That Statement In Full

Reading between the lines is often the best way to look at what is really being said in diktats such as this, so we’ve put some words in between the lines to help make it a little clearer



While the Club has faced a difficult period on the pitch, Celtic Chief Executive Peter Lawwell has reiterated the Club’s determination to succeed this season and move forward together. 


Someone had better say something, or they’ll want refunds for last seasons books. It looks like we don’t give a toss, so start by telling them we do

Peter Lawwell said: “Like all those with Celtic’s best interests at heart, everyone at the Club is feeling the same hurt, disappointment and frustration following the team’s recent results. We are accustomed to winning and, of course, our objective will always be for that to continue. There is no complacency whatsoever. 


Make a call to circle the wagons, remind them we used to be good and make it look like a couple of off days

“Neil, the players and backroom staff, who have already done so much for the Club, share in all of that. They have never been more determined to succeed. Having enjoyed such sustained, unprecedented success, we now need strength in adversity.  


Tell them we can hear them shouting at us, and then maybe they’ll stop it.

“We know that many Celtic supporters share very honest and real concerns and they are being heard by the Club. Every decision taken, both on and off the park, is with the Club’s best interests at heart. This is not about any individual, but about Celtic Football Club as a collective.  


Mention the plague, injuries and say we’re rolling up our sleeves getting down to work. Otherwise they’ll think we’re ignoring them.

“Together we have faced unique difficulties in the early part of the season. While some of these were beyond our control, of course we recognise we must improve. There is a long way to go and everyone at the Club is ready for the challenge. 


Don’t forget the cup final, make it look like we’re looking forward to it, We’re dreading it, but make it look like we’re not

“Later this month, Celtic will attempt what no other club in the world has achieved – a quadruple treble in domestic competitions. We can best prepare for that and for our other remaining competitions this season by moving forward together, with the sole aim of achieving continued success for the Club.”  



That should keep them quiet until we can think of something else to do.


As long as no one mentions Resolution 12, unpublished reports on ground safety or the fact that we’ve let that lot catch up with us, we might just get away with it…..


Because if they realise what a complete clusterfuck we’ve made of this, we’re in trouble

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1 month ago

F@#L Lawell and F@#K Lennon, both talk the talk but canae walk the walk, because that’s exactly what this pair of egotistical failures should be doing, lost all respect for Lennon, completely failed on every KPI required by him at season start, and all shambolicly done by November, a true Celtic man would recognise his failures and the harm it’s doing tae the club, the team and the fans, and at least be honourable enough and have enough self respect tae resign…BACK THE TEAM, F@#K THE BOARD.

1 month ago

Unfortunately backing the team is backing the board because we pay to back the team.

1 month ago

What an embarrassing post, in my eyes a Celtic legend and you say f#*k him!!
Disappointed at how things are turning out, but I’m glad the club is standing up to the mob rule bampots, especially as they were not adhering to covid-19 protocols an absolute embarrassment, but I suppose that’ll be why they’re in the tier that they’re in and I’m in a tier one area, it’s called respect for your fellow human beings!!

1 month ago
Reply to  highseastim

Thankfully such board stupid sycophancy is shared by very few fans.

If, after everything that has been served up to us this season, colossal mismanagement from the manager and CE, you’re reaction is to attack fans then you’re beyond contempt.

Big Don Gazpachio
1 month ago
Reply to  highseastim

Your constant shouting about ‘Covid 19 protocols’ is the biggest embarrassment here, son.

There are tens of thousands of people gathering every weekend in different cities in the world not following these idiotic protocols, NO masks & NO social distancing, and none of the have caught Covid yet.

And again, the media refuse to report that.

Now if all you’re worried about is one arbitrary rules made up by multiple lying bastart governments you should go onto a pro government site and moan about this stuff there.

Cos our club is imploding from the inside out thanks to the collusion of our board in the 5Way Agreement ans now they think they can treat us like mugs, like the enemy, ffs, for having the gall to make our rightfully angry voices at what’s happening to pour club by its so called custodians heard.

You’re a happy clapper, HST, another Lawwell boy in disguise.

1 month ago

The mans been mounted nothing surer

Edmund Fitzgerald
1 month ago

Lenny has been brilliant for us over the years but I’m afraid his time is up. I just hope he walks rather than be pushed. Having said that there are also a few players who need to take a long hard look at themselves. I am thinking of Eddy, Christie, Ayer to name but three. We have a squad better than anyone else in the league. It’s time they showed up.

1 month ago

They will show up when they have a decent manager to play for.

1 month ago

Lawwell and Lennon in this together.Have been since Lennon got job as Lawwells yes man.If one goes the other will go too.

1 month ago
Reply to  Drew67

There’s no chance of Lawwell leaving with Lennon.

He’ll keep him at the moment as a deflector shield but would have no problem casting him aside when he’s served his purpose.

1 month ago

Epic failure,run the board,manager and coaching team down the road.

1 month ago

Has he gone yet?

Duncan McFadden
1 month ago

I don’t think there is anything wrong with what he said.
There is plenty wrong with how he goes about his job (outside of the Financial approach at Celtic).
Those who wanted out of Celtic going into this Season of all Seasons should have been punted.
However the fact that no one wanted them during a Global Pandemic which is causing massive Financial implications across Football did sort of knacker that up a bit.
Im fairly certain Lenny would have wanted them out of the Club and replaced by guys who want to come to it.
You cannot ignore the impact COVID has had on Celtic.
The disruption,the injuries and the fact certain signings don’t seem to be living up to what was billed.
On paper we had a great window.
Many of us were satisfied with it.
Hames aren’t won on paper though as Celtic proved in Italy last Season and Ferencváros,Sparta and Ross County proved only recently.
Players do.
It would appear we have a team with a very questionable disposition when it comes to pressure.
Things are easy when you can coast to wins not at your best as has been the case over the last 8 years or so.
Chuck in a viable threat to your dominance?
Thats when your true character comes out.
There are evidently some Sheidtbags in our dressing room.
Hoys who on the surface look calm and collected bit when the pressure is on melt like a mars bar on a hot plate.
Lenny is evidently struggling to convince them that they are world beaters.
So his time may be up as a result of the results.
Thats fitba he knows it as well as any of us.
Changing him is an option of course but I don’t think you can do that without looking at those around him also.
Ive never rated Kennedy as a coach.
I think as a defender his career was ended before he truly understood how to play it successfully himself.
I keep coming back to the McGregor at left back scenario when Lenny took over from the rat.
Kennedy had watched Rodgers deploy him there no less than 10 occasions without success.
Lenny deploys him once back in there and low and behold it was another disaster.
What was JK’s input into that thinking?
Notice it hasn’t happened since.
I don’t know enough about Strachan Jnr but what is apparent is the coaching is allover the place now.
Is Lenny hands on or as I suspect more of a O’Neill approach now?
He was his mentor after all and it did work effectively for MON.
However he had good coaches under him.
So we are now in a state of limbo thanks to the unnoficial Director of Foolball (not a typo) .
Lenny should have been appointed his own men from the get go.
That ship has sailed now.
Like the SS Shieldhall heading down the Clyde.
There was terrific Podcast this past week which more or less nailed it I think.
Monty Burns highlighted a terrific point about the 10 and perhaps it not even being relevant if we truly believe the huns died.
Which they did.
It is just another Title in a run of many I’m sure are to come at Celtic.
They might not even survive til the end of this Season without an Admin event?
That could well put a black ball among the white ones.
One thing is certain though.
Things need to change at Celtic if we are ever to fully maximise what Celtic is capable of on the Park.
More of the same simply isn’t going to satisfy the teeth gnashing hordes at the front doors.

Careful you don’t turn into those who you claim to espies the most bhoys.

1 month ago

you literally are a disgrace

Bobby Russell
1 month ago

I think we’ll get rid of coronavirus before we get rid of Neil Lennon.

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