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The Mole

The Mole by Brian53

She was not having a good morning and it was getting to her. ‘N’ sighed and decided to search her office once more, but they definitely weren’t there. This had never happened before and she wasn’t quite sure how to handle it. The batteries had run out almost first thing, what use was it without batteries? Her re-supply drawer behind the false bookcase was empty, it had been filled just yesterday afternoon, and so what was going on.

Denied her carnal pleasure ‘N’ was beginning to unravel. They knew they had a mole as sensitive information had been leaking from the department for months now. Who could it be? Vetting as always was in triplicate, no Catholic educated here. Her mind drifted back to her immediate crisis “will someone get me fuckin batteries” she screamed.

Head waited for the seventh ring before answering, he had heard all about the crisis. Bhoy was he relieved to hear the buzz in the background. She had wanted an update on the latest departmental project “Operation Neanderthal” The new rising star within the organization had come up with the idea and it was perfect. Flood the Tim blogs with the most obnoxious people out there, prerequisite, no intelligence, no education and most importantly no morals. They would stand out like sore thumbs on the Tim blogs. She wanted his new rising star to find the mole. “Now” she had screamed.

He was relieved to put the phone down as she had been relieved just minutes before and the conversation had been coming in gasps. He buzzed his secretary “Get me Smiley”

Smiley listened intently as Head outlined the problem, he took off his glasses and slowly cleaned them before replying. “No problem Head, I’m on it”

George Francis Smiley closed the door of his apartment. He opened the top drawer of the dresser, it was jammed full of batteries. He made the sign of the cross, saying, “Bless me, Father, for I have sinned.”

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