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Etims Caption Contest

This weeks Etims Caption Contest delves into the dark, wonderful and totally ‘not corrupt in ay way’ world that is Light Entertainment. We saw the above picture of Louis “Dont mention his name in front of Girls Alouds Nadine!” Walsh and thought:

 “Wait a second…whats he actually looking at?

Any ideas?

It could be he’d checking his Fitbaw coupon and is just waiting on that surefire away win at Stirling Albion!

It could be he’s just found himself filling in a subscription form for Sevco Share offering

It could he’s just found he doesnt has an EBT!

The world is your oyster… get the thinking caps on and send in your suggestions please

Remember the rules…there are no rules. We welcome nice, nasty, polite and rude as long as its funny…




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John D
10 years ago

Oh crap! How do you tell Lee McCulloch that he’s shit!

10 years ago

Ooooooooooph thot McCulloch had equalised there! This Stirling team are good there’s no many teams will come away with 3 points from here…….

10 years ago

wit dae ye mean charles green talks pish ? av just invested 500quid in his club !!!!!

10 years ago

Maybe he’s just read rfc’s* final tax bill and has mistaken the figure for jedwards latest single sales?

brian glover
10 years ago

What are you going to sing Mr. McCoist…Send in the Clowns , Louis.

brian murray
10 years ago

Oh shit! Joe joe super Joe and Scotty skoosh brown are laying into each other in Cardiff. Stop it lads! Aaaah jesus!!! Now Adam Matthews and wee James Forrest are cutting lumps outta one another, what would Lennon do?

brian murray
10 years ago

Just had a look at my investment in sevco, not good reading. I can honestly say those shares are only heading in ONE DIRECTION!!! ( that was a brilliant jokette)

Frank McGaaaarvey
10 years ago

“I’m starving and really fancy a sausage roll. Who’s that? Is that Ally walking into Greggs? Noooooooooo!”

“My God, did that Charles Green fella REALLY say that?”

“What was the name of that tune again? The famine song? Are you sure it’s just banter? Goodbyeeee.”

“I know a coupla grand lads for the job should Fat Sally walk away. Ladies and bowler-hatted gentlemen I give you……..JEDWARD!”

Mad Paul
10 years ago

Maddie, Jimmy, April, dead cops, dead soldiers, SevCo, Mohammed, fuck, I can’t say anything about any of them or I go to jail in this country.

johnbhoy 57
10 years ago

thats the last time im drinking, ive told charlie green i would underwrit the sevco share ffer

johnbhoy 57
10 years ago

oh no ally in that new suit he’ll have someone eye out with when those buttons pop

Gerry Mesh
10 years ago

Sorry Ally

That was the worst cover of Zombie i have ever heard try singing something simpler that suits you maybe puppet on a string!!!

10 years ago

Come on Charlie! How much more shite do you expect me to swallow?


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