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Etims Quizball – The Inaugural Celtic Snooker Hoopy Quiz

Ralph, Hector and Monti join ETims Quizball Host Desimond for the first ever Etims Quizball aka The Snooker Hoopy Quiz.

Lets try and forget the Corona Virus for an hour an listen in as we try and find out hho will know most about Celtic Trivai or so we basically find out who can cheat the quietest?..

Listen into see who gets the easy questions such as who can remember which year did we win the Tennents Sixes and where did we consider as alternative locations for Paradise?. Dont worry there are very hard questions like “Who did we last play this Season?”

Test yourself with the guys pondering just how do you list the Celtic Managers by age or remember all those shirt Sponsors as well as remembering The Greatest Celts in many different ways.

Theres something for everyone to enjoy and hopefully get you shouting back at your speaker or headphones!


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You can download MP3 file direct from here ( right click and save)  : download-mp3

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Why not pass the time indoors and catch up on other episodes below…


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4 years ago

The answer to number four is no, Wayne Biggins and a fox.
For my prize I’ll have an “Blame Catholic Schools” t shirt.
You are welcome

4 years ago

good podcast bhoys but am i the only wan who thinks it developed intae a conspiracy against ralph ….or wis that the plan in the first place he he

4 years ago
Reply to  charlie

No, you’re not the only one. If you listen carefully you can clearly hear Monty say “Alexa….what do you think? “

4 years ago
Reply to  Ralph Malph

a doubt they ur askin alexa ralph she widnae understaun a word they say they urny exactly articoolate he he

4 years ago

Podcasts are usually great this one a bit too indulgent for me

4 years ago

Excellent lads- what a laugh !

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