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Celtic Diary Friday September 21

Last words on the Benfica game, before we turn our attention back to the Premier League. After every round of matches, UEFA update their list of co-efficients, and the table, consisting of 450 clubs who have competed in the two tournaments are listed in order of merit. Celtic are currently 65th, Spartak moscow 54th, Barcelona number one, and Benfica a lofty 13th.

So when a team almost entirely made up of debutants at that level managed by a newcomer to the Champions League more than hold their own against 52 places higher, then we haven’t done too badly at all. There is a long road to travel in the rarified atmosphere of the UCL, and Celtic will improve as the journey continues, but the start that has been made wasn’t bad at all. Despite what the press might tell you. The BBC have been particularly negative about it, but what do you expect. Their team isn’t involved this year, and won’t be for several more.

Speaking of the BBC, James Traynor is all upset again. ย the diary has tended to ignore his ramblings in the hope the the portly -do you know, I’m struggling to think of a word beginning with “p” to complete the alliteration, can anyone help?-chap would disappear into a pile of his own muck.

He hasn’t and still earns a living by saying whatever he thinks will appeal to the Rangers support so that they will continue to buy his discredited paper. He also gets airtime on Radio Scotland, and announced last night, that a Green Brigade banner depicting a man de-evolving into an ape, entering a grave wearing a Rangers scarf before re-emerging as a zombie to be shot at, as offensive. He didn;t say who to, but he found it offensive. When his co-star, Jim Spence reminded him that he had found the racist “famine song” to be acceptable banter, and compared the two, the fat trump changed the subject.

The banner first saw the light of day during a friendly with Norwich, and someone has seen it and complained to the SFA, who are going to investigate. Ah, well, you see, Peter Lawwell, who runs Scottish football is using this as a deflection to show that he really isn’t in charge-so a well known Rangers forum thinks.

Rangers forum thinks… not three words you see together very often.

Anyway, the hearing is on October 11. You’d think they’d have other things to worry about.

Still with the Record. Journalist of the Year Keith Jackson has offered a reward after someone stole his laptop and sent in a report on the Benfica game which praised both the club and the support. Actually, thats not true. It seems Jackson has turned in a decent piece for once, obviously the ban on Keevins has affected him. The press never fail to amuse. Take Fraser Forster, for instance. The Scotsman has him “bouyed” by interest from the England set-up, while the Sporting Life says he is “unfazed”

Celtic return to SPL duty with a home match against Dundee. Having done so much to restore the clubs reputation in Europe , the players, according to Kris Commons , can have no excuses for any further lapses in the league. Scott Brown has also stated that he wants to get back on track domestically, so the Dens Park men might be in for a good hiding. Games after big European matches tend to be a bit flat, so the support has a big part to play tomorrow.

Hugo from Adelaide wants someone to help him out. He says that about thirty or so years ago, a scarf which had Celtic colours on one side, and rangers colours on the other, so that it could be flipped to enable safe passage through the city after a game, was readily available, and indeed quite popular. If any has one, or can remember this , please get in touch. a photo would be nice.

I have no recollection of this particular scarf, and can’t find anyone who has. but then the people i go to games with would be too drunk to notice.

Yesterdays teaser was answered very quickly by Garybhoy, who rightly said that on September 8 2001 Celtic fielded a team of non Scots for the first time. Dunfermline were the opposition and Celtic won 3-1.

Today, to give Pensionerbhoy a chance, who was Celtics first five figure purchase in the transfer market?



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11 years ago

Bertie Auld surely

11 years ago

Frank McGarvey?

11 years ago

Didier Agathe?

11 years ago
Reply to  Binkabhoy

I thought it said the LAST player to be bought for 5 figures. D’oh!

11 years ago

Wispy Wallace ?

11 years ago

Du Wei?

Oh, wait. The question is what we paid, not what he was worth …

11 years ago

Leslie Johnston from Clyde?

11 years ago

johnny doyle?

11 years ago

I am late again, Ralph, but worth the wait for your Benfica game comments. I am not sure it would be your wish, but I am right behind you on this as I am on the domestic comments too. As for the medja monkeys, well I have often expressed my opinion and feelings on the topic of the press so I will say no more. If one of them, and that particular one, did put a positive spin on the Benfica game, he stands alone and I would love to know where he gets his ‘stuff’ so I could get as high as his kite. In spite of my age, I am afraid I am of no earthly help to Hugo. If the scarves were about, I do honestly feel I would have seen or heard something as I used to go to the derby games with a mixed bunch of lads. It was great. We shared some drinks prior to the game and in the car on the way in; kept the whisky for ourselves at the Celtic end; called them everything under the sun for 90+ minutes; came out and shook their hands; returned to the pub for a few more, then home. I would like to say they were good old days but they were also the days when there was the most trouble – mounted horses at Hampden may ring bells? That is why one of those scarves would have been in my locker as I never wore colours at those games and that kind of flip over style would have been handy. I am sure there were Celtic/Everton scarves that might be mistaken for the other blue but I doubt it as they smelt completely different! Tynecastle was another no-colours park for me as they were a bad lot too (they were the cowards who threw golf balls at the Celtic support thinking they were safe behind wire net fencing – WRONG!!) I took the precaution of always appearing neutral along Gorgie Road, especially as you had miles to walk for the bus then.
Quiz! I think it might be a great goal scorer of the 50s, Billy McPhail, brother of the perhaps more famous Big John. Right or wrong? If wrong I am finished with conundrums! :>)


11 years ago

Ma Da had one of those flip over Celtic/Rangers scarves. He got stabbed by a Partick Thistle fan.

Ralph malph
11 years ago

Leslie johnstone,from clyde in 1948, ยฃ12,000.

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