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Merry Christmas To All Sevco Fans

By Kevin Barry.

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brian glover
10 years ago

What an advert for Scottish Tourism. People thro’out the world can now see Scotland ….as Sevco rampages thro’ the countryside…making friends? and bringing humour to wherever they boldly go.

10 years ago

I think it’s been an eye-opener for fans of the SFL teams just how horrible the travelling hun hordes are. And just what constitutes a ‘Minority’ in their support.

10 years ago

and a very merry christmas to pacific shelf fans or, as it is more commonly known – saville fc, who embrace the ira cowards and honour those who blow up innocents, who support a team that have not been prosecuted for their complicity in torbetts’s paedophilia.
oh, such dregs of humanity!

10 years ago
Reply to  baxterboy

Hey Baxterhun……..
Remind us of the date that Celtic FC were liquidated?
An explanation of Pacific Shelf is way beyond your comprehension………..
Rangers FC are dead, and I will take enormous pleasure in reminding Huns like you at every opportunity of the day it occurred.
Happy Halloween Zombie!

10 years ago
Reply to  baxterboy


Your idiotic, illinformned comment does your club (old or new) no credit. You shame them.

Stupid boy.

10 years ago

Cheer up baxterboy, its xmas . Now you can get a break from Celtic’s outstanding champions league run .

10 years ago

Thank you Baxterboy for reassuring me the level and depth which some Rangers fans will sink to. It also confirms that the level of intelligence where you compare Celtic to a man who raped young girls when referring to an alleged paedophilia case involving young boys. I find it risable that you would tell all Celtic fans of our cowardice whilst you are up to your knees in Fenian blood. I’m guessing Rangers will never die because you are The People? Is that the same people who ran amok in Manchester, who are undoubtedly the most hated travelling support, bar none? You speak of injustices done in generations past when clearly you have ignored the transgressions of your club, its representatives and fans in THIS generation, then have the tenacity to cite victimisation. You and your ilk, which ever team they support, are a truly shameful element of the nation. Do keep up the good work.

10 years ago
Reply to  HoudiniBhoy

And thank you HoudiniBhoy for capturing my thoughts so eloquently in words. Merry Christmas, Peeepull.

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