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A Time for Reflection

Hector Bandido offered this view on EtimsNet Twitter and its worth sharing on here..leave your thoughts in Comments Section below.


A Time for Reflection By Hector Bandido

This is just an honest assessment from someone who’s been Roon the block many times before!

Now is not a time for panic. It’s time for patience & backing.

I’m reasonably sensible enough to know there may come a time in the near future when change is required.

Hopefully it doesn’t come to that

We’ve had the most disjointed start to the season. The Boli debacle, next 2 games postponed, start stop to the season, Eddie injured, CL exit, new players bedding in, Ajeti injured, Jullien injured, Eddie covid, Bitton covid, El Hamed covid, Christie unable to play etc etc…

I’m an auld fart but even I’m struggling to remember such a start to a season that’s seen so many players unavailable for a variety of reasons. The squad’s chopped & changed, too much at times but a large part of it enforced. Morale has taken a dip & we are miles off our best.

There will undoubtedly be player aspects I’ve missed (Mikey Johnson & Griff!) and like many supporters I’m racking my brains probably overthinking things too much when the reality is we’ve had not had a chance to play a settled & our strongest team.

Any team would struggle with the impact we’ve had. Lenny has prob made too many tweaks, many questionable, but all of them him trying his best to find a winning formula as no one will be more frustrated than him.

In saying ALL of that we are 6 pts behind with 1 game in hand with many quality players returning this week and next.

Lenny was rightly lauded with praise last season & this season is entitled to much of the criticism received as it goes with the gig.

I get as frustrated as anyone with the poor performances but having weighed everything up I think with the season so young and a lot of quality returning it’s time to remain patient and back the manager.

It’s easy when the team is winning as they done so well the past few yrs having won the last 11 trophies…we are a spoiled bunch!

At the same time performances have to improve & no one knows this better than the manager.

If performances don’t improve soon then a strong case can be made to start looking elsewhere but Lenny needs the supporters backing just now when things are going against us.

Time to step up to the plate as supporters and give him and the Team our backing when they need it most


– Hector Bandido



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3 years ago

I’m prepared to give him my backing BUT, in doing so, I and anybody else who backs him need to accept that ‘if that strong start looking elsewhere’ is eventually made it will in all probability be too late for a replacement to turn things around.

So if we keep him we are putting all the chips on the table right now, win or bust.

3 years ago

No way, it’s time to go!

3 years ago

Erin’s are the kinda guys that would have backed the old board in 94 cos they got us to two European finals.

Not surprised given your csc name but it’s just embarrassing.

3 years ago
Reply to  Boab


3 years ago

Dear Author,

The time for reflection should be at the end of the season, not respectfully at the beginning of the season. This is the time of Genuflection, to pray that Peter opens his eyes and right’s his wrong’s PDQ. The team needs guidance but mainly leadership, real leadership, so Peter please show real leadership and act now before it is too late. History beckons, this is the time to make new Celtic history, please do not let the us all down….

3 years ago

Hector you are much too sensible for this site. I agree with a lot of what you say. My worry is that we are unable to play our strongest team for a while yet. And I know the season is relatively young but how soon before we see the clamour to call the season early. We might not have as long to fix things as we think. We have to start with Griffiths on Sunday and go from there. I am glad that sevco are carrying the mantle of favourites now, it might take some of the pressure off the team. We must however come out even after the four sevco games, we cannot afford to drop points to them.

3 years ago

Agree with this and that backing the old board is a stoater of a comment. Anyone who wants to jettison Neil now must realise that mid-season (ie between windows) you bring in a safe pair of hands not a visionary team builder – if you do the latter you must be prepaired to forfeit trophies in the short-term….anyone? This site’s comments are being plagued by lurkers and colostomy bag connisuers. It’s a bad run plus injuries. Get a grip.

3 years ago


3 years ago

It is time for NL to go as this season has been a complete and utter tactical clusterfcuk! I get we have players missing but as I said in a previous diary why play so open against sevco when they have easily beaten us the last 3-4 games and we know how they will play! Select a formation to suit both the players available and the opponent so generally 3-5-2 in the SPFL, except sevco 4-5-1 home or away as if they don’t beat us we SHOULD be able to beat every other team and don’t give them the advantage after our 1st game. These formations can be flexed during the games as we do have 5 subs to use. However to do that you need someone on the touch line who knows what they are doing and unfortunately I do not see anyone capable of that in our coaching team! This mismanagement by the coaching team is more than matched by PL and the plc who have allowed this all fiasco happen. Does anyone in a management position at Celtic have a coherent plan?

3 years ago

Just more excuses for Lennon .he should never have got job

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