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Celtic Diary Monday April 7

Turnbull Hutton , chairman of Raith Rovers and defender of honour within Scottish football had his day in the sun yesterday as his side beat the new Rangers to lift the Ramsdens Cup at Easter Road.

It might be some time before he stops smiling.

And the same goes for anyone else with an interest in seeing football recover from the years of abuse it took from a club, now in liquidation, that ignored the rules and even carried on as though nothing had happened when they were rumbled.

For those of us who used to count the old club as a serious rival, and laughed at supporters of the new one when they said they were still pretty much on a level with us, yesterday couldn’t have been more enjoyable if Colombian singer Shakira had turned up at the front door with a case of beer asking if she could audition for a part in my new film, Me And The Dancer Stranded On A Desert Island For A Year, and offering to pay her own expenses.

Perhaps its because all the same peepil who used to support our old rivals, or perhaps its the fact that the players and management of the new club have adopted the arrogant posturing of the old one, but deep down, theres no laughter like that aimed at Ibrox.

And it was all so promising for their captain as well…

Photo: I'm thinking this was a bit premature ya crayon eating wanker

Still , he lifted his Ramsdens Runners Up medal with dignity, and it will join his UEFA Cup runners -up medal on the mantelpiece, which is in itself surely an unprecedented double.

Actually, apart from the dozen or so arrests yesterday, it seems the support all crawled off home, perhaps this game really has shown them what everyone else already knew, which is exactly how far they have fallen.

Oh hang on, except for this guy.

Despite clear instructions as to how to exit the premises, he seems to be a bit confused. I’m not going to make his day worse with a cheeky comment , because with his club taking a battering , he’s probably already a bit miserable.

So theres no point in reminding him that his flag will be obselete as well in a few months.

With newspapers up and down the land cancelling their tributes to promising rookie manager Ally McCoist, its worth taking a moment to remember yesterdays pre match headline, from the Sunday Mail;

Ramsdens Cup Final: Rangers

manager Ally McCoist believes

that next seven days will tell

how far his team has come

Well, I think we can safely say that the first of those seven days has given us a fairly accurate summation.

McCoist was unavailable for comment immediately after the game, but paused later to tell the BBC that he wasn’t worried about getting the sack.

In fact , we hear he went out for a chat with his bosses , so they could tell him their ideas about moving forward.

Some of the  players were less than happy as well, Ian Black, the midfield general especially. As a player who could probably have played at a higher level, he may well be thinking how he could possibly recover the pride lost at Easter Road yesterday. Because it was, of course , only pride he lost. Contrary to popular belief, the slur that he had Raith to win in ninety minutes is simply not true.

However, you can tell by his face he’s already dreading his latest account statement from his bookie.


Still, he always has his previous career as a decorator to fall back on.

Mind you, he’ll probably have to wait for his money if he takes that job on. Hearts could go under as well as down this week. Which if nothing else makes them the most flexible  team in the country.

Apologies for spending so much time mocking the new face of Scottish football, but football is an emotional game.

Laughter is the best emotion of all, and watching their game yesterday, when Raith scored, I let out an instinctive cheer.

You can’t argue with your gut reaction.

Actually, after watching Dundee United against Celtic, Ally McCoist has probably already had a gut reaction of his own.

Back to the world, and Chris Hughton has been sacked as manager of Norwich, launching specualtion that neil Lennon will head to the eastcoast of England to further his career.  The BBC reported;

Celtic manager Neil Lennon says “it is always flattering” to be linked with jobs but that he is in a “stable situation”, when quizzed about replacing the sacked chris Hughton  at Norwich.

The former Northern Ireland international finds it “a privilege” to a manage a “great club” in Scotland.

The Record told us that;

NEIL LENNON was last night installed as second favourite for the Norwich job after the Canaries axed boss Chris Hughton.

Whereas common sense told us that its not a story at all.

Leigh Griffiths. Now theres a story.

With thousands of Celtic fans now worrying that a song that cast doubt on the sexuality of Ian durrant back in the eighties is the subject of a retrospective police investigation, the controversy over the alleged singalong in an Edinburgh bar continues.

The SFA are investigating, and a cell has been prepared for the striker at Guantanamo Bay, as calls for his sacking and subsequent execution continue.

Celtic are in a difficult position here, but also have a chance to do something constructive about the young mans obvious inability to conduct himself maturely in public.

A couple of weeks helping refugees in Glasgow would be a start, and would not only help Griffiths realise the folly of his ways, but could also raise public awareness about a real and serious issue.

However, its all down to Neil Lennon. On the one hand, he knew that with Griffiths came a certain amount of baggage-supporters have been quick to remind themselves of his unforgivable “fuck off back to your own country ” tweet.

Only Lennon can decide if he thinks the striker is worth the effort.

It looks like he is going to concentrate fully on this matter. With no game this coming weekend, the players have been given time off. Virgil van Dijk was in the airport at 6am this morning.

Derek Riordan was the previous failed project hinted at in yesterdays pictures. and theres been a few of them.

But an active social life need not be a barrier to greatness, if managed correctly. Like this guy.



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8 years ago

They just keep on giving.

I used to wish they would disappear in a nuclear type explosion but this lingering death by a thousand laughs is just brilliant.

Bring on United.

Iain McAllister
8 years ago

Hamish McBagpipe or Angus McSporran?

Iain McAllister
8 years ago

See you jimmy buy the shield.

8 years ago

fat sally doesnt fear for his job hes dead right the new rangers dont have the wonga to pay him off

8 years ago

Isn’t it just WONDERFUL. What a bunch of twats. Which chin are you taking it on fat person? Hh

8 years ago

Got to be the genius that was Jinky.

8 years ago

P.s. Does anyone know what that c-nt Doncaster was doing in the clumpany of the Orc board. (C daily retard photo gallery of cup final)? Hh

8 years ago
Reply to  Phaco

We discuss this on the latest Podcast.

His face was tripping him to be fair to Doncaster…who would want to be stuck next to the Ibrox Board? even him!

8 years ago
Reply to  Desimond

Thanks Desimond. Will listen in. Hh

8 years ago

I do remember an old firm Glasgow cup final with the best part of 100,000 at the game, (this is when we only used to play each other only twice a season on the league), the Rangers support almost to a man advising us that Paul Wilson’s ancestry came form a country with a warmer climate than ours, the chant was “Wilson’s a darkie”. The Celtic support responded by pointing out they would much rather have that ancestry then theirs, “I’d rather be a darkie than a hun”.

I am now hiding in the cupboard.

8 years ago
Reply to  Dougalarse

“I’d rather be a darkie than a hun… ” – Strange how that didn’t seem offensive at the time. It was more like an 80’s equivalent of We Are All Neil Lennon … cue next Saturday’s trending topic on Twitter – #WeAreAllArabs

Charlie Saiz
8 years ago
Reply to  Dougalarse

I also seem to remember singing..
♫ I would rather wear a Turban than a Sash ♫
Through the misty haze of El Dorado in the Jungle
Dedicated in part I believe to Mohammed Salim.

8 years ago

PS, I know the above is wrong but that’s the way things were then and no malice was intended, certainly not by me. I don’t expect the younger ones to understand because they have been educated better in these things.

tam the tim
8 years ago

Was down Easter Road yesterday in my taxi. My God, what an ugly bunch of bastards. It’s been so long since I’ve seen them I kind of forgot what they looked like. Not a pretty sight.

8 years ago
Reply to  tam the tim

If you picked up any of their fares, make sure you disinfect the seats …

8 years ago
Reply to  tam the tim


Aye, and the support aren’t any better.


PS I just realised your abbreviation is like an island race for motor bikes with badly tuned engines :).

8 years ago

Jimmy Johnstone.

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Upbraided by the newspapers who have brought us years of anti-immigration rhetoric with no sense of irony. I, however, am in the get him oot camp. I doubt hes any more racist than the knuckle draggers who are numerous and spout this kind of rubbish at any opportunity, but I think we should expect more and better. If this is still the Celtic I hope it is, he has no place with us.

holy sea
8 years ago
Reply to  Dermot

Dermot, rather OTT re Griffiths.
Yes,Sparky isn’t the brighest spark.Sack him ? No.More a case
of educating him,how a Celtic player conducts himself off the park.

Ralph,geat diary.Why apologise for mocking Sevco ? Even in jest,it is great to revel in their misery.The MSM will rally
round Sleekit,I hope he stays.He has after all created his own
unique managerial history.9-in-a-WOE,being put out of cup competitions.
Will his MSM friends ask if this rookie manager needs a MENTOR ?

8 years ago

now now tam the polis will be after you for that comment

John Murray
8 years ago

‘They’ll be dancing in the streets of Raith’!

8 years ago

the fat salary is praying for the sack and they cant afford to sack him

Big nutz
8 years ago

I often forget how much you like Shakira…….

8 years ago

wtf, twice I’ve tried to post today, and no joy…I feel like Pensionerbhoy!

8 years ago
Reply to  elcormaco


I have spare pills if you need them. And stop that heavy breathing.


8 years ago


I have no time to write a full comment and to be honest today’s diary does not need one. Cometh the hour; cometh the man and Sally has been comin’ it for years now. But they will still give him big bear hugs even in the midst of their stupor.

I actually watched the game, well on fast forward to make it look like football, after I knew the score, of course. The bit I loved best was the exodus. It was like the the dead rising n the last day. There is no way they would have congratulated Raith Rovers but, you know, unwittingly, they probably paid the best tribute they could to Raith by simply getting out of their sight as soon as possible. I read Paul Brennan’s article on C.Q.N. (you know what is done with the best wine, Ralph) where he argued that McCoist’s remaining at Ibrox was intrinsic to the decline of the club currently operating from there and he wanted their humiliation to continue through to being in the top flight. I can see where he is coming from but for me the quicker the canker goes the more comfortable I will be. It is like the wee tolly in the cludgy. You can smell it has been there. You know it should have gone with the flush but it somehow lingers on. But while it is no danger to anyone, it is an embarrassment being in your loo and you would rather it was just GONE! I kind of feel just like that.

Anyway, I am off to listen to some classical radio – the podcast!

Rest in peace wee man.


Charlie Saiz
8 years ago

I have only one thing to say to Fat Sally regarding the woeful display in the Ramsden Cup Final…

Away and Crisp n Dry yer eyes

8 years ago

Mon The Arabs!!!!!!!!!

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