when he got the gig.

3 years ago

Forster is a huge miss but if he wants to sit on the bench at Southampton on huge money there is little anyone can do about it and unfortunately that aspectof transfer dealings is left to Lawwell. I agree there have been poor and flat performances, as there were under Rodgers.

We will eventually click and at some point the other teams around us in the division will also have their challenges either with injuries or covid. NL has a very good track record and knows how to win titles. He deserves support imho.

The next two games may be defining for him but who would you bring in to replace him that you would be confident that would deliver 10 ?

3 years ago
Reply to  Obz

It’s a difficult one at the best of times, compounded with what’s going on in the real world. Watching the manager since the start of the season has been one of the most concerning things. A lot of the time he’s looked disheartened and listless. Maybe the lack of a crowd has blunted his appetite, maybe he’s looking at big Duffy and thinking what most of us are thinking, that he’s the exact opposite of what was expected, not just his lack of ability, but the guy doesn’t show any leadership qualities whatsoever. Difficult times ahead no matter what and I really fear this game against Lille tomorrow.

sfa unfit for purpose
3 years ago

Surely the Europa League , without a travelling support in this crazy year should be looked at to help us regain our league form and nothing more.

sfa unfit for purpose
3 years ago
Reply to  Obz

Would you put it past Lawell to appoint John Kennedy in a caretaker role ?

3 years ago

No I wouldn’t be surprised. It feels like the club are getting him ready for that at some point in the future. Maybe with Brown on the coaching staff.

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