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Matthews Strike Seal Victory In Arbroath

Celtic qualified for the enxt round of the Scottosh Cup following a rather pitiful performance against Arbroath at Gayfield. Highlight of the game was easily Adam Matthews magnificent first half strike that sealed Celtic’s victory but other than that it was awful watching.

There appears an issue amongst the squad right now in terms of attitude. If the team is interested they play well, really well in most cases. If disinterested they play shite, pretty shite in most cases. For us mere mortals we can only dream of playing against teams like Barcelona in the Champions League. Imagining the scenario is one thing but the reality of playing these teams and the mentality of such a high (or low) that can last for days is an altogether different matter. My view is the squad is young and taking time to adapt to the realities of success in Europe allied to the demands of domestic fare when an altogether different approach is required. And therein lies part of the conundrum. When questioned domestically they go on and trounce teams convincingly before falling back into first gear thinking the hard work has been done.

Lenny must be pulling his hair out but at the same time over the moon with how well his group of young players is performing in the ‘big games’ this season.

Getting back to the game, it was an abject display. Yep, freezing cold on the North sea coast and on a bumpy pitch but there was so much missing I could go on and on.

The important matter is Celtic are through, in the League cup semi-finals, sitting top of the SPL and into the last 16 of the Champions League. When you put all that down and read it back in black and white it’s really hard even for the more miserable of supporters to get too down.

St Mirren at Celtic Park on Saturday. Bring it on.

Arbroath 0 Celtic 1.

ETims POTM – Adam Matthews for the one true bit of quality on display tonight.

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10 years ago

I remember the days when they used to say Lenny and his team bottled the big games and the big teams.
Now it’s the wee teams.

Oh the joys.

tosh mclaughlin
10 years ago

The harsh truth is that we do not have any really good midfield players.

10 years ago

I don’t think it was our worst of the season by a long way. If we had managed to notch a second (If Lassad had remained onside and finished off such a wonderful move…) i think it would have put a different complexion on it. Sorelind flattered the battling visitors, but they will have a great season if they keep playing like that.

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