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Celtic Diary Tuesday October 16

More international football tonight, and more nervous moments for those of us who just want our bhoys to come home unhurt. Wives and sweethearts will wait anxiously by the phone, re-reading old letters, hoping for that final call that says their betrothed are on their way home, free of injury, ready to resume life back in the world away from these attempts at conquest in foreign lands.

Supporters, of course, just want to get back on with real football, which has at least some sort of point to it.

Craig Levein leads his Scotland side onto the fields of Belguim, and he claims that he is just focussed on preparing the team and getting a result. As he said this he slid a copy of yesterdays paper, open at the jobs page, underneath a cushion.

The U-21s were in Marbella, playing a challenge match against Canada, and Tony Watt got on the scoresheet again, entering the fray as a substitute. Dylan McGeouch also performed quite well, and they are on their way home now. Its even worse when lads of such a young age are sent abroad to do battle in foreign climes at the behest of their lords and masters. Apparently, when they are picked to go, they cannot refuse, unless they are already injured.

Celtic boss Neil Lennon hasn’t commented on the injuries to two of his key players, but thats always difficult when he has his head in both hands and is screaming “Nnnooooo”

The diary may give the impression that its not a big fan of international football, but in fact, there would be nothing better than even a moderately successful Scotland side. The worrying thing now is that a whole generation of supporters have grown up without seeing their country play in a finals tournament of any importance, and the seeding system means its unlikely to happen any time soon. The SFA, who failed to act when it was clear to everyone that Levein wasn’t the man for the job-the Czech game when he decided not to bother with any front men, was a big clue. Funny, the SFA have not taken the lead in any issues where a deep breath and a strong leadership was needed. See also Rangers FC, and their demise.

Chris Coleman says he may “risk” right back Adam Matthews in theWales game tonight. Its always easier to risk something that isn’t actually yours.

Another Newcastle United website has their team about to “rescue” Gary Hooper from the SPL. Rescue him from Champions League football, winning trophies and above all a happy working environment to play the likes of Stoke, Wigan and Norwich, presumably. ย If he’s really lucky, he might get a club house in the petro-chemical wasteland of nearby Middlesborough.

Talksport radio, the only station where the ads make more sense than the presenters, did a head to head of Liverpool transfer targets. Darren Bent v. Gary Hooper, as the southern media machine moved into overdrive to take hooper to the EPL so he can help his country score goals. The prospect of their main striker being based at Celtic in the backwater SPL is starting to scare them, as its obvious that the wiser, much travelled Roy Hodgson has ditched the little Englander mentality that has served them so well in the past.

Theres a story brewing that the Celtic Ladies first team has been removed from the Semi-fianals of their Cup competition.The reason? The club were unable to field enough players as they had several on international duty. Despite looking on the web, we have no idea if the chairman of the SWFA is a Mrs Farry. Surely if this has happened, it can be rectified?

Over in the land of eternal darkness, Mark Dingwall of the Rangers supporters Trust has added his not inconsiderable weight to the plea by Charles Green for supporters to re-invest their money. He wants them pretty much to contribute whatever they can, and the RST will buy blocks of shares. Of course, they will then need a voice on the board, and Dingwall will get what he has always wanted. Will the bears see through it? Will it all descend into bitter infighting and recriminations? Whatever happens, they all deserve a huge round of applause for providing us with much mirth and merriment during the cold damp summer of 2012, and hopefully it will continue as winter approaches.

Now to the teaser. The other day the question concerned the most capped current Celt, which according to the official site, was Emilio Izzaguerre. Now regular to the diary Steveo has challenged this, it seems correctly, as lists Georgios Samaras as playing sixty times for his country. Other sites have different totals. Can someone give the Greek Galloper a ring and ask him what the correct figure is?

Yesterday, we asked who are this seasons top scorers in the SPL, and it is indeed Inverness Caley Thistle, Well done to all who guessed it without looking, and jolly bad form to those who cheated.

Speaking of cheats and their ilk, today think again about the Hall of Fame. Sandy Jardine once said he would hand back his membership. He hasn’t yet, as far as we know. How many times did he play for Scotland to earn this accolade? Actually , its in two parts today. How many times would he have played if the country had had a decent left back as well as a world class right back at the time?

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the lurgan tiger
10 years ago

I shamelessly did not challenge the caps total even though I suspected that Sammi was the man. Think he has over 60 caps.

What we do for a moment of glory…….

10 years ago

It’s over 50 to get in the HoF isn’t it? ANd i do believe there was indeed a decent left back and a world-class right back available at the time, but as they played in the ‘wrong team’ it mattered not a jot on SJ’s cap count.
What do i win?

10 years ago

Ralph Malph thanks for the menshy. Initially hall of fame was 50 caps but once they’d sorted all those who qualified they started dishing the out to those with fewer than 50 and also foreigners. I guessed he’s under 50 but don’t really care cos he’s one o them. I did go and check but I’ll keep it to myself but my hero Danny McGrain only got 62 with Swally and Goughy one behind on 61. Christian Dailly, Christian feckin Dailly, is on 67!!! Whats that all about??

11v11 only go down to 23 caps and Tommy Gemmell doesn’t even feature that low down.

10 years ago

Forgot about 2nd part!! we did have a decent left back (not only TG but Hibs had 2 excellent full backs as well) and world class right back – so the same number!! Really he should have been in single figures.

10 years ago

Back to normal – mmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! Home and in my own armchair – where’s the slippers and pipe?
In case you missed my backlog post on yesterday’s diary, I was up home for few days and this is me just getting back in the loop. I don’t know what the Toon fodder thing is, Ralph, but I feel I am being stuffed with goodies these last couple of days. Mind you, my dippy neighbours down here sure supply some incredible ingredients for p**h when it’s needed. Keep it coming. It saves my blood pressure going ‘off the radar’.
Sandy Crapjine-Petted-Lip-Balless-Shitstirrer had 40 craps 102 of which were Danny McGrain’s Scotland performances. Danny played with his left leg of his own body on one side for Scotland, well it was actually Rangers and others when not enough Rangers available, and played with his right leg disguised in Jardine’s corpse on the other.


10 years ago

Re the second part of the question. There were 11 positions in the Scotland team most of the time when better players could have been picked. I guess the selectors reckoned at that time that the key qualification was being comfortable dressed in blue. Do I hate the Scottish national team? No, I hate what it is and always has been – bigoted, biased and abysmal! As for Wally-legs Jardiniere, if Jinky was picked to run the line, he should have been painting it – or fertilising the pitch with his football performances, more like. Getting angry? Don’t get me started!


Run Sammy Run
10 years ago

I detest Sandy Jardine, he epitomizes all that is bad about being a Hun. I detest him so much it makes me angry just to see his name.
Even the Dalai Lama didn’t like him, and I quote “I find hope in the darkest of days, and focus in the brightest. I do not judge the universe…except that Sandy Jardine, I hate that bastard”

10 years ago

Brilliant!!! Although I think u’ve maybe para-phrased the Dalai Lama a bit there!!!

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