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Celtic Diary Wednesday October 17

Poor old Craig Levein, stuck working with this bunch of players. Thats his excuse for rooting Scotland at the bottom of the World cup qualifying group after Belguim surprisingly took 69 minutes to open the scoring last night, before ending it two minutes later. Gordon Smith, the former whatever he used to be, says he wouldn’t be surprised to see him go.

Insightful stuff, Gordy. The Scotland boss says he wants to stay on, but surely his time has come and gone.

The SFA are notoriously conservative, but the time is right for change after a campaign that lasted just five and a half weeks.

Back on the home front, it looks like the cheeriest Celt will be Mikael Lustig. he scored as Germany surrendered a four goal lead to Sweden, and with his star rising, he may well have dispelled any initial doubts about his ability. Mind you, he’ll have competition from Emilio Izzaguerre , who helped Honduras reach the final qualifying rounds as they thrashed Canada 8-1.

Other than that, its just fingers crossed that no-one sustained any lasting injuries.

Gary Hooper , on the official site has targeted himself six goals in one game, and says Celtic fans haven’t seen the best of him yet. as opposed to everywhere else that says he’s on his way. The Express says that victor Wanyama has been offered a new deal, though his agent says it “would be a little premature” to say they are close to an agreement. But then, he would. Especially as Manchester Utd are supposedly looking at him as a replacement for Paul Scholes.

Still, its good to see Celtic have players who are actually wanted, whereas Charlse Green may be about to find out he has a club nobody wants.

Richard Wilson, a journalist with no ties or favouritism to the phoenix club who are allowing supporters to register their interest in buying shares, claims the issue is “on target2 to raise £20m. Think he ought to check just exactly who is pledging this money, though. Phil MacGhiollabhan in his blog reckons that Craig Whyte is about to re-enter the scene, and Phil is right more often than not, so the pantomime might be up and running again in time for Christmas.

Actually, back in february, Whyte did say that he hadn’t finished with rangers yet…, and promised he’d be back. God bless him.

So, although the fans over there are to be given a chance to buy into the club, is Green trustworthy? Googling Panceltica will give you a clue , as it seems the Yorkshire businessman used the AIM to raise money before to build prefabricated houses, but it soon went under….

Perhaps he is just unlucky.


Sandy Jardine, always popular among Celtic fans , has played 38 times for Scotland, and twice for the Scottish League. No-one cared enough to get it right, although forty was close enough. So, he didn’t earn his place in the hall of fame, and hasn’t given it up either. Today, think about this. We have the Lisbon Lions stand, we have the Jock Stein stand, but the first pavilion at Celtic Park was named after who? And what was wrong with it?



















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10 years ago

Named after James Edward McGrory known as Jimmy Mcgrory stand I believe. As for second part of question god only knows!!

10 years ago

It was the Grant Stand and was in the corner between the Celtic End and The Jungle, iys WINDOWS steamed up.

martyn t
10 years ago

Can’t remember the name but did it not have windows that used to steam up causing the people in it to be unable to see their beloved team?

10 years ago

The Grant Stand. it had windows that would steam up, thereby obscuring action on park

10 years ago

Grant Stand, had glass windows at the front and used to steam up and the supporters couldn’t see a thing!

10 years ago

It was named after James Grant and although it was the first two tier structure in football the problem was the windows on the 2nd tier steamed up meaning people inside couldnt see the game….

I did not just watch the History DVD again the other day… honest!

10 years ago

Come on Ralph. 38 + 2 = 40. You said caps not Scotland. I am sure they got caps for the Scottish League too. Gae an auld guy a chance man!
Speaking of Scotland, if Santa Anna had had Belgium and the Yanks had had Craigie boy, John Wayne would have been struggling to make the film last beyond the titles. Siege and obliteration could be worn out if the MSM (those honest brokers) tell the story right. The Scottish international team is not my favourite ‘haute cuisine’ at the best of times but 10 minutes of last night and I was calling the waiter to get the chef so that I could shoot him. It was abysmal, a word I find pretty constantly on my lips when discussing our national joke. Mr. Leviathon really ought to change his psychiatrist. Rather than challenging his illusions about being Captain Kirk, he/she is sending him at warp speed further to ‘where no man has gone before’ viz. record defeats! As the Beverley Brothers/Sisters (Craigie won’t know the difference) sang ‘Dream, dream, dream’, Craigie and some day someone will put you to bed.
And there is every chance Charlie the Bear might be very upset (what again?) to find him in his bed. After all he built the world of disillusion and he had first bags on the bed. Lets hope it is a magic flying bed for when the rest of the bears wake up (am I dreaming now?), Charlie is going to need hell of a fast get-away.
Thanks for another very enjoyable read, Ralph. Keeps an old man from dozing away his days.
I’m off to cheat and look up Brian Wilson’s history to find the answer to your questions. May, no probably take a few days!


10 years ago

Ah, sh**, forgot I had the DVD so that fraud Dominic has beaten me to cheating. Hope you get your Charlie Green, Dominic. Cheats never win in the end. See you in SFL Div.3 – at least till Ralph catapults you into SFL1. I know you will refuse entry to the top league again as you will conquer all from the lowest level – downwards!
P.S. I should have known the answer anyway. I think I was living then :>)


10 years ago

After the Sandy Jardine comment I was intregued as to the criteria for entry into Scottish Footballs hall of Fame, according to the website

“The Hall Of Fame is a permanent feature in the Scottish Football Museum to honour the truly great players, managers and officials who have reached the pinnacle of their profession and have made a significant contribution to Scotland’s football reputation through their skill, spirit and determination”

“Significant contribution… through Skill (sandy? really?) spirit (maybe drank a load?) and determination.

There you have, he was determined, to do or achieve whar who knows but he surely earned his place in the Hall of Fame (or perhaps Infamy, infamy, they all have it infamy)

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