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Etims Podcast 21 – Milan, Messi & Marching On!

Desi and Ralph Malph are kindly joined tonight by Michael Greenwell ( follow him on Twitter at  @mgreenwell)

from the excellent to discuss the important matters of both yesterday, today and even tomorrow!

Topics and delights include

  • Milan game – Thoughts on team performance, tactics and we wonder is it time for a reality check?

  • Diary Debate – We mull over great rants and thoughts from The ETims Diary on Board and beyond

  • Barcelona – Poor Mr Pique, will that guy ever catch a break?

  • St Johnstone – Complacency beware

  • Scotlands Independence referendum  – One year to go, some Campaign chat and some  Shankly!

  • An exclusive track from Giffnocks finest political-joke-music-combo to close!

Enjoy on Spreaker, iTunes and player below



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10 years ago


Really enjoyable listen. Leaves the eternal quandaries of IF,BUT,WHY. Though the various topics provide the heights of interesting discussion and debate, change is pretty unlikely. It never has in my lifetime, so it is more secure not to build any great expectations. We are fated to enjoy a journey with some hope, no matter how remote, we might reach the final station of a second Lisbon wonderland. Come on guys, we are entitled to a good moan when the train runs out of steam before getting to LisbonII but, in the end, let’s just enjoy the stations we get to for the moment as the best available in any given season. As they say “That’s fitba!” – and I wouldn’t know what to do without it.

Barcelona result B 15 – C 0, then if it is only 14-0 we will be over the moon!


10 years ago


Yours was an interesting point, but as I said (badly) in the podcast, the cards are stacked against us (and other big teams in small leagues) in a way that we haven’t seen before.

FIFA and UEFA initiatives to make the game more meritocratic should be treated with deep suspicion.

10 years ago

Because they give it lip service but as long as the money keeps rolling in they have no real interest in doing so.

10 years ago


The apathy has eaten at my poor liver for years but you are right agony for nothing. Self is the only interest. Maybe that is why so much corrupt or “unsporting” behaviour is accepted or overlooked at every level of governance. We could end up with little more than sore throats shouting from the rooftops. But, as Ralph and Desi will confirm, I do love a good scream – when I am not stalking 🙂


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