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Caption Contest – Charlie Oh Boy!

Well you asked for it, and now its here…dont say we don’t listen to you!

Here its is, an all singing, all dancing ( you sure – Ed?) Caption Contest, and with the new site it means you can give your gags straight away and dont need to wait on one of the team sobering up long enough to actually gather them together and load onto the site.

Please remember the first rule of Caption Contest Club. There are no rules. If its funny, it gets published. We dont care if its rude, sweary, nasty or even anatomically impossible, if its funny, it will get published. If your easily offended then your obviously not a regular ( just mistyped the word rhegular there…maybe use that from now on!)

As its Internationals weeks  and while we await oor dour Craig getting his jotters..this initial Caption Contest shows the epitome of Scottish limitations and we ask you…

Can you supply a suitable caption for this picture of Mr Charles Adams?


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11 years ago

“Hey Hutton Ra boss sed tae brush ma teeth cos awiz suffering fae sum halioto-sumat or otha. Breath smells fine tae me!! Wot dae u think big fella?”

tommy kelly
11 years ago

Mmmnn… this pie’s good.

11 years ago

“oh christ. Is my sister here todayl

11 years ago

‘Yes, I had a dual contra…” Oops.

11 years ago

Naisey taught me this at training the other day. It’s from his last days at Ibrox. He said they were so f*cking skint that Sally told them to pretend they had a glove to smell.

Stewart Millar
11 years ago

Auch Naw! That’s Dug Shite!

11 years ago

Watchin this cac has given me the dry boak

11 years ago

Cannae believe Im still getting away wi this!

11 years ago

That smells like the goat’s urine wee Jimmy Bell used to make us sniff before comin’ oan as a sub!

11 years ago

Shit ive left the oven on.

Mick M
11 years ago

Where did I leave ma sister’s pants? Can still smell them!

11 years ago

Ahhh Nooooooo, my agent’s jist telt me that Sevco’s been oan the phone asking if a want tae be part a thir new history…….

11 years ago

cannae remember what it wis that wee fergie and mcshagger done the last time they wir boooed fae the Tartan army….I hink it wis summin like this………….

11 years ago

Surprise kebab burp!

11 years ago

i can still smell ma maw….

11 years ago

Christ, Kenny headed that one away from their goal.

Tony P
11 years ago

Is that my namesake Chico Green streaking naked across the Hampden turf trying to draw attention to himself (again)?

11 years ago

Are you taking the p***? Scotland to win!

11 years ago

This is what Charles Green should be doing regarding EBTs

Lenny Bruce
11 years ago

Oh shite.

I’m going to be really, really bald.

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