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Celtic Dairy Monday September 9

“You’ve made today special for me, my family and for all these players. Thank you very much.

“I said I wouldn’t cry but I couldn’t hold it. It was an absolute privilege.

“I’m just happy to see my family every day.

“It is just great. I nearly started crying but I held it. I was in a dark place a year-and-a-half ago.

“They have always been brilliant to me. It’s been amazing. Today I’m here with all these friends and the Celtic family. It’s incredible.”

It would have been a very , very hard man indeed who was not moved by Stilian Petrovs words and tears at the end of yesterdays charity match between his select and a team of Celtic legends.

60,000 people turned up to show their support for Stilian, his family and the charity he has given his name to, and after the game, the crowd singing You’ll Never Walk Alone was too much for the Bulgarian, and,   as he hugged his youngest son, the tears came. Though they weren’t too far away at the start of the game either.

Who could blame him ? Yesterday was a celebration of life itself. For Stan, for his wife and for his kids, and if the charity he has started helps just one person with this awful condition then it was all worth it.

The crowd turned up in such numbers not only to raise money, but also to see one or two heroes from the past. Some of them took it in their stride, such as Lubomir Moravcik, who made the bus wait for him  at the shop on the way to the ground.


Henrik Larsson scored a penalty, and when the Magnificent Seven theme echoed around the ground, thousands of people  hurriedly donned their sunglasses, just as they did when he came back out to say cheerio after that game against Dundee Utd all those years ago.

Bobo Balde played the game like he was after a new contract, and Robert Pires will be looking over his shoulder for a while yet- and when Eastenders finishes and that drum beat starts my bet is he’ll sprint out of the living room and off down the street. Johann Mjallby wasn’t to be outdone either, and he showed the youth of today how to make a tackle count.

Tommy Boyd did his bit too, and  he conceded a  penalty in the second half. John Bishop, another example of the great Liverpool comic dynasty, milked the booing from the crowd, before striking a piss poor penalty which was  saved by Rab Douglas.

Piss poor and John Bishop in the same sentence. Thats me applying for a job as a tv critic. ( Note, if you are ever tempted to investigate the great Liverpudlian comedian myth, don’t bother. There are no funny Liverpudlians, except possibly Ken Dodd. )

John Bishop is a bloke who goes to the Red Admiral in Runcorn, and then stands and listens to witty Scottish chaps telling a hilarious story about his son being born, before re-telling it on a tv show years later, word for bloody word.  ( If you were to search the words Liverpool and theft, however, theres hundreds of examples. Strangely, though, not this one. )

Louis Tomlinson, a member of boy band 1 direction, offered to sing after the match.

Then , when someone played him a tape of his band, he decided not to sing after all.

However, as was evident during the games when he got the ball- the high pitched cheers which meant a blind man would have known he was in possession-he has a lot of fans, and probably put a few thousand on the ticket sales. So, fair play to the wee fellow, but he needs to keep his fans in check..

No doubt Agbonlahor has woken up to threats crayonned all over his car this morning.

Who’d have thought it though, in this cynical , greedy word that a manufactured pop star hogs the headlines after a charity match….

Surely not, and hell mend me for even thinking it.

Something else that should not even be thought about is the story of Lee Tomlin, the guy who Celtic made three bids for on the last day of the transfer window, and amazingly, Celtic are going to bid again in the summer, according to the Express.

Even the player doesn’t seem happy about it.


Actually, thats not what he was thinking at all. The game he is playing in was a cup tie, and it went to extra time, which meant the chippy would be shut by the time he was on his on his way home.

Serious stuff over at the BBC, where the old adage of my auntie having baws and being my uncle may in fact be re written to ” if my auntie had baws it would once again be a well respected broadcasting  institution rightly feared and respected throughout the world. ”

We may well be about to see Auntie Beebs baws as the London hq has been alerted to the masonic Glasgow branch and its somewhat distorted view on events in Govan over the last year. Jim Spence, the reporter who broke ranks to do some accurate reporting on Firat and Second Rangers , is clearly unhappy that the BBC have not given him one hundred per cent support, and there is a wee bit to run on this story.

It could, as they say, go either way. Spence has told the truth about Sevco/ Rangers / Second Rangers and their new club status was inferred when he called John McLelland a director of the old club.

Second Rangers fans , still in denial over the death of their club, and still pouring their pennies into the one owned by the  faceless asset strippers, have complained about Spences words.

Then  BBC Scotland sort of apologised, then the hordes said it wasn’t enough.

Actually , it may be enough. BBC London has stayed out of all the shennannigans in Glasgow, but intervention now would be interesting.

We shall wait and see.

Bobby ( a policeman ) Petta ( petter engine ) was yesterdays answer, and today we have these..


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9 years ago

Tommy Johnson

9 years ago

Tommy johnston. First one i ever got right, i hope.

Dave kerr
9 years ago

Tommy Johnson

9 years ago

Too easy. I take it back.I think I’d rather have one of those really obtuse & cryptic ones – ‘Though last week’s Peter Latchford one was just a tad too far, somewhere in-between would be better.

9 years ago

Tommy Callaghan, Dick Advocaat, Owen Archdeacon or Crawford Baptie

9 years ago

Did somebody called Sodjer Bawbag play for Sellic?

Charlie Saiz
9 years ago
Reply to  CarlJungleBhoy

Your getting confused with Romanian hatchet man Kaiser Soadjie who was on trial with us in the John Barnes era CB

9 years ago
Reply to  Charlie Saiz

Ah I see.. Didn’t Barnes also sign that other usual suspect – Scheidt?

9 years ago

Armed Forces and a guy of Turkish descent…is this a refeence to Ally and Durranty in a Kebab shop?

Green Lantern
9 years ago

Private Asshole.

George lazenby
9 years ago
Reply to  Green Lantern

Is that his rent boy name?

San Miguel
9 years ago

I notice it is the Celtic Dairy today – was going to point it out earlier but didn’t want to milk it…… I’ll get my coat.

9 years ago

Forget Tommy Johnson! The answer – in Peter Latchford overly obscure cryptic stylee – can be deduced as follows:

The 1st pic is a certain “Tommy Atkins”,the 2nd is “Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson” (!).If you take the “son” away from “Johnson” & add it to Tommy, you get John Thomas.If you then stop playing with your willy and come out of the John, you’re left with Thomas.

Now, if then them merge the surnames Atkins & Johnson, you get Atkinson, which – combined with the picture of a soldier reminds you of Blackadder IV and – by a cunning plan – makes you think of Rowan Atkinson. Rowan in Norwegian is Rogne (honest!) so the answer is



9 years ago
Reply to  CarlJungleBhoy

Wow…that was like watching Ted Rogers ecplain an obscure clue on the old gameshow 3-2-1 ( everyone is doing that fingers thing now!)

9 years ago

It was great to see Martin’s old team again, big Bobo’s tackles and the skills of Henk, Lubo et al.

Stan’s reception brought a tear to the eye and it was great to see him well again. Great game with all involved enjoying the occasion.

Shame to see the usual suspects at Newcastle united doing their best to put a taint on the occasion. The bastards never miss an opportunity, mind you supporting a team that’s been so bad for so many years must make them envious of others that have such an illustrious history.

There was a sleeping dwarf that awoke
Spitting its usual venom as it spoke
A mediocre football team
Won nothing it would seem
Newcastle United just didn’t get the joke.

9 years ago
Reply to  Brian53

I was thinking what a great goal scoring partnership Van Hooidonk (52 goals for Celtic in 84 appearances!) and Henke Larsson wouldve made – If only P-Air hadn’t gone greedily chasing $’s at Forest. Correct me if I’m wrong but – even though both were at Feyenoord at different times -I dont think they’d ever played together before? Pity. It wouldve been a lethal partnership

9 years ago
Reply to  CarlJungleBhoy

Yes it would have been.

A few players left under a cloud in those days!

9 years ago

Is todays Diary sponsored by Wisemans……DAIRY..??????

9 years ago
Reply to  jim ward

Stop milking it you.BTW I have it on good authority that “DAIRY” is Serbo-Croat for diarrhoea. Also, I hear some fans of 2nd (or is it 3rd) Rangers are equally annoyed at the spelling. They insist it should be known (phonetically) as LondonDairy

9 years ago


Sorry. Originally posted this in yesterday’s diary instead of today’s dairy!


I did an extended version but your moderator must be as exhausted as me.

Best wishes to Stan. Thanks to all involved. Proud, proud, proud of you Celtic Supporters and glad to be one of you.

Finally thanks to my wife and family for making it possible for me to be there. The walk to the ground and the climb to 404 was utterly exhausting but if had killed me it would have been worth it. Eternally grateful for an exceptional experience. Still greetin!


9 years ago
Reply to  Pensionerbhoy

No moderator by the cybermod, seems you keep annoying the computer cause none of us reject any submissions, once you have posted up once, then thats you in the Post-Freely club as far as sites concerneed, so therefore we may conclude that
a: Your computers pish
b: Your pish
c: Its just all pish.
You could correct this but writing a weekly “How the DAIRY annoyed me this week” article and we could post. Would be like the Cure lyrics
“Monday, it just ignored me, Tuesday I got through by half passed 3..”

9 years ago

Green Lantern….PMSFL!!! Priceless m8..
“Private Arsehole” Belter..

You mad about ETims or just plain mad? Why not buy the t-shirt at