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New Kit & New Season

Hector, Monty, Ralph and Desi got together to discuss all thats happening in the lockdown world of  Celtic and beyond.

Topics discussed how many Knock Knock jokes can you get out of Adidas, New balance and a certain Mr Ashley.

We discuss the new kit and Hectors dream coming true as the Adidas video makes him feel like a 15  year old boy with a pirate VHS all over again.

We chat on Sports Direct laughs as more revelations about the great new Castore Deal come to light.

We look at the departures and an arrival at Celtic and discuss the Goalie position in particular and the recently filled coaching role. We consider the future for some of the squad and expectations over July period as we look to prepare for actual football happening!



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2 years ago

I have a working celtic tv subscription and stream every game for £10 a month

Uibh fhaili
2 years ago

Big mike A is a good man . Worked for him years ago in theale (just outside reading) when his company was known as sports and ski . Had a few laughs with him then but my sides are splitting with him now

2 years ago
Reply to  Uibh fhaili

a heard frazers own castore and who owns frazers heers a wee hint his first names big and his second name starts wae m and ends wae e but dont tell the zombies he he aint huns dumb

2 years ago

good stuff bhoys heariCOYBIGng great things about young kerr mcinroy

2 years ago
Reply to  charlie


2 years ago

morelos to napoli

2 years ago
Reply to  Una

That has my sides splitting more than big mike

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