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JD Sports Exclusive

You may have seen the new Training Kit being put up for pre order sale on JD Sports today.

Well, thanks to one of our moles, we managed to get the initial JD Sports Advertising plans for the kit..see below…..













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2 years ago

Ajer: “These dark colors make me look even paler.”

2 years ago

Going to Asda one
Any age birthday party one
On the golf course one( municipal)
Sitting round the back one
For the game one ( December short sleeves)
Wedding/ funeral one
Going to court one
On the One Road one
Queuing for next years one
and the Ten In A Row one.

2 years ago

When is new football shirt can pre order

2 years ago

Noo as shiny or wonderful as the super-duper new Castore Oil strip it has wings according to the Daily Ranker.

Stupid stupid huns

2 years ago

Don’t like site overhaul pretty shite

2 years ago
Reply to  Desi Mond

I agree with Una. why do You see the need to change a good and simple format Into something that is far removed from it … FFS

2 years ago
Reply to  Desi Mond

Desi. Fair comment… most of us who enjoy this site are “older” farts that are adverse to change 🙂 And have problems learning new tricks. Woof

2 years ago
Reply to  Desi Mond

CS it was changed a short while ago Now another tweak into modernity … nah. It reminds me of the great failure that Guinness Light was … first and only time I drank it I boaked up the whole half pint freebie…
fuuuuuuck me pink

2 years ago

Just watched the Green Brigades end of season video… very good indeed

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