Resistance is Futile

As part of the Celtic Fiction series, Brian53 takes a look into the near future…be afraid, be very afraid


Resistance is Futile


The clock chimes in the basement flat just off Byres Road announcing midnight and the first day of May 2016.  Everyone sitting at the table looked over at the blackout curtain hoping that the scream of the siren isn’t coming this way.  The tension eases slightly as the noise fades into the distance and the illicit bottle of Irish whiskey and puff sticks are distributed around the table once more.
It has been nearly two months now since independence and the mayhem that followed.  The Collective, once known as the SNP, were quick to introduce martial law and the curfews were now a way of life for the citizens of this once proud country.  The effects on sport and football in particular were devastating, the SPFL was no more and several of its teams now banned from participating in any sport at any level.  The catalyst for this had been the failure of the Collective run team operating out of ‘The Govan Stand’ to emerge from the old Scottish First Division.
Demolished in late May 2015, Ibrox stadium was now no more than a grassy knoll around a once great football field that had seen many a famous player.  Standing terracing more suitable to the first division replaced the old asbestos ridden buildings, the only memento being the great marble staircase that takes you up to the macaroon van at the top of the main terrace.
Forming a new top division in July 2015, The Scottish Collective of Associate Members was ready in time for the coming season.  SCAM was by invitation only and precluded all banned clubs from the SPFL. Aberdeen, Hibernian, Celtic and Ross County had all been disbanded and their stadiums destroyed in a similar fashion as Rome had inflicted upon Carthage.   This was hard on all the clubs and their fans, particularly Ross County who had been SPFL champions in the previous season.
Driven underground the fans of these once great teams formed an organisation aptly named CHARADE (Celtic, Hibernian, Aberdeen, Ross County against despot empires) and held meetings on a weekly basis at 3pm every Saturday.
Today’s meeting had gone on longer than usual as the game at Ibrox had been abandoned with 2 minutes to go with the home team losing 3-0 and needing a win to avoid relegation for the First time in their history! The referee, an aging Dallas drone had said that he had no option as his implant had warned him of crowd trouble from visiting Dumbarton fans intent on celebrating their league championship with a pitch invasion at the end of the game.  A SCAM representative said immediately after the game that they backed all their drones 100% and said that all drone implants had been working normally on that day.
Peter reread the match report for the thousandth time, shaking his head as he did so.  How had it come to this, he looked around the table at the representatives of the other clubs, could he trust them?  At that moment, the door burst open and the room filled with Glasgow Constabulary Collective Drones (GCCD). The near darkness was now full of flashing implants as the Chief Drone looked at Peter and said, “We are the Borg. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.”

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8 years ago


The scifi of today is the reality of tomorrow. With a little bit of luck Celtic may have escaped to a neutral country by then. Talking of drones reminds me of the commentaries in store for us again this season, Robbie the Robot (Forbiden Planet of BBC)McLean and Wall-E (waste disposer) Nevin, Delahunt The Terminator (when the phone in is not going his way) etc., etc.


8 years ago

Trouble is they don’t want us to know fact from fiction!

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