Celtic Diary Friday January 23: Ain’t No Stopping Us Now!

dooby doo do, clap your hands.

What was it Paul McStay used to say ? Theres a buzz about the place ?

I think Ronnys saying roughly the same thing.

“I think we’re about to take a new step now We can trust the team more and we are growing together too. We know what is expected of each other and that makes it much harder to beat us.

“There is a lot of potential in every player and also in the team, but again we are working and looking at the same principles all the time. We’re working with individual players and they are getting better all the time too, so who knows how good it can be.

“If we get a run of victories then it’ll be hard to follow us. But if Aberdeen or someone else is doing that then it’s going to be a real challenge. We can only do what we can do with each game coming up. 

“We have to win every game to stay at the top of the league. There is also a lot of hunger and a great demand when you are at Celtic to win and be at the top of the league.

“As long as everything is progressing and going forward, then everything is possible.” 

Looks like we can forget any new signings , though.

The January window is hard

To keep the players we have is the most important thing. We’ve shown consistency throughout the season and we’re getting a better level in the team and it is important to keep it.

“We have a big squad and a good squad. Mikael Lustig is a very important player, as is James Forrest and Charlie Mulgrew so when they come back it’s like a new player. But the most important thing is to get consistency in the players that we have and get them fit.

“When we do that we are very strong. Every player has a chance if they perform well.” 

 Well, the money for the trip to the canaries had to come from somewhere.

Its not neccessarily  a bad thing to keep your best players, after all, we’ve done a fair bit of moaning over the last couple of years when it has appeared that our best players have been sold as soon as the club has received an enquiry, and if we do get through the next week or so with the spine of the team intact, then it will be more likely down to Deila than the club.

 What we don’t want, of course, is for a couple of last day “bids we couldn’t turn down ” which leave us with no time to ” bring anything across the line. “

 Which is usually what happens.

 A few of the kids have already gone out on loan, such as John Herron and Paul MacMullen, joining Cowdenbeath and Stenhousemuir respectively, which is a little harsh considering they could have had a crack at the English tournament latter stages, and had a wee bit glory. but it does show that Deila is more concerned with developing the players than just letting them tick over. Herron could actually face second Rangers this weekend, which means he can report back on their danger men, and perhaps help us overcome the new club next week.

 Identify their dangermen.

Even the CIA would struggle to find a threat over there.

 Marcus Fraser, Paul George and Stuart Findlay are also away, and Jo Inge Berget and Beram Kayal, who is going to Brighton, means that there are gaps to be filled.

 Though to be fair, the gap left by Berget and Kayal isn’t exactly one you could get a truck through.

 Do we need new signings ? Again, ronny doesn’t seem to think so if you read between the lines. With John guidetti fast becoming yesterdays man, the Norwegian hasn’t been slow to put him on the bench, showing he’s not afraid to make tough decisions, and Leigh Griffiths has stepped up to the plate. Although he’s done well, after the praise from his manager , the dressing room doors may need to be widened to accommodate his head;


Leigh’s played the last two games and we’ve won both of them. He’s played well and he’s improved on his position more than where he was three or four weeks ago.

“I believe in him, he is an exciting player and his left-foot is world-class. He has the skills but you have to perform over time when you are at Celtic.

“There is big competition up front and it’s all about the opponents we meet, but Leigh has made an improvement in a lot of things. He looks much sharper now and he needs even more confidence, but the goal at Motherwell was very important. 

“He has impressed me. We had some demands of him and he’s really worked hard to fit in. There are still things to improve, like everyone, but you saw against Motherwell how much he works for the team ” 

So what of Guidetti ? Is he likely to stay on past the end of the month and fight for his place in the team ? Southampton boss Ronald Koeman has distanced himself from a move for him this month, and the official Celtic line is that the player wants time to weigh up his options, and Ronny said the club is doing the same thing.

What times the next bus to Manchester ? I’ve a feeling someones already checking out the ticket prices…

Celtic face Ross County in the frozen north tomorrow, and it may be that the hoops will start the game back in second place, making it another must win game. Aberdeen, of course, play tonight.

At least this time Ronny didn’t praise the opposition and tell us what a good side they were, when he said;

“We have to take one game at a time and now it is Ross County. I think there are going to be many similar things to our last game against them at Celtic Park.

“I don’t think they’ll play so open like they did in the first game and that’s something we’ll have to cope with.” 

 What he actually said, in Norwegian, was;

Disse er jævla shite , så lar batter dem og få tilbake nedover veien ut av kulden , which is hard to disagree with.

Charlie Mulgrew isn’t in contention, he hurt his leg again in the development match, but everyone else seems fine, and it will be interesting to see how Celts approach the game. 7-0 ? its possible and perhaps even overdue this season, but with the weather and the undoubted ten at the back tactic likely to be adopted by the home side, its more likely to be a one or two goal win. Still, its a win, and that’ll do tomorrow.

By the way, if you are travelling, give a big thank you to the Celtic Supporters Liason Officer, John Paul Taylor for his attention to detail and this piece of advice;

Info for travelling fans on Sat: allow plenty time as Siberian huskey dog sled racing on at Aviemore and large attendance expected 

And some sort of warm hat might be an idea as well.

 The Herald on Sunday will carry a full page advert telling everyone that the Rangers Celtic will face in the League Cup semi final are not, in fact, the same Rangers who were once the other half of the toxic “Old Firm ” brand. This has been taken out by some Celtic supporters to er, clarify things.

 Quite who it is aimed at is unclear, but I’ll have to wait until I read the full statement until I comment further, but the whole thing seems somewhat badly timed, as even if it is aimed at the authorities who perpetuate the myth, its not those authorities who will wake up on sunday morning, get themselves full of beer, and wave knives at loan Celtic fans going to and from the game.

Or on the streets on Sunday night.

Timmy knows they are dead, and Billy isn’t going to change his mind on the back of an advert. Lets be honest, most of them don’t even appear to have a mind that they could change

Embedded image permalink

 Hopefully, there’ll be no trouble, and everyone will get home safe, but it doesn’t seem the cleverest thing to do ahead of the game. Especially as there will be thousands of Tims at the game

 By the way, I’ve thought of an idea for a banner for that game;

Embedded image permalink

Doctors and other medical experts are concerned not only about possible violence following that particular game, but there are also fears that an old , dangerous and incurable ailment may return after the game, particularly amongst Celtic supporters;

Embedded image permalink

 Look, no matter what happens, take it easy.

Heres a wee heartwarming story about the friendship between a man and his furry friend…

Embedded image permalink

Surely he was saying Ooh Aah Samaras ?

Not who is this, but what is happening here ?

Embedded image permalink


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dziekanowski's nightclub child
6 years ago

The King is at his coronation?

6 years ago

Debut game for the King V Hibs

6 years ago

Couldn’t agree more about the ‘article’. We know it and they know it, but we will admit it and they won’t. Next Sunday will have its challenges and the eejits will be out in force, looking to cause bother. 7 – 0 on the park and safe home form all the fans at the match will do me.
PS: Guidetti can head back to Manchester whenever he likes, Celtic is no meal ticket.

Carl Bigginslater
6 years ago
Reply to  funder67

Guidetti – International Gype for hire.

the real Anton Rogan
6 years ago

Thats the king after he got his plaster off.

Carl Bigginslater
6 years ago

Didn’t the dreadlocks come off with the plaster?

6 years ago

Good fun read.

“the whole thing seems somewhat badly timed”

When would be a good time?

Scunnered with the club saying nothing on the Newclub fiasco. The SMSM have even PR’d everyone into repeating the Newco lie, I chipped in some cash to have the truth put out there in the MSM.

Some like minded Tims lobbed in some cash (surplus went to Mary’s meals) as we don’t like it at the back of the bus.

I do however respect your right to keep quiet.

Hail X2

Green Lantern
6 years ago

Henke predicting next week’s score against the munters.

Might be worth putting a few quid on it.

6 years ago

Getting Mulgrew back is like a new player? Lets hope so, cos the current Mulgrew is fcking rotten!

6 years ago
Reply to  GaryBhoy

He got injured playing for the weans against Valencia.

6 years ago
Reply to  Bawsman


Classy touch from the Celtic Charity Foundation….well done.

jpm 88
6 years ago

I believe it’s important to keep loudly proclaiming the “new club”
With the likes of JIM white at SKY , using (abusing) his position to peddle the “same club” lie to the whole of the UK ,not just Scotland;
if we’re not careful we’ll look like the “LOONS” , i.e. the only ones believing it’s a new club.
When people are attempting to re-write history it’s almost a duty to challenge them publicly and loudly.
You can’t complain about rangers/SFA/SPFL/media wrong-doings, past or present, unless you’re prepared to challenge them .

6 years ago
Reply to  jpm 88

Well said!

Everywhere you turn, the myth is perpetuated – Last 5 Meetings: http://spfl.co.uk/league-cup/fixture/3636448/

It is simply incredible to me (but not surprising), that they are allowed to trade under the exact same name, and the heid yins trot out the myth of continuous history;
when it is so easy to look at other clubs, to see how it should go – for example:

For the 1878−2002 club, see Airdrieonians F.C. (1878).

Airdrieonians Football Club are a Scottish professional football team based in Airdrie who are members of the Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL) and play in the SPFL Scottish League One. They were formed in 2002 as Airdrie United Football Club following the liquidation of the original club. The club’s official name was changed in 2013 with the SFA to the traditional name of Airdrieonians. As with the earlier team of the same name, this is often colloquially shortened to simply “Airdrie”.

How a Newco and an Oldco can trade under the exact same name is beyond me. I am sure the-behind-closed-doors agreement was down to TV revenue.


holy sea
6 years ago

Great picture of the Zombie ‘couple’.You would think they would have coordinated their taps,
with carling and ntl,was this taken at last Friday’s riots.
Great gesture by Celtic,giving to a needy cause.
As long as he gets ALL money due.As the dead club robbed the last charity game.
You have got to hand it to Ronny,with the kiss the badge Guidetti,on his way,Griffiths is now
the flavour of the month.Maybe,he is taking it too far,with his “world class left foot” compliment for Griffiths,but needs must.
He is learning.Scepovic and Guidetti won’t be here long,so give praise,to keep the Thumb on-side.

6 years ago

“who will wake up on sunday morning, get themselves full of beer, and wave knives at loan Celtic fans going to and from the game.”

This is getting effin ridiculous now Celtic, its bad enough loaning players, but we re bringing fans in on laon now too?

Joking obvs, great job as ever compiling this diary every day Ralph.

About the ad, I think it is important to keep that message out there, Hearts, Dunfermline etc went through very hard times so as to keep their continuity by exiting admin. Ra bears as we know didnt, and shouldnt be allowed to act as if liquidation & admin are one and the same. One is findiong agreemetn with creditors to pay them back a % of their debt – the other is walking away entirely from thsoe debts, and the distinction is important and should have consequences, regardless of Dancaster, Reagan etc say.

That said, I would have preferred a coaltion of fans from all clubs, as as far as I can see online (not the best gauge I agree) its only really 2nd Rangers followers who but this same club tosh, and it is going to be too easily dismssed as parnoid / bitter Tims if its celtic fans alone

Glad to see Griffiths get a run, long overdue, SCepovic however is not a loand signing, and I belive he too will prove a regular goal scorer if given regular games – he misses plenty, isnt overly dynamic, but he is usually in the right palce to miss them and I believe he’s a plyer.

Farewell Beram – you were good – quite some time ago.

holy sea
6 years ago

In my opinion,Scepovic at 2.3M,is another waste of scarce resources.You will probably see him punted in the summer,or more likely,as what’s becoming a feature for our duff strikers,he will be sent out on loan.

6 years ago

Henrik introduced to fans in paradise after he finally signed.

6 years ago

agree with the letter, just don’t get the point, why bother ourselves with them, lets just concentrate on giving them a football lesson, to me it just plays into the media’s hands & fans of the new club who say we’re obsessed.
Best just to ignore

Charlie Saiz
6 years ago
Reply to  DOODA


6 years ago

Kayal was never the same after a certain “crunching tackle.”

Today, Ross County. The Staggies.

Lustig/Denayer/Van Dijk/Izzy

I think 3-0 to the Bhoys.
Griffiths on the score sheet again.

With Aberdeen dropping more points, we need all 3 points ourselves. The game last night was dire and I would hate to lose a title to a team that can’t play real football as well as we usually try to do. It reminded me of the glory days of The Waistcoat—punt the ball down the pitch and hope to find a head.

As for Sevco, let’s keep the heid. Keep 11 men on the pitch and play our best football.Gordon, Brown, Izzy, Matthews, Mulgrew, Coomons, Stokes and Griffiths have played against Old Sevco (with various teams) so know how to play and what to expect from this new team from a lower division.

Off the pitch, walk softly but carry a big stick. Keep your heids. Let them show their true character. That’s usually not a problem. The wider media will be watching so let’s make sure they see what we already know.Our fans are not the problem and never are.Although Sevco is a brand new team that we have never played against, their fans used to support our old dead rivals and are probably the same old, same old…

Honest Hoops
6 years ago

The sheep are quiet since last nights result, St.johnstone should have scored a barrow load……seems familiar to me somehow??!!??

6 years ago

Way too soon to write off Guidetti. Of the boil for the moment but he is the only natural nr 9 at the club just now and he has the rest of the season to prove it conclusively. John Guidetti is the real thing- role on the coming months.

6 years ago

A few team injuries since my earlier post. I still have faith in Guidetti and would like him to play up front alongside Griffiths although Stokes and Griffiths work better together. C’mon the Hoops! Let’s begin to get some distance between us and the rest.

6 years ago

A win’s a win BUT..!
Why can’t we score more goals against mediocre opposition? Why the sideways/backward passes? Why the slow motion?

Give Commons what he asks for to get him to stay.
An idea? Clear out all the dead wood, dont replace them and use some of the money saved to pay higher salaries to Commons, Brown, Griffiths.
Has Guidetti had his chips?

Charlie Saiz
6 years ago
Reply to  Devoy45

That will be the 4-4-2 two up front some have been screaming for.
Boring,flat and predictable.

Back to 4-2-3-1 next week Ronny my son and for fuck sake don’t start Mathews he was absolutely pish today.

6 years ago
Reply to  Charlie Saiz

Agree he was poor mate but why single anyone out? Glad we got that out the way as we can surely not be as bad next week.
Not sure about 4-4-2 either Charlie, Giudetti was never up top from what I remember. Always in the No 10 position.

holy sea
6 years ago
Reply to  Gerry

Correct Gerry.
There was NO 2 up front.The front 4 interchanged.And basically got in each other’s road!

Charlie Saiz
6 years ago
Reply to  holy sea

Looked like a flat 4 in the middle to me.
Leaving Griffiths and Guidetti (who was also poor) to fumble around up top.
The only positive I drew from the game was the fact Commons dropped deep and contributed more than he has been doing.

Hopefully he continues to do that.

6 years ago

Three points and a clean sheet, if you have anything more to add that’s positive about those 90 minutes you’re better than I am.
Of course those are two of the most important things to get right so job done, roll on the Zombies! Let’s just get this nightmare week over with, and hopefully on to Ronnie’s first (of many) final(s).

Charlie Saiz
6 years ago

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