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Here We go – 10 in a row

Its almost 48 hours until the League Cup Final, or 10 in a Row Trophies as no-one at Celtic is calling it.

Its been a tremendous 3 years and the last 9 Trophies have been a blast but as always, that was then and this is now.

And now is all that matters.

As per ‘Oh Flower of Scotland’ lyrics..”Those days are passed now” but we can however use them to our advantage.
The experience of those Trophy wins, especially Tom Rogic’s late winner against Aberdeen can stand us in good stead, no matter what comes at us on Sunday from the team in Blue and the Men in Black ( or Yellow or Mauve or whatever colour the Refs wear these days).

This Celtic side know that patience, class and composure will win the day.

We know we can expect the blood guts and snotters from Rangers/Sevco/Them from the outset.
They know they cant outplay us so will try to intimidate us first and foremost.

Expect gnarly faces and ugly tackles from Davis, Jack, Arfield, Tavs, Goldson, and probably even MacGregor knowing him all within the first 5 – 10 minutes. Their crowd will bay for blood and its then that our experience will kick in.

It will be within such bedlam that Scott Brown will simply smile and take the ball, pass to Callum, who will take the ball and pass to Christie, who will take the ball and pass to Ajer, who will take the ball and pass to Jullien, who will take the ball and pass to Hayes, who will take the ball and pass to Forrest who will take the ball and pass to Brown. Ever inching forward, and ever causing more veins in Morelos and Kents temples to throb as they chase shadows.

Sure they will try and duly clatter a few of our players but we will simply laugh and repeat the humiliation.

The Frustration and the fouling will grow, we will simply smile more.

And then we strike!

If Eddy makes it, I expect Goldson and Elmander to absolutely shit the bed. Goldson is a carthorse but a robust one, but the Swede, he is just a dumpling.

In the games I have seen, he is slow,  shy and worrisome and if Celtic can run at him, we are guaranteed goals.

The Blue centre pairing will need helped out by their full backs, the ref and Stephen Davis. The Stephen Davis that I have seen play the last few games, is a good yard behind the pace.

If Forrest or Christie face up to him, they will simply run passed him with no contest bar fouls and shirt pulls.

Speed is our saviour on Sunday. Amen

The Celtic side will be interesting and every Celtic fan will be listening out intently come Sunday Morning.

Forster will start, Jullien and Ajer in the centre of defence, Callum and Broony in centre of midfield and James Forrest and Christie will be in forward positions.
The rest is very much up for both debate and ponder.

Greg Taylor is cup tied and Bolingoli is coming back from long term recovery so it looks like Johnny Hayes at left back. The question is, is he fully fit to be facing Media darling “SuperTavs”.
In truth, that wont be such a worry , given Tavs wont actually get forward much as he will be covering either SuperMo or SuperMickey in the Celtic Attack.

On the right of defence, Neil has a dilemma. Does he play the more naturally defensive but limited Bauer, or does he unleash the youthful but inexperienced Whirwind that is Jeremie Frimpong? We would all hope its the young man but putting him up against Kent whilst also asking him to drive up and down that big Hampden pitch is quite a demand on his young shoulders. Whoever plays, look out for James Forrest coming back and covering as always, a role he does so well without much commendation.

Alongside Broony and Calmac, could Lenny spring a surprise and  play either  Rogic or Ntcham. Now while both are class acts, they both have their downsides.
Rogic has taken time to get back up to speed and lacks that battling punch and N’tcham can impress and frustrate in equal measure. The plus side is that both guys know how to score in this fixture so if any gets the nod, they will have our confidence, with one at least liable to make an appearance over the 90 minutes.

As mentioned earlier, the left wing role will either be Mo or Mickey.
Again, we aren’t clear how fit Elyanoussi will be after a period out, but he is a special player and is in great form this season. Mickey Johnston has really hit the ground running on his return and while lightweight, his speed of thought and tricky feet will really test Tavernier if he gets the nod from Lennon. Again, regardless of who starts, we can be confident. The only questionable areas is a lack of playing together experience with whoever is at left back…chances are Callum Macgregor will have to ensure he is around to help cover that side when needed.

Through the centre is the main dilemma.

If Eddy doesn’t make it, least not for the start then we may struggle a little through the middle given Griffs lack of full match practise and Lewis Morgans centre forward limitations. This is a problem but not a crisis given the number of goals we produce from Christie and Forrest. If Mohammed Elyounoussi makes it, the goal threat increases once more.

We just need to ensure we move on and off the ball when we move the ball itself. The Rangers/Sevco/Them players will not be able to live with our speed of thought or passing ( providing we are on our game) and they know it.

Expect at least 2 penalty claims to be denied for Christie and Forrest and possibly also for MacGregor who aye likes to advance on the blue horde.

No one knows how bad Edouards injury really is.

Is he being protected or is Lenny playing Mindgames or a bit of both?

Time will tell.

If Eddy is gubbed, with Griff not getting more than 20 minutes lately, it could be a massive ask of Lewis Morgan to lead the line in this one. The young guy scored a great goal against Rennes but this looks like a step too far in truth, at least this early in his role as a Celtic striker. Hopefully Eddy can make the bench at the very least and if fit enough for the bench, then hopefully he starts and we get the goals early and can take him off with 30 to go. If he doesn’t make it, that’s a big boost for the Rangers/Sevco/Them but also a big incentive for Griff to maybe prove once and for all he can regain his status as a key Celtic man.

So suggested possible side is


Frimpong       Ajer       Jullien           Hayes

        Broon         Calmac


Forrest                   Eddy          Johnston


Subs, well we could have a few returnees as mentioned along with Stalwarts Craig Gordon and Nir Bitton.

Im not gonna go into the Rangers/Sevco/Them side, don’t know them really and honestly don’t care.

I expect Forrest to help nullify Kent,  I expect Calmac and Broony to laugh at Ryan Jack and Arfield and I expect Jullien and Ajer to take turns at winding up Morelos.

I expect  all of Them to try and boot Christie, maybe even get Kamara to man mark him, but it wont work regardless. The bhoy is just too good.


The only actual thing left to ponder is “What tactics will Neil Lennon play?”.

At Ibrox, with a Ranger side apparently reborn according to the Media, Celtic took the kick -off and Eddy sent the ball out of play 6 yards from the rangers touchline. Everyone thought “WTF?” but it was the start in a Tactical Masterclass from Lenny. Rangers were made to play in their own half and simply collapsed as Celtic harried and attacked them under pressure so close to MacGregors goal.

Lennys curveball that day has really left any Tactic assumptions for Sunday up in the air.

Will Stevie G prepare for the same Celtic threat or does he prepare for a midfield battle as he did before?

Will Stevie G actually sit in and try to play his European Away counter-attack style?

Will Stevie G try a curveball of his own?

Will Lenny view this Celtic side as rather lightweight ( Johnston, Frimpong, Hayes) and go for using the park and ball more and stretch the Rangers/Sevco/Them side rather than a confrontational approach like before?

The Tactics Planning is something we can all watch develop on Sunday.

Regardless, we trust that Lenny, John and Damien will identify the correct game-plan but for now no-one at this point actually knows.


What we do know though is this:

Celtic have been there, seen it, done it.

Celtic have better players and have bigger occasion players.

Celtic have a winning Management Team.

Once again, as per the last 3 years and the last 9 Trophies,  the only side that can beat Celtic, is Celtic.

We turn up, we win.

That’s all we need to remember.

Etims Prediction

Celtic   2: 0   Rangers/Sevco/Them

Man of the Match : Ryan Christie.


PS: Latest reports are Eddy, Mo and Boli all passed fitness tests…..more Mindgames or Much to be glad about….come Sunday we shall see!

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3 years ago

All good., Despite the result, all was not good versus Hamilton. I think we should definitely look at Miller.

3 years ago

Another great read, its clear that you know more about the team, tactics and team selection, whereas Ralph, he is more into the legislation of the game, our own “Chuckle Brothers”. You could add, or “whatever colours the Celtic team wears, for some of our current strips are minging, roll on Adidas.
Experience counts, experience of winning counts even more, experience of managing a winning team also counts, I look on that as our 13th man. Whereas we all know who their 13th. man is, him of the googly eyes. His Europa displays have been like watching a speckled Hen, pucking awful. I never knew that Goalie McGregor was Gay, to see him embracing Consendine of the Dandies the other night was quite revealing.
So my team would go for experience, El-Hamed if fit and then Bauer and Mohamed Elyousnoussi also, who IMO offers more than Paddy Roberts, only because of his finishing skills. Whoever does play barring lady luck and Colum the fifth column, we should be fine. COYBIG.

3 years ago
Reply to  Mike

Does Ralph know anything about anything?
Lager maybe 🙂
Oh & made up stories of Everton transfer targets.
Desimond definetely the brains in this partnership….( no more caption wins for Monti- Ed)

3 years ago


Good grief Desi, getting over-familiar with der Hun. 😉

3 years ago
Reply to  Desi Mond

Great preview and my team selection for Sunday would be practically identical. Up front and in the middle of the park the huns do have an arsenal that can do some damage but their defence is there for the taking.

We all know about Tavernier’s strengths and weaknesses while Goldson, despite his limitations, had been a very consistent performer up until recently. He’s always one of the first names on their teamsheet but has been prone to some high-profile errors lately. Too many games maybe. The big Swede Helander can read the game but plays at a snail’s pace – obviously a serious concern for them when you consider the speed in which our front players move the ball and their pace off the ball. They might be tempted to go with Katic, who is probably their best CB but hasn’t been getting a lot of game time.

Who they play at LB is going to be very, very interesting and could be key to the final outcome. Borna Barisic has been one of their top performers this season – he defends well and has provided a huge number of lethal assists. He was out against the sheep the other night due to a very painful foot injury but I can see them injecting him up to the eyeballs with painkillers just to get him on the field. If he finally doesn’t make it we could be in for a treat. ‘Fresh air swipe’ ‘clownshoe’ duffer Jon Flanagan, if selected, would not only be good for a chuckle or two but our own wide players would smell the blood. Apart from his clanger for one of the Don’s goals, did you see that one from the bye line where he somehow contrived to sky the ball into his own six-yard box setting up a free header for the Aberdeen player? He played at sub pub level the other night so I reckon our two JFs on the right would make mince meat out of him (well he’s already mince anyway). They might throw in Halliday instead but he hasn’t been playing much and isn’t a great deal better.

I expect a close, hard fought final but our superior technical ability and big game experience should ensure we come out on top.
2-1 to the Tic.


3 years ago

May as well not watch the game with such soothsaying if unfolded events to unfold. 2-2 I’m predicting after extra time. Penalties. 7-6 to us with a Bauer miss kick to end it. Some violence in the streets and a list of complaints from the blue side. Both sides form has dipped a bit so mistakes on both sides will ensue. Or it will be 3-0 to us with a jack send off

3 years ago
Reply to  Iancelt67

Longish post got pulled after originally appearing.

3 years ago

I believe that we are just too good for them. My prediction is 2-1 Celtic. Discipline will be important and having 11 on the park till the end crucial. As Desi said Let’s aviod beating ourselves. If we win the first leg of the quadruple treble could be in the bag! Amazing

3 years ago

I must say I didn’t know/notice it was Desi’s Diary until it was pointed out by other commenters. Best tribute I could pay you Desi, as I think Ralph is 2nd to none.
The sentence “Once again, as per the last 3 years and the last 9 Trophies, the only side that can beat Celtic, is Celtic.” reflects my sentiments exactly. We ARE better, mhan-for-man.
Gollum’s a fakkin’ clown and will again, no doubt, be the talking point he craves. But if we ‘turn up’ we win and quite possibly by many. I’ll go for 4-1 to the Bhoys and that’ll be the beginning of their FIRST demise; to say their 2nd is to fall into the same club myth, which I wont.
Come On You Bhoys In Green.
Hail! Hail! The Glasgow Celtic.
FC not PLC.
Lawwell, yer card’s marked.

3 years ago

A wee bit of nerves is a good thing, during my playing days i would still get a few nerves even though i knew deep down, my direct opponent didn’t fancy it.

I was quality you see…….cough.

3 years ago
Reply to  Monti

I believe the filth have a few injury concerns themselves, dragging their feet slowly & speaking with a gargle in true zombie fashion.
Barisic their left back needs to be tested out early….so Brown gives ball to Jullien, Jullien to Frimpong…beep beep, Frimpong gives ball to Forrest…beep beep….

Barisic- ” Ref, Ref…sub ”


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