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Etims Podcast 19 – CL Draw – The Gamble pays off!

After a wonderful team performance against SheepKiller Karagandy, Ralph Malph and Desi Mond gather together to discuss the wonder that is another Champions League Draw and our Group of Champions. A truly fitting end of the beginning to this pressure filled season which all led up to the moment of James Forrests great strike.


Also up for discussion were possible signings, the joke that never stops raising a laugh over in Govan and just who thought Wesley Snipes and Andy Ritchie would pop up together on Etims?

Listen here via our Etims Spreaker site:


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9 years ago

In stark contrast to your Sky observations I listened to Sportsound wae Jingle Jangle and Murder MacLEOD. They decided to dedicate a quarter of their show to tax doging De Boer and Ajax’s chances in the CL! And I’m forced to pay for this pash.
They also had a piece on match rigging with a brief interview with Tony Higgins. Again another quarter of the programme was set aside for this and not once was Black’s name raised never mind Gordon Park’s revelations.
The biggest kept secret just now is that it’s Purge Night every night.

9 years ago
Reply to  MarkyBhoy

I couldnt believe Chris McLaughlin “Oh woe…doomed…doomed I tell you”. It was up Pompeii meets Champions League time. While the worlds Media salute the Group of Nobility….the Scottish Media gnash and wail.

9 years ago
Reply to  Desimond

I don’t mean to disrespect or underestimate the opposition but we’ve beaten better Milan teams with less. Barca are a year older and Ajax are in the middle of selling their star assets. I think it could’ve been a lot harder.
I listened to a bit of Talkshite last night too and they hardly covered Man U “cos they’ve got a by”. Oh really? So I’m putting a sneaky fiver on them this morning not getting out of the group.

9 years ago

Really enjoyed that, kept wanting to comment as I was listening. Excellent banter, looking forward to the next podcast.

9 years ago

Ah well. Nowhere to be seen. What made me think my comments would fair any better on the podcast?

Your verbals as as good as your texts.


9 years ago

podcast sounds very professionally produced to start with these days.

thankfully the actual content ,like Juninho ,fails to live up to a fancy dan start and is the half arsed Peter Grant like honest journeyman pash I love

Hail Hail good stuff lads

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