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Celtic Diary Wednesday April 24

Celtic have officially announced a drop in season book prices. As a result, alcoholic beverages have now been banned in the boardroom and an investigation is underway to find out who came up with that idea.


Alright, thats unfair. The club has to be applauded for a fantastic move which will see £100 taken off the price of an adult book, the £50 book for under 13s, under 16s at just £105, and 17-18 at £186. This means Dad and two weans can go to the game for less than twenty five poubds, which is remarkable. This will rise to seventy pounds if you buy the young uns a burger and a coke, but just take sandwiches.

Through gritted teeth, and with a tear in his eye, Peter Lawwell said;

“Celtic has enjoyed a wonderful title winning 125th birthday season and I congatulate Neil and all the players for what they have done. We now have back to back SPL titles, secured a Scottish Cup final place and have put Scottish football back on the map at the highest level, as one of the top 16 clubs in Europe. Such a run of success has led to a very positive year off the field for the club, and we wanted to make sure our fans share in this success. The backing of our fans has, as everbeen crucial. Domestically and in Europe they once again have been right with us and we felt it important that we rewarded their commitment by making this gesture. Our foundations are strong, we have real stability and we look ahead to a bright future with absolute confidence.”

Along with a number of other measures, including improving the family stand and a new disabled persons area, this is a marvellous move from the club, and all joking apart, Lawwell deserves a lot of credit for putting the fans first.

There is no mention of how much tickets in the area used by the Green Brigade will be, but it will leave members wondering whether to purchase a book, or spend the money buying a small village in Hampshire.

Angela Forbes, from Celtics ticket office says that the phones have been ringing constantly since the announcement was made, and one day this week someone will answer them.

Lawwell was on a bit of a roll, he says that striker Hooper “has a year left and you never know”. and added intriguingly that “if there is a possibility that the kid wants to stay and that is Neils gut feeling, then who knows?”

Get your book renewed before he puts the price back up.

Someone else singing the praises of Celtic and its support yesterday was Barcelona superstar Iniesta, who said this, prior to the Bayern Munich game.


Bayern beat Barcelona 4-0, and Iniesta , whilst dealing with the German support, found its actually the players who do the damage.

A lot of Celtic supporters have soft spots for other teams, St. Pauli, Liverpool, even Manchester Utd or Everton. One who we should keep an eye out for are Santos Laguna, described on the official Celtic site as our “brother club”.

The Mexican side face Monterrey in the CONCACAF Champions League final first leg  tonight, and the green and white hooped side are hoping to avenge last seasons defeat to the same side at the same stage.

There is a player developement/exchange deal between the two clubs, so if they do win the continents big cup, who knows how that will affect the incomings this summer? (Not me, I’d never heard of them until this morning.)

The Under 20s could seal four in a row today when they travel to Inverness needing just a point to become champions, and next week they could claim a double by winning the Youth cup against Dunfermline.

George Boyd, who was last months player of the month in the English Championship, is the latest to be linked with a move to Celtic this summer. The left sided midfielder/forward is currently on loan at Hull from Peterborough and has also made his debut for Scotland in one of their recent defeats. He’s the one with the headband, like Henrik Larsson used to wear. But thats where the similarity ends.

Former boss Gordon Strachan has added his view to the censuring of Neil Lennon for swearing. He called it “fucking ridiculous”, and judging by the response to this remark,  compliance officer Vincent Lunny may well choose not to hear it.

Strachan gave a dose of refreshing honesty to the issue, and in doing so reminded everyone that swearing does happen at the football, and the SFa were being just a little petty.

Whilst its all fun and laughter in the sunny side of Glasgow, the area shrouded in eternal darkness continues to amuse and amaze.

Yesterday, it was announced that bus tycoons (I said it right this time, Bernard Manning isn’t getting a look in today) James and Sandy Easdale have agreed to buy Charles Greens shares when he can get rid of them in December, and as the pair have one or two items of baggage, the baton has truly been passed to another of same breed that has done so much to kill one version of the club, and bring a second to its knees.

Sandy Easdale has spent time as a guest of Her Majesty for VAT fraud, and this news has caused alarm amongst current Rangers board members, who presumably don’t think he’s crooked enough. They shouldn’t worry, South Africa based Dave King has appeared on the horizon, offering to buy anyones and everyones shares, which means when he sells them to David Murray the circle will be complete.

Dear SFA,

It will save you a lot of bother, a lot of embarrassment and a lot of police charges of you just sack Campbell Ogilvie and shut down Sevco FC.

Signed, Scottish football supporters.


Why is it the word “fraud ” always appears next to anyone involved over at that place? What kind of people do they attract, and what do they want out of it?

We asked our Larkhall correspondent Billy McBiggott if he could shed any light on it, but he is having a few problems of his own. His wife discovered he was having an affair when he came home with another womans lipstick on his knuckles.

With Easdale taking over, at least he’ll be able to provide them with a decent, reliable coach, as opposed to the clunky old wreck that picks the team just now.

Elsewhere, did anyone see the report that the Co-op are now not going to buy 600 Lloyds branches after all. The move was known as Project Verde amongst banking types, and makes me think….Surely not Chucky again.

Ten years ago today-was it really ten years?-Celtic won 1-0 in Portugal to book a place in the UEFA cup final. Makes you think. Perhaps a new Sevco will be back challenging sooner than we thought. Oh, wait, now I’m just being silly.


September 2007 was the only month out of the four when Celtic did not win the IFHHS World club team of the month. Which is probably amongst the least documented of our awards.

Sean Fallon, Jock Stein, Danny McGrain Billy McNeill. Four legendary club servants, who is the odd one out and why?





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10 years ago

Danny is the only one who has not managed celtic

10 years ago

Danny has never been manager.

10 years ago

Sean is Irish the other three are Scottish.Naw that’s too obvious

10 years ago

Sean is the only one who used his real birth name. Danny is the only one who didnt use his own teeth.

10 years ago

Jock Stein is the only one not to win the league as a player.

jon littledick
10 years ago

No, HHamish, Big Jock was capatin in 53-54 when we won the league and cup double. All four captained the club but I don’t think Sean was captain when we won the double.

10 years ago

Jock was the only one not to win a full international cap

10 years ago

Danny McGrain was the only one who almost joined the darkside until they asked his name?

Peter Campbell
10 years ago

Jock is the only left footer.

10 years ago

You have obviously never seen a McGills bus!

10 years ago

Billy McNeill is the only one whose family descends from Lithuania – FACT! .

10 years ago


10 years ago


That was a belter in volume, content and quality. You must have been speaking to the Yorkee Bar’s script writer. I am so pleased you have exposed the generous face of Peter under his dark morning shadow. I hear he has ordered metal detectors to see if he can find some Roman coins to make up for the losses incurred by fan consideration. I really do wish him well. The lad has done us proud – on quite a few fronts actually. My advice to SB holders is to use their gains to buy those new knee pads with the gel. They will come in handy when you are on your knees in thanksgiving and gratitude for all of next season. He may just let you off with a wee bit of adoration, mind. For those who might not have heard, in spite of the thousands of muezzins yelling from the Parkhead minarets, season tickets have been reduced by £100 and kids will only cost you £50, if you stop feeding them and buying them things that is. Well done Celtic. We all know how much it took out of the board to wrench open that biscuit tin. But now the lids off, let’s all dip our grimy hands in.

What is it with keeping Garry Hooper? Is he the only volunteer to clean the toilets? I would have thought there were plenty other narcissists that need mollycoddled and coaxed as well as some who need coached. I am at a loss to see why he is the brightest star in the current firmament. That is not to say I want him gone. I would just like to see a little more concentration on a few others in the galaxy. With luck none will fall into a black hole and we will have all the same twinkle toes on display next season.

Talking of black holes, there are a few experts available on the south side now having gone through a goodly number in the last two years. There would appear to be more dark shapes on the horizon over there. Sorry, it’s just two old buses and a rusty knight. Perhaps it would be dignified, sorry they don’t do that,perhaps it would be sensible to contact Dignitas and simply put them out of their misery. I really never believed I would be in favour of euthanasia. I guess there is room for everything in life, or death or dying.

(Not me, I’d never heard of them until this morning.)
I simply do not believe you, Ralph. Your ears are so much to the ground you could hear a feather drop. Your bag of road kill pheasants proves it. My best wishes to Santos Laguna, our Mehican amigos and to our young guns tonight. It could be some party this year provided we do not come down with the Hampden lurgy.

Now to the famous four. Like many others I go for Danny and management. It seems quite easy but I have heard you are easy yourself on occasion, Ralph :).


10 years ago


I forgot to say that anyone who had hairs standing up on the back of his/her neck when reading Iniesta’s comments can be assured it has nothing to do with needing a haircut. It is called pride and when you support Celtic, it grows by the second. And, like Samson, the more it grows the stronger your love of all things Celtic will become.


10 years ago

My first post seems to have been snatched. Where’s Green. B’s got away on a bus or a horse or both, maybe or it could be 19 of them. It looks as though none have good enough brakes to stop before the edge of the cliff, mind. Oops!

I just wanted to say congratulations to the under 20s for winning another title. Enjoy the day, kids, because tomorrow yours will be tainted by the press too no doubt. Lennie has told the older guys they have no chance of catching you up now you are 3 ahead. I would just watch my back anyway if I were you especially if you get voted into SFL3. Mind you it would only be for a year at most because by then either you will be in SFL2 or any disillusioned rivals will be – GONE!


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