Celtic Diary Saturday July 4: Much Ado About Something

The long awaited and much anticipated partnership between sportswear giants Adidas and football behemoth Celtic got underway yesterday, with supporters gleefully pre ordering all sorts of merchandise that will immediately transform them into athletes.


With no football to talk about for a few months, there was finally something new to talk about amongst ourselves, even if it was only a set of strips and a tracksuit.


And as usual, as soon as the inevitable website crash occured, the press chose to concentrate on that, rather than on the enormous volume of sales that will have put a few quid into the Parkhead bank account.


Celtic Adidas range: Online store crashes as thousands of fans flock to buy training gear

(Evening Times )


That’s nothing, ” said our source at the online store ” wait until you see the arse we make of virtual games.


The Times report said;


CELTIC’s online store has crashed after thousands of Hoops fans flocked to buy the new Adidas range.

The Parkhead side’s five-year deal with the German sporting giants started on Wednesday after their contract with New Balance ended.

Although the strips for next season haven’t been officially revealed, the fresh training kit has been unveiled to fans.

Thousands flocked to the online Celtic store this morning to purchase items, which has ultimately caused the club servers to crash.

The store’s official Twitter account said: “We’ve had high traffic before 8am, trying to get sneak peaks.

“Having an issue getting every product ready to go for you guys. IT working on it ASAP and we will let you know as soon as we’re ready!”  


Thats just the training kits….wait until the strips hit the streets…..


It’s not yet certain who will be wearing the new Adidas goalkeepers kit, but Fraser Forster is still the main choice of manager Lennon, but football is a funny old game, and the reality is that although Forster said last year that he would take a pay cut to stay at Celtic permanently, now that he’s seen exactly what that would entail, he’s having second thoughts.


Thats not to say he’s changed his mind, it’s just that whilst words can be cheap and things can be said in the heat of the moment, Forster could be looking at a pay cut of around a quarter of a million pounds a month, and for a man who looks sometimes to be a little short on self confidence, the added responsibility of actually having to play every week in the highly pressurized Going for Ten campaign may have made him pause for thought.


He has every right to take his time over this, and every right to expect people to allow him the time and space to do that.


Which is why the column from Chris Sutton today seems to be badly timed, and adds perhaps a little bit of pressure thats not needed.


Fraser Forster deciding not to sign for Celtic would be a devastating blow to Neil Lennon.

There’d be no point in trying to dress it up any other way.

My belief is that the two main pieces of business which had to be concluded at Parkhead this summer were keeping Odsonne Edouard and getting Forster back up the road.

If it becomes fact that he has chosen against would be a big disappointment for Lennon and it would hurt.

This is a manager who gave Forster his big chance by signing him in the first place from Newcastle when he was untested and he helped him become a star in Europe and get into the England squad.  

He gave Forster the platform again to go out and show what he’s all about.

They say there’s no loyalty in football any more and, if it’s the case that Forster does snub Celtic, that’d be a slap in the face to a manager who’s done more for him than anyone.


Now, could it be that Sutton knows something we don’t ?


Now, of course, I am not armed with all of the details.  


Er, maybe it would be a good idea not to jump the gun then…..


Southampton boss Ralph Hasenhutti may actually have revealed the real reason for any uncertainty when he said, of Forster….


“We have not decided what we do next season with our plans in this direction,” 

“Of our loan players, some did a very good job there and it’s also clear that loan players don’t want to go again on loan.

“Normally they want to go permanently somewhere and we will find the right solution for every player in the summer.

“When the right moment is to discuss it, then we do it.”  



Any number of scenarios can be drawn from this statment, but the main one seems to be that it’s Southampton causing the hold up, and not Forster or Celtic.


Any number of scenarios for the actual season when ..or if..it finally gets underway can also be envisaged, as at the moment we don;t know of it will begin in August, if it will be 38 games long or even if we’ll be allowed in to see it.


I still think it will be declared null and void sometime before Christmas, for whatever reason, leaving a section of supporters happy enough to claim that Celtic never got to that ten in a row, even if a resumption in 2021 would technically be the tenth consecutive season, bearing in mind that declaring something null and void means it never happened.


Now that’s paranoia…


But just in case we do have a full 20/21 season, there are still those in the media who will do their bit to champion the new club/company on the other side of the river as they attempt to stop the charge of the Celtic juggernaut.


Gary Ralston of the Daily Record is chief among them, as we can see by his recent articles in the paper.


Today, for instance, he says;


Scottish football is about to become a Rich man’s game and his first name is Charlie.

It’s time to talk, like the old country crooner, about what goes on Behind Closed Doors. 


No, I haven’t got the faintest idea who Charlie Rich is either.

Peter Lawwell is leading the calls for football to be played in front of a live audience as soon as possible.

The Celtic CEO knows the importance of revenue streams running at their maximum.

So this is one thing that may be on his and others’ minds: the longer the game is played without supporters, the more likely it is to produce a lottery of results.

By courtesy of their enhanced playing budgets, Celtic and Rangers will continue to lead the way when the Premiership gets under way on August 1.  


What he doesn’t want to admit is that Celtic will lead the way, simply because none of the other teams have a single player who would get into their first team ahead of the ones that are already there.


He then goes on to point out the obvious, in that football will be different when played in empty stadia, although Manchester City did prove with their win over Liverpool that some teams are used to it.


But the longer matches are played in empty stadia, the greater the likelihood of shock results in a campaign when Celtic are going for that fabled 10.

Last week, there were five victories for away teams in 10 matches played in the Premier League.

A recent study in The Conversation, a news website written by academics and researchers, revealed home teams win 46 per cent of matches on average.

However, in 191 games played behind closed doors in Europe’s top leagues between the end of World War II and the start of lockdown, that figure fell to just 36 per cent.

On average, away teams win 26 per cent of their matches in front fans, but 34 per cent when the stands are empty – apparently, home teams score fewer goals behind closed doors.


What he doesn’t say is what he really means…”rangers ” have a chance of upsetting Celtic, and whilst its more in hope than expectation, it’s clearly his own wishful thinking rather than any serious piece on how the new season will go.


He might as well have dug up some figures on which teams score less goals when it’s raining for all the value in his “research “.


Other recent “news ” items from Ralston include;


Alex Rae hammers home the Rangers dream behind those 32,000 acts of faith in Steven Gerrard

The club’s astonishing season ticket numbers amid a pandemic have given the former midfielder a pause to cheer. 


Rangers blast back at Sports Direct kit claim as jaw-dropping 50k sales figure nears

The sportswear company claimed in a social media post that they would be selling the club’s new Castore kit exclusively.


and the somewhat distasteful headline…


Rangers legend tells Steven Pressley he’s talking out of his h*** over Craig Gordon vs Andy Goram claim

John Brown reckons Steven Pressley is miles off the pace with his assertion Craig Gordon was better than Andy Goram.  




The kit story, which was intended to counter the publicity that would accompany Celtic’s deal with Adidas , is interesting. Castore is a small comapny which doesn’t have the production capacity to produce such volumes at short notice, and will have had to outsource orders.


Clearly, with Dave king out of the way, there has been some sort of discussion with Mike Ashley to placate the Sports Direct boss who is owed a not inconsiderable sum by the Ibrox club, who don;t have the sort of funds availble to pay the bill.


In short, Ashley could well hold power of life and death over the new entity, which hasn’t pleased the support at all.


And he’s been asked to stop hanging around Ibrox  taking the piss …..



Best Grim Reaper GIFs | Gfycat



Nonetheless, Ralston..and others…are trying to whip up support for the plucky, cash strapped club who are fighting a never ending battle against oblivion, hailing little triumphs and ignoring any major problems.



But the hordes can see through it, well, some of them , at least…












This stems from a report in the Sun, from David Fowler, another hack worth keeping an eye on for a while .which quoted Castore boss Tom Beahon. (thats interesting, he’s the boss, not the owner…)


Meanwhile, Beahon revealed Rangers fans from all over the world snapped up the entire allocation of 50,000 kits in just 36 hours.

He added: “I have not dug into the sales data in huge detail yet, it is probably something I will do on Sunday, but based on the high level data I have seen from our finance team during the peak period, we were doing three orders a second through the website.”


Never Doubted GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY




One other development worth mentioning is the rise of a section of the Hearts support in an attempt to wrest the title of world’s dumbest but staunchest support from their Glasgow  cousins…..





The Latin bit means no-one provokes me with impunity, which is the motto of three Scottish regiments in the British army, and means roughly the same as the old Ibrox banner that declared


Rangers fans voice fury at Scottish FA penalties - BBC Sport



Not really the most productive policy, as the liquidation of Rangers showed…



Hearts, of course, have been told by the courts that their problem with the SPFL is a matter for the football authorities, which must come as a relief to them.


Imagine the judge asking them why they feel they are entitled to compensation as a result of an action they voted for …..


On Wednesday, we had this…






My pal has named his pet bear after the Ex Celt Moussa D.
No idea why!






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1 year ago

Young hoops on the way to the game !

1 year ago

Stoke kids return to school

1 year ago

Enlighten me, I don’t get the bear being named after hunskelper

1 year ago
Reply to  Charlinick

Me too?

1 year ago
Reply to  Charlinick

Bloo bloo?

Ralph Malph
1 year ago
Reply to  Charlinick


1 year ago

Someone’s crying Lord, klanbassas
Someone’s crying Lord, klanbassas
Someone’s crying Lord, klanbassas

Oh Lord,klanbassas.

(has anyone else received an email from mary?)

1 year ago
Reply to  portpower

Yeah Port, I did.
She said she’s just “had a little lamb”.
Maybe for tea?. Succulent? I dunno. 🙂

1 year ago

Caption: There’s 20p each on the bottles lads, let’s take them back and get a single fag.

1 year ago

Caption Right Bhoys,after this charge we can get our Scouts gear on and head over to that Brazilian bird fae the other day,I bagsie first look,

Rob O'Keeffe
1 year ago

The caption pic looks like one of us on our way to school after Thatcher stopped our milk…..

1 year ago

Changed my mind about site today, had few of them swedish ciders last night when trying to navigate

1 year ago
Reply to  Una

Lol Charlie

1 year ago

98 Greens the now palimpsest? Not bad at all Bhoys.

1 year ago

Lamborghini for sale with buffalo hide interior, completely checked underneath for any damage by a reputable private investigator who also checked out the brakes. Fitted with a tracker device and security cameras. One previous owner.
Inspections welcomed at Police Scotland’s car pound in Craigie street, Glasgow.
All reasonable offers welcomed.

1 year ago
Reply to  Mike

sevco FC want an absence of an assigned opponent.

Dirty dossier Stats Center:
The Scottish Football Premiership… 13 members sided for 20/21-22.

They`re wanting a bye.

A bloo bye.

1 year ago
Reply to  Mike

Wing mirrors aren’t extra.

1 year ago


Young Scots journo in training to write enlightening articles on Sevco.

There are issues about transfers at Celtic, over the last ten years a lot of dross brought in, with some star buys. The defence has always required strengthening but there is a lack of understanding. The Foster saga is typical, let Gordon go to save a few bucks, then scrabble about looking for a goalie.

As for anyone that writes for a red top in Scotland, their lack of insight and a total bias towards the Hunnish mob will lead to their demise as sales continue to plummet.

Johnny Green
1 year ago

I used to severely dislike the old Rangers but I have no problem with their reincarnated continuation theme club. So let Gary Ralston bum them up to his hearts content. In fact I would go as far to saying that they are a Celtic good luck charm, because for 4 years without this wee team in the SPL Celtic were unable to win a Treble. However as soon as they arrived on the scene Celtic won an unprecedented Triple Treble and we are now on the cusp of a quadruple event. Sevco actually made trophies easier for us to win and we should be suitably grateful to our Treble talisman.

1 year ago

Who else has gone back to 100% zoom?
Da Adidas?

Fraser Forster was an agent onus deal.
Ffs, it`s changing room franchised Football.

Sink in?

Humpty Numpty
1 year ago
Reply to  portpower

Buckfast resume production after lockdown.

1 year ago
Reply to  portpower

Token money from supporters for bought players? What party is that?

Supporters,sit down and shut up for annually 25% increase.

Could encouraging supporters go fund a player?

It`s a mankie auld game the beautiful.Why not adduce theirs?

D'Finnhein Mick
1 year ago


How did you get a hold of a photie of me and my pals in 1968 in Kilwinning?

Just send me the bank details,I’ll send the money,you send the rest of the negatives.

D'Finnhein Mick
1 year ago

Nice new site,btw. But I’m still getting moderated. Not really an improvement then…

1 year ago


As the Scottish Government get set to decide that under 11’s will be the only people allowed to attend Scottish league fixtures, the young team get in some practice in before getting the anticipated go ahead.

1 year ago

Hun bastards. Filthy, stinking, Orange, Hun bastards in the press with their never-ending, subliminal messaging.

“Celtic website crashes as fans ‘FLOCK’ (Like pigeons?…Or sheep?) to buy new kit.”


“Rangers fans, from all over the world, ‘SNAPPED UP’…”

“John Brown ‘RANGERS LEGEND’…”

“Alex Rae ‘HAMMERS HOME’…”

“Rangers ‘BLAST BACK’…”

“Big Billy MacMason-Qunt ‘JETTED IN’ TO IBROX…” (From the EBT years…Paraphrased ; ) )

etc, etc, etc…

No wonder I haven’t bought a paper for 5 years. Bastards.

1 year ago
Reply to  alzyerpal

Shared of, of,of… 1IAR.

Celts going for 56.

Cole Burns
1 year ago
Reply to  alzyerpal

And Fraser Forster SNUBS Celtic. Celtic are pondering, eyeing up or considering a signing whilst r*ngers SWOOPS. Celtic face a fight for players and the way gets paved for r*ngers targets….and so it goes on and on. Time Celtic had no truck with these bigots.

1 year ago

“Much ado about Nothing”, Says Don Pedro regarding Resolution 12.

Enter stage left: The old man with the wise “Old Head”,
For he has bourn himself beyond the promise of his age, doing, in the figure of a lamb, the feats of a lion: for he hath bettered expectation of Don Pedro. He hath delivered him letters, alas he was let down and yet he retain’s his dignity and pride and lacks any bitterness, though done so badly.

Time, be no healer, yet!

1 year ago
Reply to  Mike

SFA/SPFL. At our sevco strew discretion…
an occasion when Percy, that one wants the SFA /SPFL to want.

An awkward ask though often foll by about.

1 year ago
Reply to  Mike

Shut on Saturday…

Don`t know which wet or muddy gers ground is their patten of home games?

George Lazenbhoy
1 year ago

Caption: whit the fuck you looking at mate. Take a photo it will last longer.

1 year ago

caption: Right Lads, Where’s the feckin statues?

1 year ago

When the shit hits the fan
And it’s Mike Ashley’s plan
That’s Castore.
When the huns start to whine
That they’ve been spun a line
That’s Castore.

Union jacks, orange taps, ‘Raynjurz’ tat
It’s so easy to sell ’em
And if they don’t suspect we could be Sports Direct
We won’t tell ’em.

If your clients are ghouls
Who are easily fooled
That’s Castore.
If they walk down the street,
Knuckles down by their feet
They are huns.

If they follow a team built on moonbeams,
Are thick and vote Tory
‘Scusi me but you see they deserve Mike Ashley
And Castore.

Humpty Numpty
1 year ago
Reply to  R.St.Parsley

Wee Cumbie begin recruitment drive.

Humpty Numpty
1 year ago
Reply to  R.St.Parsley

Wee Calton recruits take part in initiation ceremony.

1 year ago

Ffs,please at least give worldwide free delivery for the 9IAR magnet. I don`t understand.

Uibh fhaili
1 year ago

Feck that I’m not waiting for the pubs to open to start drinking

1 year ago

Ralph heads back to the offy for another crate as payment for the tech heads who set up the new site …

Very shiny shiny

1 year ago

O`the Celtic are shite.

1 year ago
Reply to  portpower

second hand burgh bendy socks. Grab me a pair please.

1 year ago

Gers grasp mentally.Sugar soap and an, an.

1 year ago

DoDo, The Kid from Outer Space is not a scouser.

1 year ago


1 year ago

If not though is to remind those. The mallinky.Have you no boots?

Well we cant take the michael out of the keeper? Fat bassall with wings`ll do.

Bringing back the Graeme .

1 year ago

hey boab whos the p¥×#k wi the camera

1 year ago

Caption: Wee boy on left, “quit starin’ asshole, and bring us another 3 cold ones, NOW! We’re due in class in 10 minutes”

1 year ago

Who`s to be seen as shitting their pants?
Keeper needs a comic.

1 year ago

The study

1 year ago

Don’t know anything other than the following (from Transfermarkt) about our supposed CB target but he seems to fit the PTL “(DoF)” financial parameters. He’s Branimir Kalaica currently with Benfica’s B team.
A 6ft 4 in Croatian CB who can play right or left CB (right-footed). His current ‘value’ is about 600k Euro (from a peak of around double that) and is 22 yrs old. Why the drop in value at that age?
Mibbaes PTL thinks he’s worth a punt? Wonder what Lenny thinks.
We’re approaching a hun-skelping 10 IAR and PTL will still be ‘grubbing’ around hoping to get lucky after conning many of our supporters out of, IMHO, a hugely over-priced season ticket for an unknown number of games which will never get anywhere near a full house. PTL’s a total cnut IMO and always has been. For ALL he’s done to undermine our supporters, we owe him big style, and I ain’t talkin’ £s here.
I can’t be arsed with the French but it seems ‘the more things change, the more they stay the same’.
Going into an unprecedented (10 IAR) season and with an unprecedented health risk, PTL eyes profit before ANYTHING. WHY, oh why, is a tory arse like that our top man?
FC not PLC

1 year ago

Caption: “F**k sake. I’m telling you. The Brits stopped their kids drinking milk at school.”

1 year ago

There is a hollowness within the commentary box.
Its the noise at a sports game thats missed..

Hey Slippy -G, even your shadows won the League Championship before you.

Thank the Lord for pea shooters and the pluck of a ruler.
Bring back the ink well.
Smoke the tea leaves if you
ve got them Khids.

Slide rule were for pansies in grey shorts,tie and shirt.
Like me,was that you?

A piece of cardboard kept your hand-me-down shoes going.

1 year ago

Given the shallowness of their genetic pool I’d say it’s the Centre for Innapropriate Relations that should be dealing with the ludge.

1 year ago

Loving the new style of my 2 days late posts.

1 year ago

Anyone else setting the TV recorder for 11:15 on Tuesday night for ‘How’s Your Head, Hun?’ on BBC1 … I suppose they’ll all say, ‘Ragin’.

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