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What’s that coming over the hill?

What’s that coming over the hill?

The mirror that you’re looking at, can’t see the monster in your mind
You feel your face, touch your head; there is nothing you can find
It comes out when you’re not expecting it, takes you by surprise
As you look again in the mirror, there is nothing for your eyes

The monster it evades you, as if it knows just what you seek
Only comes up to the surface, when you’re drunk and weak
Your friends don’t seem to notice as they’re joining in the fun
Taken over by their monsters, each and every one

When you wake up in the morning, you forget that it was there
Seems like a dark and distant memory, for its hiding in its lair
Defend your right to free speech, to make your political view
The violence was the monster, because you know “It wiznae you”

by Brian53


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Charlie Saiz
9 years ago


The Holy Poet.
9 years ago

Brilliant Brian, love it. Very apt

9 years ago

Nice 1 M8!

Frank McGaaaarvey
9 years ago

Excellent Brian. No need to deny it was you who wrote the poem!

9 years ago

There must be sunshine after rain

Tam McGraw
9 years ago

Excellent poem!….But wasted on those it’s aimed at, as they’re way too thick to understand…..

9 years ago

They are way too thick! We live in a democracy and the police have only being doing their job! These thugs espouse freedom in the form of anarchy and violence. They have been shown for what they are. Drink or being at a match is no excuse. They are thugs.period.
Well done cfc for chucking them out. Their use of our club as a cover for their unacceptable behaviour and espoused hatred in the form their beliefs take is finally ended.
Let them behave like this in society then we can lock them up for everyone’s safety and well being. Selfish bastards. Gtf GB! We don’t want you back.

9 years ago

aw’ atwiz nice witzitawaboot

9 years ago

as for the GEEEN BRIGADE you have a right to appeal any decision that PETER THE GREAT,DISHES OUT,safe in the knowledge that you will have a fair trial, then H A N G E D IN THE MORNING, ARRIVEDERCI BRIGADO VERDANO

9 years ago

These in the gb sing about atrocities they know very little about they sing about fighting forces they would never would have been part off , grow up guys piece has broke out in Ireland lets leave the past where it belongs and look to the future of our great club and get back the good name off the celtic faithfull,hail hail

9 years ago

Enjoyable but the insinuations are worrying. The efforts to find a solution seem to have turned into a chaotic and lynch-mob style witch hunt. I see clearly what is wrong. But, without all the facts, I make no judgement on what is the correct remedy. And I will be damned if I will jump to conclusions about WHO is to be penalised.
They say we should be careful what we ask for. There may be no better time than now to heed these words.


9 years ago

Totally agree pensionerbhoy. Clear heads are needed here.Try not to be roped in by all the negative press because it was Celtic fans.Parkhead used to get wrecked everytime the orks came with little to no mention from the MSM.

9 years ago

Please please don’t start defending the people who are dragging us all into the gutter. The club have bent over backwards to try and accommodate them and the last few weeks have been their reward for all the hard work. Their were in excess of 80,000 of us in Seville and no trouble we do not need this or them.
HH Keep the faith

9 years ago

Lots of passionate views here and a few sober counter thoughts on the current Green Brigade based issue.

Remember, we are open to all views here at ETims, no party line will ever be held and we’re happy to publish any decent point of argument and if it gets everyones dander up one way or another, good, an emotive family that talks things out is one Celtic dearly need.

If you fancy sending in your thoughts, e-mail them to

Tommy bhoy
9 years ago

First of all I have been a big admirer of the GB and the colour and fun they bring to home games, but I’m afraid enough is enough guys. I know the media are loving this just now and we shouldn’t be helping them destroy our good name. Unfortunately the GB has recruited a new type of casual which seems intent on causing trouble for our great club. I know not all the GB are trouble makers but it’s time these people were shown the door as they don’t belong in paradise.
Keep the faith my fellow Tims
HH tommyc

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