Sallys Stakes
Sally bought a burger bar, to boost The Rangers’ fund
The Ibrox staple diet, aimed at those he thought rotund
With stakes in his beloved club, his life would be complete
But the steaks that he referred to, were slabs of bloody meat.
The sight of burgers frying with sweet sauces on the shelf
Was more than he could handle so he ate them all himself.
He brought in Lee McCulloch to boost his weekly sales
But insistent on a weigh-in, big Lee broke the bloody scales.
Covered in the greasy stuff, fat dripping from his chin
He knew he had to change his ways so gulped a Mickey Finn,
He may not make much money even if he buys some shares 
But he’ll always be the blue eyed boy to all his handsome Bears.
Slimming pills and skinny cokes, Sally’s even off the beer
Sweating buckets every day and always feeling queer
But that’s not down to exhaustion or too much exercise
It’s that Charlie Green has confiscated all the bloody pies!
The Holy Poet.
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9 years ago


You’re ‘bard’ from Ibrox!


The Holy Poet
9 years ago
Reply to  Pensionerbhoy

What? Again!!!

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