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21 Things From Last Night

  1. Davie Provan….does he suck lemons before every Celtic game?
  2. Knock Knock, Who’s there? Aiden McGeady, Aiden McGeady who, That’s football
  3. John Collins, our new good luck charm?
  4. Hugh Keevins pre match prediction “Best case scenario is parking the bus for a point”. Say no more!
  5. With 5 Scots, 3 English, 2 Welsh, …are Celtic truly Team GB?
  6. Watching the game on an iPad as you bath two kids is risky as well as potentially costly.
  7. Lennon can make game changing substitutions.
  8. That was possibly the strongest Celtic bench since 2003.
  9. Samaras is a big ride now.
  10. In Europe James Forrest will be an immensely important option.
  11. European refs are taught by the SFA
  12. Gordon Strachan isnt so bad after all
  13. its okay to use forwards away from home-Mr levein
  14. With a bit of channel hopping you could just keep watching the goals for hours last night!
  15. Celtic grew up last night
  16. Lenny in a Purple Bib? What was that all about?
  17. Garry Parker…always looks like he’s just woke up from a stag do…discuss!
  18. Did that big empty end behind Fraser Forster put him off?
  19. Rangers dont do walking away, Celtic defenders dont do following up
  20. Moscow is not in Europe, the statistic still stands, shame on you Celtic!
  21. Miku might not have played but his arrival has fair inspired Hoopers goal scoring exploits. With Efe slotting in, good signings Gaffer!

Anything that caught your attention last night?..all comments welcome!

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11 years ago

lenny had the bib on as his trackie top was very similar to the players strips so UEFA would have told him to wear it. its a lucky bib now, he must wear it every game!!

11 years ago

well done to the tic,brilliant performance

11 years ago

22. Gary Hooper is the new Gary Lineker

11 years ago

Lennon doesn’t know the maning of the word ‘Fortitude’.

11 years ago
Reply to  Tommy

..or the meaning.

– Note to self: Take greater care when trying to be a smarty pants !

Iljas Baker
11 years ago

Celtic have really got to up the pace in their passing in the SPL and improve their off the ball movement – triangles and diamonds and all that stuff – so they can do it too in Europe. They should be treating SPL games as practise for playing the teams from the better leagues. I thought they struggled at times last night with poor passing, poor off the ball movement, slow out of defense and at times a number of players displayed low levels of skill under pressure. You don’t always get punished for all of this in SPL but you can expect to get punished consistently in Europe. BUt Hooper was outstanding, Forrest made a difference and Big Sammy saved his best for last. Lennon really played a binder and deserves plaudits all round. HE took ooff the two players with yellow cards as he knew the refereree would be looking for an excuse to level the playing field. Brilliant Neil.

11 years ago

had to read the first 1 again
thought it said suck LENNON

11 years ago

Camerawork was pretty dire. Kept panning in on the beanch when game was in progress.

11 years ago

Moscow is in Europe. It’s not in EU but is in Europe.

Pedantic CSC

11 years ago

You might have noticed that Celtic didn’t have any “Tennents” on their strips last night. So i’m guessing Lenny had a Celtic tracksuit with the advertising on and he was pulled up for it and made to put on a bib.

11 years ago

Drinking too much Russian Vodka to celebrate makes work the next day particularly nasty

11 years ago

We do winning away on plastic pitches. Rangers don’t.

11 years ago

22. Ian Crocker is a visually impaired individual with hairy palms.

23. Celtic have a FANTASTIC recent away record in Europe. Read it and weep MSM and Sky Sports.

24. Neil Francis Lennon IS THE MAN!!

11 years ago

25. Ian Crocker seems to not like Celtic too much
26. Ian Crocker seems to drool of Sevco, as drooled over ‘gers.
It’s not my imagination surely?

Lenny Bruce
11 years ago

27. Due to the demise of rangers, Celtic will achieve nothing in Europe ever again.

28. Hold on a minute…….

29. Armageddon seems to have been delayed.

30. It’s important not to get carried away. Difficult, but important.

11 years ago

Garry Parker…always looks like he’s just woke up from a stag do…discuss! :

YES ! already noticed, always unshaven, little eyes.
That’s why I like him !!

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