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Celtic Diary Thursday September 13

Thursday September 13
 Tony Watt, the man who dreads another player with the same surname joining Celtic, has been named as the young Player of the month for august, with two goals for his club and two for his country. Obviously flushed with success, he went on to say, on Celtics champions league prospects.
 “Barcelona are the best team in the world, but Benfica and Spartak are beatable. At home, even Barcelona are beatable.”
 Sitting at the same bar, late into the night, was new signing Efe Ambrose.
 “Lionel Messi is not a stranger to me because I played against him in the U-23 Olympic final, so he won’t pose many problems to me, I will do my best in marking him out.”
 “They’re pissed” said our mole , helping them to a taxi.
 Actually, the quotes are true, the circumstances a figment of my overactive imagination. At first, it does sound like the players haven’t quite realised the enormity of the task ahead, and then when you think about it, perhaps they are fully aware of whats coming, and are, as they say on the streets, “well up for it”
 It seems the feel good factor is still sky high at Celtic, and everyone is ready to do their bit, even if ronnie Cully, in the Evening Times claims that Lennon has a problem of his own making, in trying to keep the players all happy.
 That article is the last resort of any journalist who is trying to deny the inevitable. Celtic are doing well, and things could certainly get better. This season may yet be remembered for the demise of the corrupt club over kinning park way, but Neil lennon has wisely ignored all that, and continued on his own mission to bring back the thunder. The next couple of months will be a bit of a rollercoaster ride, but thats why we paid to get into the funfair in the first place.
 The three match packages for the home UCL games are now sold out, and only a few single tickets remain for the benfica game. these are the restricted view type, where you sit outside the club shop on a wee bench and listen to the radio.
 Emilio Izzaguerra, speaking in the Honduran press, after his side collected six points out of six in two games against Cuba, has criticised the negativity of the reports. “Its never a case that you just turn up and get three points, We won both games and collected six points. If we can get a point in Panama and a home draw against Canada we’ll get through” he said. Getting through here means to the final qualifying stage.
 Gary caldwell, speaking after Scotland collected two points out of six at home to Serbia and Macedonia said
 “The negativity which surrounds this group, whatever it is,whatever agenda people have against the manager or the players, it has to change.”
 He’s so nearly right. Except its the players and the manager who have to be changed.
 The SFA have looked into the use of an EBT to pay Brazilian flop Juninho back in 2005. There is no case to answer.
 The SFA have looked into the use of EBTs to pay dozens of Rangers players over an eleven year period and have set a date for a hearing.
 Charles Green has been on tv , and in his best “Ah remember when all this were fields ” voice, has said “Ah were always taught…” ,and went on to tell us that no matter what he has been taught, it seems to have gone in one ear and out of the other. He condemns the SFA, the SPL, MFI, DFS and anyone else he can think of, before telling his own supporters to buy more merchandise and to buy some shares, as soon as he can persuade the financial community to allow him to release them.
 With the octopus, ticketus scandals starting to make internet bampot land, and MSM journalists fretting about missing another story, we at ETims have been reassured that “not one of our investors will lose any money” by someone in a position to know these sort of things.
 Look, we all laugh and joke about Rangers, and we are all delighted by the comic entertainment that they have provided since the shit hit the fan and flew around the room, but no-one wants to see decent ,honest football supporters fleeced by shady dodgy businessmen.
 If you meet one today, take his crayon off him and spell out to him what is going to happen. However, the writing has been on the wall for some time. If they continue to ignore the warning signs, and actually give Green any money, simply because he is telling them what they want to hear, then frankly they deserve everything they get.
 Green himself is starting to get a wee bit desperate, perhaps he is afraid the message will get through to the Rangers support that perhaps he is not all that he seems. His rants have taken on the slant of a man who got himself into a position of power in Germany back in the thirties, and whilst it would be wholly wrong to draw any comparisons, if catholics start getting their windows smashed and he ends up having a go at Poland, I’m out of here.
 Now, a wee cal, for help to all tims based in London and the surrounding area. The Cock Tavern, in Euston is under threat of closure and as it is the home of the London no.1 and Undergoround CSCs, the guys down there want to make the Dundee televised game a show of solidarity to try to keep the place open. As an ex-pat myself, i can well understand the importance of a pub where you can go to meet like minded souls, a place where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came, so dig out the flags, banners and wallets and help keep this place open. We will remind you later on, but spread the word for now.
 Yesterdays wee teaser was correctly called by a few in the replies section below as Tony Watt, but i suppose it would give Andre Blackman something to think about as well.
 Today, think about this one. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. Celtic related obviously, but which two numbers should not be in that list , and why?
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11 years ago

At first i thought 4 and 5, free squad numbers but Ambrose has taken 4 hasn’t he?

Run Sammy Run
11 years ago

6 and 7 shouldn’t be in the list. If you take the other consecutive numbers and convert them into years then those are years where we didn’t win the league.
So..we didn’t win the league in 23, 34, 45, 56, 78 or 89…but we did win it in 67.

11 years ago

Really enjoyable article, Ralph. The odd laugh was there but your serious stuff took the prise today. Sorry, but my brain could never work out the teaser even if the answers were next to the question. At 01.30 hrs, there is simply no chance, though I think years when we won leagues or trophies might come into it somehow or other. Keep the flag flying and I wish you all the best with the pub. A few years ago when I was fit enough to join them, the bhoys in Newcastle had a similar problem trying to get a regular place and missed a lot of matches as a result. I think it is sorted now and I know they have a well established CSC. All the best with your campaign anyway.


11 years ago
Reply to  Pensionerbhoy

Records just came to mind. The first to win things or winning one ofs e.g. Exhibition Cup? Naw, too tired.


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