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MilanEasy – Etims Podcast

Hector aka Gary McBarlow, Monty and Desi get together after the defeat to AC Milan to discuss the Game, the performance, the lack of defending, the present, past and future of Celtic in Europe.

They then turn to domestic football and that Ross County disaster and the aftermath at Celtic Park. Arent fans entitled to be angry Mr Lawwell?

The show concludes with a look ahead to who will be in charge over the next few weeks.

Just who do we think Lawwell would approach in realistic terms, in spite of all our dream choices.

A few heated discussion points are raised when Desi doubts the generosity of Dermot Desmond and questions just how highly ranked are Celtic Football Club at present for potential  Tier 1 Managers to beat down our door.


The pod is available here, Spreaker, Spotify, iTunes and all major and some minor Podcast providers.


The MP3 for download is here ; MP3

The link for show on Etims Spreaker site  is : here

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2 years ago

For the third time in the Europa League we take an early lead and appear to be in charge of the game. However, we all knew it was a matter of time before we concede goals and then completely implode. We simply cannot defend and give away the softest goals you can ever imagine. Teams all over Europe see us as an easy touch, and worryingly teams closer to home will also smell blood.

Not for the first time Elhamed was culpable (think back to Ferencvaros and last week at Sparta) he doesn’t have a clue. Add a new quality right back to the ever expanding list of positions which need to be strengthened in January. He’s not alone of course……… could highlight a handful of others who are simply not cutting it. One player who in my view, had a poor night in Milan (the latest in a number of poor performances) and seems to have lost his way big time is Calum McGregor, he is almost unrecognisable this season. I don’t know whether he is trying too hard but deary me.

We are a shambles and God only knows what the answer is.

Mark McDonagh
2 years ago
Reply to  Andy

New management team who know how to arrange a defence. Where is young Walsh? Why are Turnbull and Dempele constantly overlooked? Why des it take new players 7 months tom get fit? Surely we have fitness coaches who can work with new recruits and those returning from injury and what is it with the same players having constant repetitive injuries? There is a rot at the club and it needs treating. HH!

2 years ago

Valid points but the truth is Lennon is deceiving himself. Lawell also has a lot to answer, this is a rerun of previous at Parkhead. DD brought in Brenda, we now need a quality manager, a new CEO and a leader on the park, what would you give for a Paul McStay or a Roy Aitken instead of this spineless lot that continuously lose a two goal lead

2 years ago
Reply to  Cartvale88

You want the truth??? You can’t handle the truth????

2 years ago
Reply to  Iancelt67

Should be exclamation marks after the second sentence sorry

2 years ago

It is a complete and utter shambles. We do have good players who currently seem to be devoid of all confidence and are unable to go through the 90mins without making some sort of individual error(s) and I put this quite simply that there is no system of play/tactics/ formation or discipline and they are all playing as individuals, hence when we concede a goal everyone turns round looking to blaming each other and this includes the coaches! Ultimately this is 1st and foremost a manager and coaching issue. Unfortunately they have failed the test so many times that I have any belief that they can turn this car crash around. How can they resolve the issues when they don’t look they talk together never mind like each other! So step forward our gallant CEO to resolve the issue? If he has watched any of the important games he, like us can see the issues so he should be asking some pertinent questions, it is basic management. Why is it happening and what are you doing so this doesn’t continue to happen. All it would take is a simple meeting with NL and his coaching staff to go through games and for the coaches to individually go through the issues and what their individual thoughts are on resolving the issues. This should quickly inform the CEO of the issues and what strategy the coaches on an individual/collective basis would resolve these issues. So imagine this senario – the CEO in the meeting may as why on a Sunday after a EL game does the team to run out of steam after 60mins and you don’t make a substitution until 75mins? NL/coaches – well the are tired after playing/ travel on Thursday, CEO – ok so they are tired, I get that so why play them or why not take them off before their physical/mental/decision making capacity is impaired? CEO – are we not allowed to make 5 substitutions at any time in the game and if so, why/what are the reasons, why we are not doing so. As we seem to continue to do the same things with the same issues it is completely unsurprisingly that we are getting the same results time after time. I can therefore only conclude that whatever it is, formation, motivation, tactics, (players?) the current coaching team ( joke, I know) are not up to the job and there has to be a change if we are to retrieve anything from this season, never mind the 10!

I know this is a simplified example and is not about the CEO interfering but just good management into understanding the issues and what is the strategy and time frame to resolve these issues. The only issue with this simple logical approach to problem solving is that you have to have a good, competent, trustworthy, astute CEO driven to ensure that the club/PLC is the best that it can be, unfortunately we do not have such a person in the building currently.

2 years ago
Reply to  Sancheto

On a day to day basis as a bean counter I am sure he does do a good job regarding P&Ls, amortisation etc etc but as you say his knowledge of the intricacies and nuances of selecting, managing players and a team is sadly lacking. This is highlight by his mismanagement of the players as assets of the club and the fact that these assets can go up and down over a specific time frame. As football is our business it is pretty imperative that he gets it right! Let’s look at this as it has had, in my opinion had an impact on the situation we find ourself. We knew that Ajer, Ntcham and Edourd wanted to leave and had not signed any contract extensions so why did we not sell them in the summer even if we would have received less the PL wanted. So here is a eg So Eddy was being talked about being worth +£30m end of last season but wouldn’t sign a new contact and his agent probably said why, bigger league and more money, the clock was ticking as his contract started to run down. Now we could have sold him for £15-£20m, not ideal but it reflected the depressed market. This situation also means that we would be spending this money in a reduced marketplace therefore getting good value too! I am sure this situation was replicated with Ntcham and Ajer and that’s before we consider Calmac and Christie! As the window closes we now have several unhappy players and if that is not bad enough we buy/invest in replacements for Edourd, Ntcham and Ajer. They can’t all play at once so we now have 6 (at least) unhappy players to spread disharmony through the squad, other players see this and think if these players play when they don’t want to be here why should I knock my pan in just to be dropped the next game or not even play! It was just the start of a toxic downward spiral in team spirit! We know we operate a player trading model whereby we buy at a low price and hope to sell at a higher price and then reinvest and the cycle goes on with the proviso that we invest a little more each trade so the overall team quality increases thus allowing us to win the league every year and get to the CL and +£30m every year to boost the coffers over and above the player trading. PL knows how this model works but has not had the bottle/balls to see it though. What is the value of the players mentioned above now? Do you think that we will get £14m for Ntcham, +£30m for Edourd or £15m for Ajer? I doubt it! So as an everyday accountant great but as an entrepreneurial, forward thinking leader with drive then I don’t think so and unfortunately the CEO is the main reason why we are in this current predicament.

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