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Etims Death in Paradise Podcast

Etims chat with Jeanette Findlay from The Celtic Trust on the recent  Jan 12th 2016 meeting at Holyrood Public Petitions Committee regards a FAC review ( or lack-off) and certain events and the actions of certain key personnel.

When Jeanette managed to escape, the rest of the team discuss Tim factors like:

  • Is James Doleman the best Celtic performer this season?
  • Does anyone even care about Rangers anymore?
  • Is it just kids being kids or are flares solely for 70s bars?
  • Is Ronnie going to be the man for European Qualifiers?
  • Is the any hope for Columbo fans for decent light fare crime drama?
  • Whats a Chris De Burgh, Grandad?
  • The best Celtic themed TV shows on the Twitter Shout ever!
  • An outro with a twist – hello sensitive Scotzine!

Catch a listen here or right click and just download and play when suits

WARNING – First 45 seconds of intro repeats..apols.


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Look out for  The Celtic Trusts ‘Join for a coin’ rally-call at this weekends game.

You can watch Jeanette , Paul and Kennys run-in at Holyrood here:

PE1593 by Paul Quigley, on behalf of Fans Against Criminalisation, on a full review of the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act 2012 and take evidence from—Paul Quigley and Jeanette Findlay, Fans Against Criminalisation;





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8 years ago

For what it’s worth my theory is that House wanted the MET job and this Act was prepared to give him a stage on which to play the part of the man who smashed the Glasgow football ultra gangs. Thing was they didn’t exist.
It had been done before with Percy Sillitoe who smashed the Glasgow razor gangs and was feted and made head of MI5 on the back of it.
The football match that triggered the introduction of the Bill (which was one prepared earlier as the chefs say), the so-called shame game was noticeable for the lack of trouble on the terraces but mayhem on the park and between the two benches.
House’s hobby horse which was welcomed by the Glasgow Police and of course Celtic who proposed FoCUS (Bankier/Hawthorn?)

8 years ago
Reply to  Tom Minogue

I’d go along with most of that Tom. He saw an opportunity to make a name for himself, got the new police Scotland role and unfortunately the Government backed him without fully thinking the plan through….kneejerk reaction to Lennon/McCoist handbags.

8 years ago
Reply to  Hector Bandido

To me Campbell Corrigan when Ass Chief Constable of Strathclyde gave the game away with his talk of “smashing the Green Brigade” as if they were like the EDL or Combat 18!

The actions of the FoCUS group were 100% confrontational and GB were far too smart to fall for it.

Problem now is that most uninformed average person on the pavey who doesn’t attend matches is buying into the myth that we need a FoCUS group to keep the extreme groups like GB in check.

Celtic FC and in particular Bankier hasn’t helpe there either.

8 years ago

Good stuff. Keep Keeping The Faith!

8 years ago

i think we should have a poll on a knighthood for James Doleman just to see the reaction on the zombie sites

8 years ago

What are the odds on Kenny MacAaskill being offered a position on the CFC board at some point in the future? It appears to me anyway, that it would be a good fit.

Jeanette Findlay for CEO, there I said it, you Know it makes sense. HH

8 years ago

Jeanette for a fan board member to keep them on their toes. Cheers for the podcast, much appreciated.

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